G L Bajaj Institute of Management & Research.PGDM Institute (GLBIMR.PGDM Institute) – A World of Opportunities


The Indian education system has grown manifold in the past decade. With the government of India pushing for reforms through various new policies and initiatives, the future for educational aspirants looks bright, considering the aim of the government towards 5 trillion economy. Moreover, as we all know, in a country like India, Business Management Education plays an important role in guiding businesses towards profitable growth and in turn, benefiting society and the nation. Also, considering the dawn of COVID-pandemic on all our lives, the need for trained/abled managers is at an all-time high, requiring only the most suitable individuals to act as assets to corporates and organizations.

Furthermore, India being a home to more than 3,000 b-schools, offering MBA programs, a significant number of them boast of offering a great quality of management education and great placements. But unfortunately, most of these boastful claims are just boasts without any basis in facts. Considering various parameters where a b-school has to excel in and truly dedicating their lives towards bettering many lives, G L Bajaj Institute of Management & Research.PGDM Institute, comes as a welcome ray of hope for all the management aspirants looking forward to a smooth transition from being aspirants to becoming thorough management professionals.

Known for striving on the lines of 5 important pillars of learning, namely – Problem Solving, Team Work & Collaboration, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership & Adaptability, thereby creating waves in the educational field with its radical and groundbreaking methodologies, G L Bajaj Institute of Management & Research.PGDM Institute has become a destination for high-achieving students. Home to a constellation of academicians, mentors, trainers, corporate partners, alumni, and young students, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute is perhaps right on its path towards becoming a centre of excellence, motivating everyone present on the campus towards becoming self-reliant.

Building successful futures

Named after Late Shri Ganeshi Lalji Bajaj, a freedom fighter, a philanthropist, a dedicated social worker, and a multifarious personality, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute believes thoroughly in his vision of ‘Education Leads to Enlightenment”, and works towards upliftment of 1000s of children, irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds they come from. Creating a sustainable learning ecosystem to build the potentials of an MBA Student of today guided towards tomorrow, every step taken at GLBIMR.PGDM Institute promotes leadership qualities, corporate understanding, and global competence. Grooming budding students into abled managers who can handle any scenario and effectively solve problems, the whole teaching/learning methodologies carried out on the campus are built on competition, collaboration and cooperation.

Guiding students in every endeavor of their lives, be it personal or professional, the mentors/faculty members of GLBIMR.PGDM Institute, chalk down paths which are unique, yet super efficient. “GLBIMR.PGDM Institute identifies the potential and nurtures through an integrated and multi-prolonged approach so that students emerge as sought-after professionals”, quoted – Dr Ajay Kumar, the director of GLBIMR.PGDM Institute, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he gave us an inside-view of the whole working ethos present on the campus of the management and research institute. Also, posing as budding management aspirants, we asked Dr Ajay all the relevant questions pertaining to today’s time, and quiet calm in his response, he answered all our questions with ease, giving us a clear view, that GLBIMR.PGDM Institute is an exemplary hotspot for quality-management learning, and is headed by the right people, in the right direction.

In the pursuit of giving back to society all-rounded global personalities, the PGDM course offered at the institute includes live projects, summer internships, research projects, soft skill program and club activities. GLBIMR.PGDM Institute also boasts of an impressive industry-academia connect existing on the campus, facilitating students with opportunities to attend expert talks, global talks by many corporate leaders, in turn, also giving them a chance to get industry-experience, well before they complete their term at GLBIMR.PGDM Institute.

All the course curriculum and the pedagogy followed at the institute is designed for a holistic development of students, preaching career-orientation which emphasizes towards becoming employable and corporate ready. “Achieving academic excellence integrated with skill development and value-based research orientation are our cornerstones”, added Dr Ajay, telling us how every subject/lesson taught at GLBIMR.PGDM Institute is revised as per student’s requirements, staying well in sync with the industry/market demands and trends.

A penchant of change

Not just limiting themselves to imparting exceptional management learning, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute has strong philanthropic goals to achieve. Observing the fact that there is a huge development disconnect between the rural and urban sectors of our country, the management of the institute works relentlessly towards bringing a change, by taking part in the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a highly challenging initiative in this very direction. Students actively participate in such initiatives with the help of faculty coordinators, in turn, giving rise to strong mentor-mentee relationships on the campus.

Subsequently, laying equal emphasis on research and innovation aspects of management learning, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute is a literal haven for incubation facilities and entrepreneurship. Having signed an MoU with the Atal Incubation Center – AIC BIMTECH for Entrepreneurship and Incubation development, all the lab facilities and equipment available for the students is world-class and motivates them to outperform, when compared to their counterparts from neighboring b-schools and management institutes.

All in all, focused towards creating an advanced blended learning environment with strong corporate academia integration where students are groomed for placements with soft skill enhancement programs, technical skills development, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute is a rising stalwart of collaborations. Considering the massive application of technology in all industries amid Covid-19, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute stood its ground and has recently introduced a new course of Artificial Intelligence for Management. Believing that each student is unique and different, catering to these differences effectively, thereby, promoting higher student engagement and satisfaction, GLBIMR.PGDM Institute promotes a through and through student-centric learning environment, for a better today and an even better tomorrow.

Dr Ajay Kumar, Director

An enterprising academician with an enriching experience of 33 years in the field of education, research, training & consultancy, Dr Ajay is a visionary in the perspective of transforming Management Institutions. Through his unmatched leadership in Organizational Development, he works in the pursuit of continuous perseverance in improving Academic Quality and Research Orientation, Building Global Interface, Developing Entrepreneurial Culture, Improving Corporate Linkage and Creating Performance Oriented Work Culture. An alumnus of BIT Mesra, Ranchi, he has also authored four books published by renowned publishing houses and more than 36 publications with paper presentations across National & International conferences and seminars.