Nahar International School


In a world that is rife with possibilities, it is crucial to establish a reliable educational base, much like the gear required for an exhilarating adventure! Schools of high caliber, such as Nahar International, serve as a compass, steering young minds through the twists and turns of knowledge. Visualize education as an exciting expedition, where Nahar International School acts as the ultimate map to the treasure of excellence, directing students towards their goal.

In the current rapidly changing environment, where the need for individuals who are curious and versatile is greater than ever, the role that schools play in molding future leaders is vital. At Nahar International, education is more than just an experience; it is a voyage that encourages the development of self-assured, broad-minded intellectuals who not only perform exceptionally in their studies but also flourish as accountable members of the world community.

So what about the crown jewel? Nahar International School is a beacon of educational brilliance competing for the title of Outstanding IB School of the Year. Why? Because it goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, offering globally recognized Cambridge Assessment international education courses from Pre-K to Grade 12, with course options such as IBDP and Senior Cambridge A-Level. This is more than just a school; it’s an adventurous education that prepares students to meet the challenges of the world with knowledge, charisma, and academic magic.

Outstanding IB School of the Year

When considering the broader perspective, Nahar emerges as a quintessentially international school, dedicated to implementing global educational frameworks such as Cambridge International and the IBDP. The underlying philosophy behind establishing the school was to mold individuals into global citizens deeply rooted in local values, fostering an environment where cultural values act as a shield. “In terms of infrastructure, we are well-equipped to offer all the necessary facilities for delivering this comprehensive curriculum, including state-of-the-art labs, expansive playgrounds, and purposefully designed structures compliant with the latest educational standards”, shared – Vandana Arora, the Principal.

Our faculty members are carefully selected, not only based on their academic expertise but also with a keen focus on the teaching methodology required for delivering these international curricula”, the principal continued. Through the conversation Ms. Arora spoke about how every faculty member undergoes continuous training to align with the evolving demands of international education, ensuring that all the students meet global standards. Also, catering to the needs of students aged three to eighteen, the school under the capable leadership of Ms. Arora recognizes the growing trend of international university preferences for higher education. While there is an increasing interest in Indian education, a significant percentage of the graduates, a remarkable 89%, have pursued higher studies in universities worldwide, with the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia being preferred destinations.

Nahar International School distinguishes itself through its steadfast dedication to balanced and holistic growth. Going beyond the cultivation of intellectual prowess, the school places equal emphasis on nurturing emotional, physical, and social development in its students. The school’s approach regards extracurricular activities, encompassing arts and sports, not merely as secondary pursuits but as integral components essential to a child’s comprehensive development. Rejecting a sole emphasis on marks, Nahar International School encourages students to explore and excel in their unique areas of interest. The school values, appreciates, and guides every skill, regardless of its conventional academic recognition, promoting a genuinely holistic approach to human development from preschool to Grade 12.

Empowering Holistic Excellence

In its 11th and 12th-grade curriculum, Nahar International School proudly adopts the IB Program. This program, meticulously designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a profound sense of societal responsibility, is aimed at nurturing students. Encouraging social initiatives, it instills heightened local awareness, particularly in students from high socioeconomic backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of community contribution. At the heart of Nahar International’s IB Program are initiatives promoting research skills, notably demonstrated through the extended essay—a 4000-word research paper. This not only enhances students’ critical thinking abilities but also imparts a profound understanding of knowledge acquisition and its application for the greater good.

Discussing achievements, it is essential to recognize Nahar International’s commitment to collaborative principles with IB and Cambridge. The evaluation process, featuring regular assessments by external evaluators, results in commendations and valuable feedback. In the realm of social initiatives, Nahar International School has garnered accolades from IB, acknowledging its dedication to creating positive community impacts. Cambridge, introducing a self-evaluation process in India, awarded Nahar International a high rating for its innovative efforts.

Both educational systems appreciate Nahar International’s dedication to holistic learning, sustained growth, and the inclusion of unconventional subjects like art and design, global perspectives, and global politics—distinctive in the Indian schooling system. While awards from external authorities celebrate Nahar International’s achievements, the school remains focused on continuous improvement and the establishment of robust educational systems.