Goa Institute of Management – Developing Responsible & Agile Leaders at the Forefront


With the healthcare industry in India expected to grow exponentially and reach about 370 billion US Dollars by 2022, there is an extraordinary growth of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and even insurance companies offering medical insurance expected in the future. Healthcare is at the center of human experience and one of most interdisciplinary sectors to work in. The need is for well-trained managers to operate pharmaceutical and medical device industries, out-of-the-box thinkers to grow healthcare businesses, and passionate as well as compassionate professionals who can work with doctors and nurses to alleviate human suffering. Since millennials are well-aware of their societal duties, no wonder there has been considerable interest among youngsters these days for a career in healthcare management. Also, considering the need for expert generalists in today’s time, it has become quite evident that the society demands all-rounders, and MBA has proven itself as a unique course which produces such unique professionals with unique skill-sets. By combining both the streams into one course, many colleges/institutes across the country have started on the pursuit of creating fulfilling careers in management of healthcare organizations. Thereby, laying emphasis on one such educational haven, which provides a challenging, international business environment with an experiential learning approach, Goa Institute of Management has been creating future leaders and industry disruptors since its inception.

Started with a small beginning in 1993, with 6 faculty members, teaching a single class with an intake of 24 students in a rented premise, Goa Institute of Management has grown to 75+ full-time faculty members, six courses with an intake of over 900 full-time students, and a 50-acre campus with world-class infrastructure. Believing thoroughly in the aspect that learning never stops at GIM, students are prepared into becoming responsive and responsible leaders of tomorrow, who can bring a difference to the society.
Operating as an autonomous body, fully approved by the AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education), GIM has consistently focused on diversity, pedagogy, and curriculum. Apart from the classrooms and CSR, students learn from peer interactions, informal communication with faculty members, and are pushed towards managing activities at the institute. Also, a hotspot of strong alumni bonds and interactions, GIM is proud that the institute still considers 4000+ of its influential alumni from different countries across the globe as its prime advisors, continuing its path of 100% placements, year after year.

A Robust Understanding of the Healthcare System
Addressing the concerns of the society, pertaining to the increase in demand of professionals in the fields of healthcare analytics, insurance, IT and operations, digital marketing, sales and so on, GIM has been working relentlessly on its PGDMHealthcare Management Program creating new possibilities and scope for the onboard students. Furthermore, the pandemic having made healthcare institutions realize the importance of management in healthcare, the HCM program at GIM is specifically catered towards considering the industry needs and filling the existing gaps, in turn, training towards creating a positive change.

Designing the whole pedagogy in such a way that it is a complete blend of management and healthcare, the entire program is divided into 6 terms. Apart from running compulsory subjects, students are given full freedom to pick from a wide range of electives, based on their areas of interest and specific industry requirements. Additionally, students are also given grooming and etiquette lessons that help in developing cultural and social sensitivity in dealing with different healthcare contexts.

“A large portion of the HCM program focuses on developing practical learning amongst students”, stated – Dr. Arif Raza, the Associate Professor/ Chairperson of the PGDM-HCM program at GIM. During a brief conversation with him, we learned how GIM operates with international standards and he also gave us an insightful view into the PGDM-HCM program hosted by the institute. Adding to his above point and continuing the ways GIM motivates students to become practically sound management healthcare professionals, he stated – “A practical field-based course called – ‘Know Your Healthcare Providers’ is conducted at GIM, which lets students get first-hand experience working with hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and Public Health Organizations”. Taking it up a notch, GIM even conducts ‘The Healthcare Thursday Program’, which goes beyond the typical industry visits by including structured tasks and analysis.

Known for its capable faculty members, Goa Institute of Management consists of trained individuals who have a keen interest in the nuances of the healthcare industry and have a special focus on the quality of care and safety of patients. Also, staying well-abreast with the current changes in technologies and trends, the faculty members regularly are motivated to take up teacher development programs, which help them in guiding students towards successful careers in a more curated way. The dedication put in by the faculty members at GIM is also one of the sole reasons for the institute to host social sensitivity courses such as ‘Give Goa Health’ program, which runs on an objective to sensitize students on social aspects, so that later in their career they not only grow professionally but also appreciate socially inclusive growth.

All in all, being that hub that offers some of the most challenging yet rewarding careers, Goa Institute of Management has lived up to its reputation in all aspects, including strong industry-academia relationships, helping all its students get 100% internship and placement opportunities. Despite a global pandemic knocking on our doors, GIM has continued educating towards a better good effortlessly, moving towards the digital medium, as if there was no change at all.

Dr. Arif Raza – Associate Professor / Chairperson
A man of experience and great knowledge, Dr. Arif Raza has served in quite a few hospitals in a managerial capacity and has offered management consulting services to several others. He has developed a deep realization of the crucial role that ‘quality of care plays in healthcare delivery. His more than one and a half-decade of work experience has enriched him with a deeper sense of understanding of how the healthcare world functions, which has shaped his perception of how a healthcare organization must operate to effectively achieve its objectives. Also, a keen explorer, he has worked on solutions to some known but pressing problems in healthcare, remaining ever-observant on what’s happening in other domains of healthcare, such as Healthcare Financing, Healthcare product manufacturing, and many more. Lastly, he thinks he’s lucky that he was found capable of getting actively involved in several projects that cut across various domains of healthcare, making him more aware and informed each passing day, about the larger picture of the healthcare industry.