Hindusthan Institute of Technology


Finding the “perfect college” has proven to be a difficult decision to take for students who are fresh out of school with an eagerness to pursue engineering and willing to invest four years of their youth. With literally 100s of options to choose from, and only a few engineering institutes proving their mettle – year after year, institutes such as Hindusthan Institute of Technology (HITECH) come out as clear hubs of quality tech education. 

Hindusthan Institute of Technology (HITECH) was started in the year of 2007 by the great industrialist and philanthropist, Thiru.T.S.R.Khannaiyann. It is an Autonomous Institution, who’s primary objective is to educate and prepare men and women for leadership in industry, government, and educational institutions. And to advance the knowledge base of the engineering professions; and to influence the future directions of engineering education and practice.

The educational programs in the college emphasize the understanding of fundamental principles and prepare an individual for a lifetime of learning and professional growth. Striving relentlessly in this ever changing tech-landscape, and despite the hurdles and challenges the pandemic got along with it, HITECH has worked towards uplifting real talent, and motivating successful careers. Also, being an institute that lays equal emphasis on Research and Development activities across all its programs, students are inspired to innovate and explore new ideas, through experiential learning. 

Towards a Better Tomorrow

HITECH believes not only in educating the students, but also grooming characters, with moral and ethical values, thus building the nation. Since its inception, the college has been providing world-class facilities & infrastructure for high quality education and learning. The emphasis is on transformational leadership rather than directional leadership. “The aim is to establish new trends, introduce innovative training methodologies, and thus guide students towards the road to success”, shared – Dr. C. Natarajan, the Principal of the Institute. 

To keep up with students in this digital age, faculty members at HITECH stay updated every day, through special interest groups in each department, where all the teachers keep each other informed of the most recent developments in the sector. Faculty members are regularly encouraged to participate in FDPs, STTPs, and refresher programmes to stay in-sync with the market demands. HITECH also encourages and compensates faculty members for passing online NPTEL courses, earning international certifications, publishing book chapters, etc. Financial rewards are given for each patent filed, journal published, project concept submitted, etc., in order to encourage research interest.

A home of holistic learning, HITECH hosts varied programs, from UG Courses across all the major streams, to PG Programs such as M.E – Computer Science and Engineering, M.E – VLSI Design, an MBA program, along with Research Centers in CS, ECE and Physics. HITECH makes use of its autonomy to develop into a facility that produces graduates that are prepared for the workforce. “Being a self-governing institution, we regularly communicate with businesses and alumni to understand the current skill set requirements in the labor market”, added – Dr. Natarajan, elaborating on how HITECH is a dedicated tech-hub for today’s generation.

The departments update and frame their curriculum and syllabus to reflect the most recent technological trends based on the feedback and ideas they have received. Every time the curriculum is updated, 40% of the topics are typically altered. Also, the curriculum has been updated to include engineering courses with the latest specialties, including robotics, industrial automation, IOT, Blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence. With the help of a sophisticated, always-connected learning environment, the content delivery strategies are well-planned and ready to suit the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor needs of the students. 

Moreover, considering the rules and guidelines laid down by the NEP 2020, HITECH has already started preparing professionals in cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3-D machining, big data analysis, and machine learning. Students irrespective of the discipline, will have courses related to these technologies and more emphasis is given to the students for undertaking interdisciplinary projects. Also to promote Indian languages and culture mandatory courses were introduced in the curriculum. Additionally, HITECH has embraced the idea of a minor degree and an honors degree in order to improve employable skills and convey in-depth information in developing fields. 

Ample Facilities for Integrated Development

The HITECH campus is WiFi-enabled, and is home to modern computer centers for students, coupled with well-equipped smart classrooms and laboratories. HITECH features separate hostels for men and women with modern amenities, as well as vast green grounds, a playground, a gym, and indoor games facilities. HITECH offers a wealth of resources for the growth of a well-rounded personality. More than 30 thousand books and more than 500 national and international magazines are housed in the magnificent library, which also houses the IIT-NPTEL Video Library.

The IT-infrastructure is elaborately designed to suit students needs and demands, and their endless need for learning resources and materials. Thus, through the Google educational suite, the students have constant access to the study materials. Also, Google Classrooms served as the platform for all teaching materials, follow-ups, and mentor sessions, during the pandemic and continues to be utilized even today. The institute has a well-equipped online exam proctoring system that is AI-based, and it was used to administer exams during the COVID-times.

Beyond the Classrooms

All thanks to the impressive industry-academia relationship existing at HITECH, students get good opportunities to attend internships, and in turn, enrich their subject knowledge. During these internships, they get on job training with modern equipment, and if proven – many students are able to compete nationally as well as globally in getting placements.

Students are encouraged to take part in numerous national level events like the Smart India Hackathon, Toycathon, Techgium, and many more well-known competitions in order to gain social exposure and expand their networks. Every year, HITECH students participate in these events and win awards.

When it comes to placing its students in the industry, HITECH takes great care. Students are given pre-placement training and online examinations for the same, with the placement training being managed by a qualified and committed staff of on-campus corporate relations. Additional training in their individual areas of need is provided based on the assessment’s feedback. Among the companies who visit HITECH every year, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Odessa Technologies, L&T, Eicher, Amazon, Zoho, are a few.

Lastly, the HITECH alumni who have been hired by businesses not only establish the best industrial network connections, but also have responsibility for upholding the institution’s good name. “Due to our students’ success, numerous industries frequently visit our institute to offer placement chances”, concluded – Dr. Natarajan.