Harrisburg University of Science & Technology – Expanding the Horizons of Learning & Growth


A new era of change has begun. Education and the methods of imparting learning have changed drastically over time. At educational institutions, the current students and the alumni, play an equal role in representing an institution across the globe. Also, educational institutions are changing the way they treat their students, and most importantly, the way they interact with their alumni community. One prime example of exemplar academia-alumni bond existing on campus is Harrisburg University of Science & Technology. At Harrisburg, the alumnus is literally the brand-ambassadors of the university. Moreover, with the advent of social media, alumni relationships have been altered to a different flavour altogether, indeed bringing a positive change to individuals and society. 

Talking to us about how his journey at Harrisburg one such alumnus who benefited thoroughly from the university and its alumni programs, post his graduation – Shridhar Kulkarni, took time out of his busy schedule to share his whole experience with us. An ex MS(Analytics) student at Harrisburg, he was keen on learning and expanding his knowledge in the field of Data Science. And, fortunately taking up the course at the university was the best decision he ever made in his life, he states. He added to his earlier statement, by stating – “I was provided hands-on experience to understand the concepts with various courses focusing on data clearing & data-analysis techniques”. Talking to us about the faculty he said – “All the faculty members took great interest in teaching the courses and showed patience, competence, and kindness to convey the coursework to all of us”. He concluded the conversation by giving out an open message to all and by stating that the degree program and whole ethos presented to him at Harrisburg was totally worth it, and most importantly, he highly recommends joining Harrisburg to anyone interested to widen their career horizons. 

Founded with a clear mission to offer innovative academic and research programs in science & technology, Harrisburg caters to every individual be it on a local level or on a global scale. Being a hub of diverse community of learners, students benefit from every access and support provided to them, in their pursuit of making it big as a trained professionals in various niches of science and technology. A strong sense of entrepreneurship is boosted along with the day to day activities on campus, pushing every individual at the university, to outshine in every aspect of their personal as well as professional lives.

A community of high-academic achievement

A haven for quality-filled technical learning, affordability, state-of-the-art campus, international access to programs, and commitment to research and economic development, Harrisburg stands-out when compared to other universities and institutions by effortlessly working towards a change. With labs which mimic workplace atmosphere, students engage in distance learning courses that make the programs hosted by the university accessible and suitable to anyone across the globe. Having the best industry-academia connect, results in students getting the best of opportunities to attend internships, projects, and, placements with top-brands and establishments across the globe. 

Furthermore, Harrisburg boasts of a faculty, who literally run the show at the university. Being the main driving force which works towards delivering the mission of imparting effortless technical knowledge to all, the faculty themselves head the parade, working together in unison delivering hands-on education that prepares students towards an impressive career ahead of them. The extensive teaching and training the faculty imparts is the main reason the university gets ranked as #1 STEM university in the U.S from 2 consecutive years. 

As 90% of graduates at Harrisburg come from overseas locations, Harrisburg University has established strong relationships with educational groups and institutions in India, the U.S and across the globe. Consisting of a team of international student counselors and faculty, all the needs and demands of a global student are understood and the resources are delivered accordingly in transition to the university. With educational agreements with India’s largest K-12 private educational organization – Ryan International Group and many others such as Ruia College, Mumbai University and many more, the list of partner universities and institutions increases manifold every academic year. Such partnerships help Harrisburg grow, and help build a community of love and recognition, in turn, supporting collaborative learning, while easing the process of transferring credits from their partner universities and institutions. 

During a brief conversation we had with Dr Eric D. Darr, the president at Harrisburg, he stated about the importance of Indian students at university, by saying – “Indian students add value to Harrisburg University by helping us grow, not only in terms of population, but in determining the resources and program needs we offer to our students in the U.S., and overseas.

Building a better world one student at a time

Considering the current pandemic crisis lurking on our doorsteps, the whole educational scenario across the globe had to undergo a drastic phase shift. But the transition phase at Harrisburg seemed effortless and easy. With ICT-enabled teaching/learning already being promoted on a large scale at the university, the students were already used to the complete online format of teaching/learning. Many of the courses already were being delivered via virtual formats, so it allowed HU to continue maintaining quality-filled technical teaching standards. 

Catering to a wide-variety of students and educational fields, HU offers some of the best & popular graduate degree programs. In addition, going along with the flow and looking forward towards creating professionals of tomorrow, courses like Project management, Analytics, Information Systems Engineering and Management, have been included in the course-list. All the courses hosted by the university are carefully curated, by trained faculty members and industry experts, in the pursuit of creating well-trained and knowledgeable individuals. Moreover, HU works relentlessly towards imparting experience to the students that matters the most to employers and makes their pedagogy unique. 

Having the best of the infrastructure at the disposal, students benefit in and out from the various amenities. Be it inside the classroom or outside, students learn and grow in all aspects of holistic development. From research conducted in labs, or giving wings to future entrepreneurs via incubation centers, at HU, the main goal is always to consistently provide students with the right amount of knowledge and expertise which can deliver effective results. 

Dr Eric Darr, President

A person who always dreamt of ‘building a university’, now as the president at Harrisburg, Dr Darr is well on his way to fulfilling his hopes and dreams. After having served as interim president and prior to that, having been served as a consultant to create Harrisburg University, Eric joined the university full-time as the founding VC of Finance and Administration. As a man who has extensive academic experience and knowledge, under his able-leadership HU grows every day towards becoming the best place for technical learning, catering to masses irrespective of the borders or boundaries.