Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to launch National Curriculum Framework 2022 today

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan will be launching the National Curriculum Framework 2022 today for the Foundational Stage and Balvatika. NCF 2022 will be launched today. October 20, 2022 in the presence of the Ministers of State for Education, Annpurna Devi, Subhas Sarkar and Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh.
As per the official announcement made by the Ministry of Education, the NCF 2022 for the Foundational Stage will be launched at 11 AM today. National Curriculum Framework has been formulated based on the recommendations stated by the National Education Policy, NEP 2020.
National Curriculum Framework would include 4 sub-classifications under the framework. These are National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCFSE), National Curriculum Framework for Early Childhood Care and Education (NCFECCE), National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE) and National Curriculum Framework for Adult Education (NCFAE).
As per this, NCF will be developing in four areas – school education, early childhood care and education, teacher education and adult education. NCF has been revised a total of 4 times – 1975, 1988, 2000 and 2005. NCF 2022 would be the fifth revision of the framework.
On October 19, 2022, the Union Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship also launched the National Credit Framework, NCrF 2022 for higher education. NCrF 22022 has been launched in order to allow the integration of academic and vocational domains and to ensure flexibility and mobility between the two.

What is National Curriculum Framework?

National Curriculum Framework essentially serves as a guideline for syllabus, textbooks and teaching practices for the Education system in India. NCF is usually published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, NCERT. NCF 2022 will be launched today.