Goa Institute of Management


The search for top business schools is a trip analogous to discovering the ideal curry spice combination amid the diverse tapestry of India’s educational scene, where tea chats compete with difficult calculus. India, a nation known for its diversity and vibrancy, moves to the beat of countless aspirations as they all vie for a taste of success at the corporate feast. Amidst this expansive buffet of aspirations, one name gleams like a sparkling sequin on the sandy shores of Goa – introducing the Goa Institute of Management (GIM).

The Goa Institute of Management is a distinguished business school on a dedicated mission to transform and elevate the landscape of management education. Recognized as a top contender in the ‘Best B-Schools for the World’ category, GIM is steadfast in its commitment to instigate a positive impact on society through its diverse range of programs, shaping proficient leaders ready for the global stage. Demonstrating remarkable excellence, GIM has achieved a significant milestone this year, with an impressive 21% of its students securing Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) and witnessing pinnacle packages soaring to an impressive 55 lakhs.

Talking in particular about the HCM program which was created to encompass all significant healthcare businesses, including hospitals, public health facilities, medicines, medical devices, healthcare IT/consulting, and health insurance, the program combines ideas from the field of medicine with business management principles. The ‘Know Your Healthcare Providers’ (KYHP) course, which encourages students to spend one day each week in a healthcare organization during their first year, is one distinctive characteristic about this program. Also, recognizing the extensive entrepreneurial potential within the healthcare sector, a distinctive course in entrepreneurship titled ‘From Idea to Opportunity’ was integrated into the program. Financial support from the Pascoal and Maria Menezes Foundation was secured to facilitate panel discussions and FIO courses.

The Journey So Far

Since its humble beginnings in 1993, with a modest faculty of 6 members and just one class enrolling 24 students in a rented space, the Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has undergone remarkable growth. Today, it boasts over 75 full-time faculty members, offers six courses with an intake of 900+ full-time students, and enjoys a sprawling 50-acre campus featuring world-class infrastructure in Sanquelim, North Goa. GIM’s central mission revolves around cultivating knowledge and nurturing agile, responsible leaders who excel in the forefront of cutting-edge business practices.

As GIM was in the process of building its new campus in Sanquelim in 2013, the HCM program commenced at the former Ribandar location. Previously, this site housed a medical college in a 300-year-old heritage building. Launching a healthcare management program in a place with such a rich medical history was indeed special. The Ribandar Campus, situated close to urban areas in Goa, provided convenient access to healthcare facilities for students. It was also an ideal location for hosting courses like KYHP and Give-Goa.

What sets GIM apart from other business schools is its commitment to extending beyond conventional classroom education. Various projects have been undertaken to reinforce these aims, such as the establishment of a solar power plant, a rainwater harvesting system, meticulous landscaping featuring a diverse range of local and exotic flora, and a commendable zero-plastic waste initiative. 

Nurturing Leaders, Shaping Futures

GIM presents a comprehensive range of six programs, showcasing its commitment to education diversity. The cornerstone of its offerings is the two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (PGDM-HCM), a program that holds accreditation from the NBA and is equivalently recognized as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from an Indian University. Notably, GIM takes immense pride in its PGDM in Healthcare Management (HCM) program, which addresses the specialized needs of this crucial sector. 

Navigating the Horizon of Health Management

GIM offers a comprehensive two-year full-time Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management tailored for individuals from diverse backgrounds aspiring to carve out a career in the realm of Healthcare Management. This PGDM-HCM course is uniquely designed to address the evolving corporate landscape of healthcare, delivering boundless prospects to its students. Diverging from conventional healthcare management programs, this offering prepares students for managerial roles across all pivotal facets of the healthcare sector, covering the entire healthcare ecosystem, including courses related to Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Healthcare IT/Analytics, Public Health, and Health Insurance.

Meticulously crafted to reflect the shifting industry dynamics, existing gaps, and prospective needs of India’s healthcare domain, the HCM (Health Care Management) Program intertwines management principles with healthcare expertise, culminating in an application-focused management curriculum. Spanning six terms over two years, the program comprises core and elective courses, fostering a well-rounded education.

Embedded within the course structure are practical field-based modules. The “Know Your Healthcare Providers” (KYHP) course, spanning terms 1, 2, and 3, cultivates hands-on insights by immersing students within the operational fabric of the healthcare industry. This experience entails close collaboration with hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, public health organizations, and various healthcare institutions.

Another unique component is “Give Goa,” a second-year social sensitivity course. Through direct involvement with healthcare-focused NGOs and state government programs, students partake in weekly visits to contribute to healthcare-related social initiatives, thereby nurturing a profound sense of community service.

