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Future of Engineering

The future is here, and it demands smarter and more sustainable, resilient and innovative infrastructure solutions and, this gives rise to a requirement of a new generation of talent to deliver them. The skills and challenges are familiar, but the approach requires an interdisciplinary workforce, working together unleashing their imaginations and expertise to solve problems of today. Engineers of today are the real extraordinary leaders who can inspire stories for future generations. However, the competition to stand out when compared to their peer’s is at an all-time high, and thus, engineers of today are widely involved in bettering their engineering skill gap on a global level and are always in a rush. In this rush, individuals forget the whole point of being an engineer, and thereby the end result is anxiety and stress. The way the engineering industry operates can be the solution to how engineers change their way of life, addressing the current trends and demands, and in turn, create engineers of tomorrow.

With the majority of the millennials looking for jobs or already having a job, for these great disruptors change is part of their wiring and what they expect. They admire companies equipped to compete in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era and are committed to challenging the status quo. They’re looking for a career with a strong sense of duty and purpose, and infrastructure, which delivers the promise of a better world. The engineering industry collectively has to work towards making the whole infrastructure human, impactful and authentic, such that people can relate to their lives, and communicate it more widely. In this process, the industry can tend to promote positive economic, environmental and social impacts, also concentrating on the importance of social media and addressing everyone’s issues accordingly.

Therefore, engineering colleges and institutes can play a significant role in training, honing and preparing students towards a better tomorrow, inculcating the required skills and capabilities required. Adding to this, engineering colleges also possess the full power to work for a better and inclusive society, where engineers get the right gist of work, value and respect towards each other.
We hope that this issue helps the leaders of tomorrow pick the right engineering colleges/institutions in your goal towards becoming successful engineers. Also, in conclusion, we wish nothing but success to all the parents, faculty members, and budding engineers in every decision of their respective lives.

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