Genex Space


In today’s time learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom has become an important part of every child. This is where summer camps come in, which are proving to be extremely beneficial in helping children socialize, learn the importance of physical activities, learn a new skill, and become independent individuals and most importantly have fun and relax. Thus, talking about a unique initiative which is designed to provide children with a unique and educational experience as they explore the wonders of the universe, GenexSpace is a committed entity igniting curiosity and preparing the young generation for this space-age. 

GenexSpace is an ed-tech organization focused on delivering top-notch space education and services for students and institutions. It was established based on the valuable lessons learned from SSERD, a non-governmental organization focused on space education and outreach. The primary objective is to stimulate interest in space and prepare the younger generation to tackle major contemporary challenges using space science and technology. And the organization’s main goal is to offer guidance and education to young, inquisitive minds to help them realize their aspirations in space, by collaborating with space institutions, organizations, companies, start-ups, and professionals.

Led by experienced educators and space enthusiasts, GenexSpace has various programs planned for this Summer 2023, ranging from Astro Space Camp, Junior Space Scientist, and Virtual Space Exploration Camp. Giving an opportunity for students to learn about Space from their home to camping in a remote place, GenexSpace is looking forward to making summer memorable for many children. Whether your child dreams of becoming an astronaut, or simply wants to learn more about our fascinating universe, GenexSpace provides the perfect opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and ignite their passion for space. 

The Programs Offered

The Genex Space Summer Program comprises of three primary programs:

  1. Astro Space Camp: This is a week-long residential camp that brings together students from across India to explore space at the Agastya International Foundation in Kuppam.
  2. Junior Space Scientist: This is a 30-day program designed for high school students to learn research techniques and work on a space project. Students work in teams and are guided by mentors on various space-related topics.
  3. Virtual Space Exploration: For those who prefer to learn about space from the comfort of their homes, the Virtual Space Exploration program is an option.

Backed by Experience, Driven by Passion

At Genex Space, across all the programs offered we prioritize providing students with information on both traditional and unconventional space topics, such as Space Medicine, Space Law & Economics, and Entrepreneurship”, shares – Nikhitha C, the Co-Founder and COO. She continued – “As we embark on a new era of space exploration, we believe it is our responsibility to inspire and educate young minds about the possibilities and opportunities that space offers for the future”. 

The teaching approach followed at GenexSpace is called – “Learn, Build and Launch”. During the first phase, known as the “Learn phase”, students acquire theoretical knowledge and a scientific understanding of the concepts. In the second phase, the “Build phase”, students are motivated to learn the necessary designing, mathematical, and modeling skills for a particular area of study. Finally, the “Launch phase” involves testing, during which students analyze the model they have constructed and resolve any problems that may arise.

Since 2017, GenexSpace has been utilizing this methodology to ensure that every topic taught at the Camp is grounded in practical learning. Also understanding that many individuals struggle with modeling even basic working models, which is why all the onboard faculty members emphasize a comprehensive approach that emphasizes precise calculation and clear design principles. “Even before the government’s recent emphasis on STEM education through the National Education Policy, we have been emphasizing the importance of a practical and hands-on approach to learning”, added – Ms. Nikhitha C. 

Importance Laid on Hands-on-Learning

The key methodology at the Genex Summer Space Program is hands-on learning. Providing students with practical experience in various aspects of space exploration, including rocket design, satellite technology, and data analysis. Additionally, students work alongside professional scientists and engineers, gaining invaluable insights into the field of space research. Through the program, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as a deep appreciation for the importance of space exploration for the future of humanity.

In addition to the hands-on experience, the program also offers a range of lectures and workshops on topics such as the history of space exploration, current space missions, and the future of space technology. Non-technical topics such as Space Law, Space Medicine, and Space Art are also taught through activity-based learning.

Association with Schools and Educational Institutions

GenexSpace has partnered with several top-tier schools, including TISB, Oakridge International School, Basil Wood International School, Velammal International School Branches, Gateway International School, and EKYA Schools, among others. The programs have been conducted across India and beyond, not just limited to Bangalore. Moreover, as a part of the collaboration with ISRO, GenexSpace is committed to developing educational resources to inspire and guide the next generation of space enthusiasts, starting with ISRO’s YUVIKA Program. This program is tailored for 9th-grade students and aims to fuel their passion for space exploration.

Why GenexSpace?

When SSERD was started in 2017, there was no organization or initiative for space-based education in India. “This inspired us to start a space camp program to make space education more accessible”, shared – Ms. Nikhitha. She continued – “Our founder personally experienced the financial constraints of attending a NASA space camp during his school days and recognized the need for a more affordable option”. All in all, at Genex Space, we aim to provide an equally enriching experience as other organizations’ programs while also standing out and continuing to improve, concludes Ms. Nikhitha C. 

Nikhitha C – Co-Founder & COO

An individual with an impressive background in space and STEM education, Ms. Nikhitha received the Dr. Kalpana Chawla Scholarship from the International Space University, and she is also a TEDx Speaker and an Ambassador for studies in France. As a social impact entrepreneur, she is dedicated to promoting space education among the community and preparing the young generation for the space revolution. Her passion and dedication have earned her recognition, including the KWAA Youth Icon 2019 Award for inspiring students in STEM and space.