Farooqia College of Pharmacy, Mysuru – Upholding the Reputation of Academic Discipline & Efficiency


The history of education in Karnataka is very interesting. One can trace its footsteps, starting from the third century B.C. E, where education was conducted only orally, but after the development of letters and literature, it took the form of writing. The journey of education in the state of Karnataka is such that – it evolved from palm leaves and wooden tools to digital boards and online classes, by keeping the actual goal of developing a community widespread, even now, carrying forward the legacy with complete dedication. Also, as Karnataka now has become a literal hub for quality education across all streams and fields, one particular field which bares its excellence in Karnataka like no other state, is nothing but – the field of Pharmacy. Moreover, with varied numbers of pharma colleges and institutions mushrooming across the length and breadth of our state, only a handful have managed to live up to the demand and supply, in turn, creating pharma experts of tomorrow. Thereby, throwing spotlight on one such prime college which has been outshining on all fronts and which is striving endlessly as a multi-dimensional hub, contributing seamlessly towards the growth of a healthy & a happy society – Farooqia College of Pharmacy (FCP), comes as a ray of hope even during these tough times of turmoil.

Being one of the oldest pharma colleges to be started in Karnataka with a D. Pharm course, and eventually becoming an institute which now hosts a Ph.D. (Pharmacy Practice) course, it has been an inevitable track record of success and progress for Farooqia. Having its own reputation for discipline, efficiency and standard, FCP has been imparting quality education to all its students, which in turn, has pushed them to achieve great laurels and accolades in every sector of education. 

Started by Rifa-Hul Muslimeen Educational Trust, Mysore, the trust has been pursuing the path of running several successful institutions under its banner, from Dental, Pharma & Women’s Polytechnic colleges to schools and even teachers training institutes. Believing thoroughly on the aspect that teachers are the pillars of its success, the management and the teachers work together irrespective of scenario outside in bringing up only the best performances and results. Also, continuing in a stride even during the ongoing pandemic, the goal towards educating on various aspects continued, thereby, boosting the importance of technology among the students, and pushing the usage of mind mapping tools in the students.

Towards pharma excellence

Growing at an incredible pace, with the right spirit and in the right direction, FCP offers – D. Pharm, B. Pharm, Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy), Pharm-D (Post Baccalaureate) & Ph.D. in Pharmacy Practice courses, curated for the real enthusiasts. Additionally, always striving to be in the forefront of Pharma education and research, the college adapts excellence, by perfecting and enlarging the knowledge, needed by a Pharma Expert of today. Also, implementing international core values in the course curriculum and every endeavor carried on campus, students are oriented towards conspicuous value additions, sparking a strong desire to grow as all-rounded research enthusiasts.

As we are known for being the most preferred choice across Karnataka, for our totally student-friendly atmosphere and curriculum, the future of pharmacy lies in the campus of FCP”, stated – Dr. Md Salahuddin, the principal of the college. Talking to us about the whole experience that is FCP, Dr. Salahuddin took us on a virtual tour of the pharma college, by enunciating the route the college has taken towards bettering healthcare solutions of the society, one step at a time, focused towards a better well-being. 

Making sure all the students are well-versed with the latest of Information and Communication Technologies & tools, at FCP, it has become the duty of the college to enable the students towards staying ever-ready to meet the technology-driven global needs and the ever-changing dynamic market trends. Also, knowing that pharmacists are the 3rd largest healthcare professional group in the world, and considering the demand for employable pharma experts during the current times of crisis, the students at FCP are trained to combat such scenarios with effectiveness and empathy. And thus, “all the course curriculum at FCP is drafted by experts, in turn, facilitating learning of highest quality, creating pharmacy experts of tomorrow”, concluded the principal, talking about the teaching-learning routine followed at FCP.

Disseminating professional knowledge

Understanding the requirements of a pharmacy graduate of today through and through and converting them into empathy and loving individuals, who can dedicate whole-heartedly towards one’s life, by serving humanity, students are carefully molded into compassionate citizens with high ethical and moral values. Furthermore, with the help of the training given by the esteemed faculty, who themselves are a group of well-trained, experienced, humane individuals, a high-quality educational experience is imparted to the students, preparing the next generation of skilled and ethical professionals, ready to take up their positions in this diverse world market.

Finally, having turned out to be a center of research and collaboration over a period of time, FCP now has become a well-equipped research facility, which imparts all the practical learning/teaching needs of the faculty and the students. Also, boasting of one of the best state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, both the literary side of learning and beyond the classroom development having laid equal emphasis, FCP is right on the pursuit of becoming one of best pharma colleges of the country, needed in today’s time.

Dr. Md Salahuddin – Principal & Professor

A studious and meticulous student from his early years, Dr. Salahuddin was devoted towards the field of pharmacy since the time he entered V. L. College of Pharmacy, Raichur as a student, pursuing his B. Pharm course. Since then, having held various positions across his career as a student, medical representative, teaching staff and now as a principal of FCP, he has managed to achieve pinnacles of success, every time. Finally, having served in various organizations in top positions, he has several publications credited to his name and looks forward to being an asset to the country, as a reliable pharma personality, aiming towards greater responsibilities.