Adding a practical dimension, the program mandates an intensive 8–10-week industry-based summer internship at the culmination of the first year, enabling students to apply acquired management concepts within real-world contexts. In the second year, students tailor their academic journey by selecting elective courses and culminate their studies with a sectoral project. This project involves in-depth research on specific healthcare sectors, such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, or healthcare consulting.

Goa Institute of Management in a Nutshell

With a robust network of industry connections meticulously cultivated over the years, GIM offers students an invaluable opportunity to glean distinctive insights from seasoned professionals. These mentors, ranging from industrialists to management experts, CEOs to Vice-Presidents, Directors to Senior Managers, represent a multitude of domains including marketing, sales, consulting, healthcare IT, healthcare business management, insurance, financing, data science, and analytics. 

Throughout the program’s duration, students are immersed in this wealth of knowledge, benefiting from guest lectures and webinars delivered by industry luminaries. Notably, select companies extend an exceptional proposition – the chance for students to partake in their summer internship projects, spanning 8 to 10 weeks, working across diverse roles under the guidance of both industry mentors and in-house faculty advisors.

Also, the operational reins of the placement cell at GIM are firmly held by the students, working in close collaboration with a faculty member designated as the Chair Placement. During the registration process, organizations or companies are required to furnish their preferred schedules and available dates for conducting Pre-Placement Talks and Final Interviews. Subsequently, the GIM Placement Cell undertakes the task of allotting specific dates to each organization and subsequently confirming these dates.

The Pre-Placement Talks comprise a comprehensive agenda, including audio-visual presentations, interactions with the batch of students, elucidations about the job profile’s intricacies, and discussions on potential future career trajectories.

Furthermore, GIM’s infrastructure serves as the canvas for an enriching learning experience, catering to both students and faculty. Set within a sprawling 50-acre eco-friendly campus, this institution boasts panoramic views of the Sahyadri Mountains, complemented by a diverse range of indigenous and exotic flora and fauna. The Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) at GIM, in partnership with Niti Aayog (Government of Goa), is a dynamic hub for students to incubate innovative ideas and nurture leadership aspirations. The center fosters collaborative coworking, equipping students with skills that enhance their employability through networking events and workshops. Moreover, AIC serves as a conduit to connect startups with angel investors, facilitating seed funding. In the academic year 2022-23, AIC successfully incubated 30 startups, offering physical, virtual, and on-demand incubation options to cater to diverse needs. Lastly, a recent addition – the Hangout Zone at GIM, provides students with a serene spot to unwind and socialize amidst breathtaking vistas, fostering camaraderie among peers, in turn serving as a complete dynamic hub where leaders of tomorrow emerge, poised to navigate the ever-evolving global landscape with competence and vision.

Pioneering Placements

Since its inception, the PGDM-HCM program has consistently produced a cadre of leaders who have excelled in the intricate domain of healthcare management. These graduates have displayed an unwavering dedication to enhancing patient outcomes, streamlining operational efficiency, and fostering innovation within their respective organizations.

The Corporate Relations and Placements Team of the Healthcare Management Program has forged strong alliances with esteemed healthcare organizations that play a pivotal role in enhancing the Indian healthcare system. Notable partners encompass industry giants like Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Medtronic, Terumo, ZS, Optum, and other leading entities. 

Prominent recruiters in this domain include Stryker, Medtronic, TERUMO, Johnson & Johnson, ZS, OPTUM, Bain & Co, and Narayana Hrudayalaya. It’s worth noting that a commendable 100% placement record is typically attained 2-3 months prior to the culmination of the program.

Internship Opportunities

Upon completion of the first year, all students embark on an intensive 8–10-week industry-based summer internship, offering first hand exposure to the management principles they’ve acquired. During this internship, almost all students receive a substantial stipend, some even as high as Rs. 1.2 lakhs per month. Additionally, a notable percentage of students secure Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) and Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs). 

In the second year, students progress by undertaking requisite courses, selecting electives, and culminating in a sectoral project. This project entails an in-depth exploration of a specific healthcare domain, ranging from hospitals and pharmaceuticals to health insurance and healthcare consulting. 

Eligibility and Admission Process

The PGDM-HCM program is designed specifically for ambitious professionals who want to advance their professions. Candidates must have at least three years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with at least 50% of the required marks to be eligible. The rigorous admissions process makes sure that only the most qualified applicants are admitted. Exam results and the applicant’s profile are taken into account, along with overall performance in the interview. The curriculum is well-liked by a variety of professionals, including MBBS doctors, software engineers, M.Pharms, BDS, BAMS, physiotherapists, B.Pharm, graduates in biotech, and others, as seen by the notable rise in applications received each year.