Eurokids Rajajinagar


In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of preschools in India. This trend can be attributed to a growing awareness among parents about the importance of early childhood education and the need to prepare their children for success in an increasingly competitive world. Coincidentally, the rise of preschools in India can be exemplified by the founding of EuroKids, one of the country’s leading preschool chains. EuroKids was founded in 2001 by a husband and wife team, Prajodh Rajan and Kavita Rajan, who saw a need for high-quality early childhood education in India. They started with a single preschool in Mumbai and soon expanded to other cities across the country. EuroKids’ unique approach to early childhood education, which emphasizes play-based learning and holistic development, has resonated with parents and helped the chain grow rapidly. Today, EuroKids has over 1,000 preschools in India and abroad, making it one of the largest preschool chains in the world. Thereby, continuing on the already existing brand value of operating as India’s First Safe School Network and trying their best to meet the set expectations, EuroKids Rajajinagar was started in the Tech City of Bangalore. 

Started by Usha Spurgeon, a teacher by profession who always wanted to start her entrepreneurial journey, it has been 8 years since EuroKids Rajajinagar came into existence. Progressing on the guidelines set by the EuroKids brand, as the person in charge, she aims to create a safe and child-friendly environment for education. “I believe that the initial six years of a child’s life are crucial, and it is important to provide them with a strong foundation. This is why I have been involved in the field of education for some time now”, Mrs. Usha shared. 

All the staff members are trained and qualified to work with children. They undergo training in the curriculum and are equipped to deliver specific programs to help children learn and understand the world around them. In addition to the in-house training, EuroKids Rajajinagar provides external training programs for the staff to enhance their skills and knowledge. This includes center-based training to ensure the team is well-prepared to provide the best learning experience for the children in their care.

Programs Offered

By providing age-appropriate stimulation and maintaining a balance between learning and fun, EuroKids Rajajinagar fosters curiosity and nurtures the creative side of children, in these programs listed below:

PlayGroup: Designed for kids aged 2 to 3 years, all the activities that focus on discovery, exploration, language development, and the cultivation of new-age skills are ensured, which aim to shape a scientific mindset in young learners.

Nursery: A tailored program for children aged 3 to 4 years, where EuroKids Rajajinagar strives to enhance interaction skills, cultivate creativity, and foster imagination through engaging activities focused on art and music. “We believe that these experiences provide opportunities for children to express themselves, develop their creative abilities, and expand their imaginative thinking skills”, added – Mrs. Usha Spurgeon.

EuroJunior Program: EuroJunior program is designed to provide age-appropriate learning experiences and educational tools that cater to the individual pace of each child. EuroKids Rajajinagar understands that children at this age have varying developmental needs, and thus strives to meet them through engaging and effective teaching methods.

EuroSenior Program: In the EuroSenior program, the preschool focuses on developing essential skills such as vocabulary, attention span, reading, and writing using innovative methods, while utilizing a comprehensive approach that incorporates creative and interactive techniques to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Phase Shift during the Pandemic

During the pandemic, EuroKids Rajajinagar conducted online classes with a well-defined curriculum provided by their onboard research team. Despite the challenges and restrictions, the preschool started online classes from June 8th and ensured that children did not feel left out. Also, all the parents were requested to  assist children in completing physical tasks, while the teachers taught them through the screen. As a result, EuroKids Rajajinagar received positive reviews from parents, with excellent results achieved during this period.

As the school administrator, Mrs. Usha found herself needing to invest in infrastructure for online classes. This included purchasing laptops, around six or seven for each class, as well as providing internet connections to ensure smooth online connectivity. Additionally, she ended up purchasing Zoom licenses, totaling to four licenses, to facilitate seamless online classes without any difficulties.

An Epitome of Safety and Hygiene

As a mandatory procedure, EuroKids Rajajinagar has implemented weekly, daily, and monthly schedules to ensure the cleanliness of the premises as per the designated plan. In addition, the preschool has taken safety measures by installing CCTV cameras in the vans as well as classrooms, which are closely monitored. All classrooms are equipped with CCTV coverage.

They also have an adequate number of well-trained staff members. For every 20 children, the Rajajinagar branch has one caretaker, along with adult teachers. “For playgroups, we maintain a ratio of 10 to 12 children per teacher, and for the lower toddler care group (LTCG), we maintain a ratio of 15 children per teacher”, shared – Mrs. Usha. 

A Unique Hub of Transformation

At EuroKids Rajajinagar, a unique approach is carried out to teaching phonics. Unlike traditional methods that focus on memorizing dictation words, the preschool teaches children to associate each alphabet with its corresponding sound. In the playgroup, rhymes are used and stories to engage their understanding and attention span. While in nursery, more complex sounds are introduced through stories and activities, along with videos. 

For concepts like place value, Montessori materials and activities are regularly utilized to teach children. EuroKids Rajajiniagar believes in a hands-on approach, where children can manipulate the materials and understand concepts like how nine becomes ten in a tangible way. 

At EuroKids Rajajinagar, “Scientific Spark” engages children in experiments to teach concepts such as float and sink. The belief is that experiential learning is crucial for children to truly understand scientific concepts. Thus, the preschool provides multiple activities for each word to ensure that children can start using the newly learned words in their daily vocabulary from the very next day.

Usha Spurgeon – Center Head

Mrs. Usha Spurgeon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (BCS) from SDNB Vaishnav College, a Master’s degree in Computer Applications (MCA) from Madurai Fatima College, and a Professional Diploma in Software Technology and Systems Management from NIIT, Montessori teacher’s training (MTT). She has three years of experience.