Innovative Technical Educational and Learning, Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Management (GNIEM)


Higher education in Punjab – whether formal or non-formal, has a very long and a rich history, although its expansion and accessibility to the general people is still limited. The state government since the reorganization of Punjab has put in many conscientious efforts to develop and expand educational facilities in the state in a planned manner. These efforts consequently led to the establishment of a large number of private and government colleges in the state. With the need for more colleges offering professional technical courses to the masses, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust was established in the year 2001 to promote education in Technical and other professional streams.

With the aim of fostering leadership qualities in students and providing quality Technical and Management education, the Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust started the Guru Nanak Institute of Engineering and Management (GNIEM) in the year 2009. GNIEM is located in Naushehra, Dalewal, Distt. Hoshiarpur, which is a remote yet prime location with close proximity to the connecting roads with a lush green landscape and a pleasant environment for an effective and efficient learning process, towards achieving academic success.


GNIEM in a nutshell

In the path towards preparing students to become professionals, who have exemplary leadership, educational and ethical values and yet be competent enough in this ever-changing world to prove their mettle, GNIEM is a ray of sunshine for Engineering education and research aspirants. The institute is led by eminent personalities, who have valued experience in the field of engineering and research, and the institute reaps the benefits of their vast experience.

GNIEM being only a decade old is well equipped with the latest apparatus and lab-equipment for thorough learning and grasping of the technical aspects involved in engineering studies. The faculty and the teachers at the institute are a group of well-learned, experienced, and highly qualified personalities, who have excelled in their respective fields. Many of the teachers at GNIEM are Ph.D. holders from various prestigious institutes and universities.

The teaching at GNIEM is research-oriented, inspiring students towards having a well-rounded successful career”- stated Dr. Vishal Rehani, who works as an Assistant Professor in the Applied Sciences department at the institute, when asked about how different the teaching at GNIEM is when compared to other competing engineering colleges in the region. Regular Short-term courses are organized at the institute for quick learning of concepts, helping students in the long-term overall development.

When we continued talking about, how GNIEM works towards bettering the lives of their students in the long term with Dr. Rehani, she added to her earlier statement by saying – “The management at GNIEM believes in training and nurturing its students, making them focus-oriented young individuals, in a way that they may contribute and excel in the global arena for a purposeful role in the society”. Regular Sports and Co-curricular activities are organized at the institute to make the campus life more diverse, interesting and meaningful.


A new-age Tech School

In a time where everything is digital and the internet plays an important role in education and learning, GNIEM keeps the latest technologies handy, at their students’ disposal. For intensive and extensive learning, WI-FI connectivity is made available to its students and the faculty. The campus houses a well-stocked library and the classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with projectors and LCD TVs.

GNIEM’s campus is designed for effective academic pursuits and is conducive for higher contemplation, learning, and growth of students and the faculty alike. There are research cells and industrial interaction cells set up on the campus, creating opportunities for research programs to be held and have valued interactions with the industry experts. To ensure the dignity of women, Women Grievance cell exists on the campus.

With the right amount of learning, comes the right amount of opportunities to earn and grow, keeping this motto alive, GNIEM guarantees 100% placements for eligible students in reputed companies like Infosys, HCL, TCS, Microsoft and many more, with new companies getting added to the list every academic year.


Prof. Ranjit Singh,

Professor Ranjit Singh did his Btech (ECE) from the prestigious, JNU, New Delhi. He did his Mtech (ECE) from IIT Madras and PhD,(IT) from IIT Kharagpur. He did his MBA and PhD (Management), from Pune University. He has an all-round experience of operations,, administration, combat and industrial engineering, research and, academics spanning over four decades. In that, he has about 23 years,of service as a commissioned officer in the Indian Army where he, served up to the rank of a Colonel, about 12 years as a senior scientist,in the DRDO where his last rank was Scientist – ‘G’, about 5 years,as Professor of ECE and Principal of four Government Engineering, Colleges at Bharatpur, Dholpur, Karauli and Banswara, and now since,the commencement of the current academic year 2019-20, he is the, Director of GNIEM Naushehra. The Professor is an eminent scientist,, administrator and academician with laudable contribution to the, Nation and the Humanity in his fields of expertise.


fields of expertise.