Eruptive life theories in today’s world


by Saurabh Sharma, President, Goldmine Advertising Ltd.

We have noticed several times that self-improvement books and programs often promise the sky, however they do not deliver what they promise.

Irrespective of how hard you study or practice, these books don’t bring about the change as expected.

Most people have had such feelings and have regretfully concluded that what’s really needed is an ultimate self-help theory.

In today’s world you may prefer to find one, one stop solution to your personal needs and aspirations–a remedy that will combine every personal improvement concept into one whole learning process, easily accessible formula that could easily be imbibed in one go.

After all this single concept would immerse you with discipline to stay with the speculation year after year, as you modify your life for the higher scaffold and might be accessed through a straightforward but extremely powerful concept that I call the Eruptive life theory.

An eruptive theory begins along with your natural power to maximize health, power and physical performance

Before a self-enhancement program could-work effectively, logical emotional roadblocks—like phobias, mental stress, or other emotional traumas—must first be caught in a frenzy. In other words, you cannot hope to maximize your ability to think creatively at work or succeed with the other self-help system if you’re preoccupied with mental stress, depression, anxiety or overwhelming grief.
A powerful memory depends on the great health and liveliness of your brain. Whether you’re a student or a working professional curious about to remain mentally strong, or a senior looking to safeguard and enhance your intelligence as you grow, there’s a lot you’ll do to stimulate your memory and mental performance.
Sometimes, these inner obstructions are so serious that they have to be dealt professionally, either through counselling or medications. But in many cases, interfering emotional barriers are often minimized or eliminated automatically through the life mechanism. The explanation for this can be that each eruption is rooted in our innate, self-healing, stress reducing biological to praise the natural well-being abilities of the bod.
As you cannot teach an old dog new tricks or a donkey to run like a horse; but when it involves the brain, researchers have discovered that this old notion simply isn’t always true. The human brain has a capability to adapt and change—even in adulthood. With the correct nervous activity, your brain can form innovative neural pathways, adapt and react in ever-changing ways.

The eruption life theory is rooted in these same self-handling powers. The natural physiology that promotes better emotional and physical health has also been related to enhanced self-awareness, creativity, job productivity, interpersonal relationship, or a condition of moving beyond physical needs and realities.

As quoted by Jack Ma “If you set banana & money ahead of the monkeys, Monkeys will choose bananas, because monkeys don’t know that money would buy lots of bananas…in reality if you set money & health ahead of individuals, People tend to decide on money, because too many folks don’t know that health can bring extra money & Happiness”.

The same mind-body system operates in every Eruption trigger:
A common argument to the fundamental eruption life theory is that to interrupt prior mental patterns, it’ll often be necessary to deviate your concentration from yourself. You need to scorn the way you’re performing, to the way you’re presenting to others and live instead on what’s happening outside your small orbit of self-interest.

Sometimes, you should find the way to exchange your extreme self-centricity with selfless-concern, or it should simply be necessary to remodel your focus from old, gloomy mental habits to promising new opportunities-whether you continue to don’t quite know the precise nature of these opportunities.

The peculiar power of self-realization:
A complete explanation of what happens with many eruptions could also be possible, provided if we import insights from the religious or spiritual empire.

At many platforms people have reported that only after prayer or an encounter with a spiritual presence that they have experienced also created the quite powerful outbreaks that may produce an ongoing state of improved health, self-realization or more productive associations. As a result, people understand their personal transformation in spiritual terms.

For example, many of us who have found lasting ways to overcome serious problem, such as drinking or drugs, have started the ways to recovery through an eruptive idea. Some research studies show the tools and techniques to probe the peculiarity of the prayer and intrinsic belief of faith in transforming lives.

It may be difficult, if not impossible, that divine forces might contribute to human self-improvement.