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Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases

Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

l. Scope
The present guidelines are in addition to guidelines on appropriate management of suspect/confirmed case of COVID-19 issued by MoHFW on 7th April, 2020. All suspected (awaiting test results) and confirmed cases of COVID-19 disease are currently being Isolated and managed in a hospital setting with the Intent to break the chain of transmission. As per existing guidelines, during the containment phase the patients should be clinically assigned as very mild, moderate or severe and accordingly admitted to

(a) COVID Care Center (b) Dedicated COVID Health Center or (c) Dedicated COVID Hospital respectively.

However, very mild\pre-symptomatic patients having the requisite facility at residence for self-isolation will have the option for home isolation.

2. Eligibility for home isolation

3. When to seek medical attention

4. When to discontinue home isolation

Patients under home isolation will end home isolation if symptoms are clinically resolved and the surveillance medical officer certifies him to be free of Infection after laboratory testing

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