IBMR (Hubballi)


As we all know, the world is currently witnessing a new change in imparting education, as to a large extent, educators and learners have been accustomed to this new learning environment. This change is providing the learners with the necessary flexibility and impetus to prioritize other matters of life without compromising on acquiring quality education. As more and more educational institutes are warming up to this idea of knowledge-seeking, b-schools across the length and breadth of our country have also started adapting to the new tech changes and Institute of Business Management & Research, is no exception in staying prepared to undertake any kind of challenge thrown in its way to adapt to the changing circumstances.

Imparting Knowledge through Technology

Boasting of a highly qualified and a talented group of faculties, who guide students using their wide range of knowledge and experience, at IBMR, learning happens via utilization of all-rounded practical learning, where case studies are compulsory, and industry-academia connections are a way to go. Also, through unique programs such as I-invent, which is an entrepreneurial journey of helping students to learn and live the field of R & D, the management has built a strong atmosphere of academic excellence, being instrumental in cultivating a futuristic outlook by keeping them abreast of the latest trend in the business world. At IBMR b-school the focus is always on industry training and real-world, where hands-on experience is imparted to the students, which the b-school believes is essential in helping learners’ transition to the actual workplace, with ease.

Established in 1999, and approved by AICTE, IBMR has evolved into a premium brand, which endorses innovative curriculum, excellent pedagogy and sprawling campus across the country. Offering only the best of industry-aligned MBA programs, at IBMR, business leaders of tomorrow are groomed each and every day, who are well-in-advance aligned to the needs of the industry 4.0. “Being an AICTE approved institution, our internationally acclaimed bespoke curriculum is designed to prepare you for this competitive world”, stated – Mr. Vinaychandra Mahendrakar, the Founder & Chairman of the institute.

Looking ahead

Endeavoring towards excelling in 3 major areas, namely – Management, IT and Research, IBMR through its technically-aligned MBA programs tries its best to bridge the knowledge gaps between the academia and the industry. Always staying one step ahead of its competitors, at IBMR, students are trained to become ever ready learners, who are driven by the thirst for learning and gaining something new – everyday. A proud institute, known for being a flagship hub to start industry aligned programs, IBMR has strong associations and alliances with institutes in UK, France, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Australia and many more to come.

Ideally built on a spacious well-equipped campus, which boasts of an ambiance that reflects quality, commitment, dedication, and honor, the b-school hosts an intensive PGPM program, in specializations of logistics and supply chain management , business analytics, artificial intelligence  financial analytic Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management, Banking and Insurance Management, Health Care Management, Agriculture Management, Operational  Management, and Engineering  Business Management.  Which is required for current trends and industry.

Additionally, IBMR (Hubballi) also hosts  programs in Management and Commerce  in UG and PG and K-12, while ensuring that all the courses cater to the current requirements of the students, and comprise of concepts beyond knowledge, making them into ready-professionals who can compete even in the international national and domestic markets.
Along with all this IBMR also has well understood the importance of entrepreneurship and its need for the Indian economy, hence extending its best support to the students as well as society in terms of establishing IBMR I-work. Through which mentorship to the startups, co-working space, to the potential entrepreneurs to encourage the young entrepreneurs.

IBMR has well equipped Training & Placement Centre which is committed to connect students from campus to competitive corporate world. We understand the expectation and requirements of the recruiters, accordingly put our best efforts to develop the employability of our students by organizing many student development programs such as workshops on personality development, value added courses and sessions to prepare them for aptitude test management with an intention to prepare them to apply their unique talent and life skills to contribute towards the organizational growth and achieve their individual goals too. IBMR is known for its higher Package placements.

Be it academicians or industry-experts, both make IBMR their home as reputed onboard Business Management Gurus, who with their world-class qualifications and experience, are capable to understand and learn any kind of technologies, and pass on the prowess to students. Running a complete blended learning setup also helps students be flexible with their learning patterns, and get adapted to the new-norms of the world. Having 90% of faculty members being entrepreneurs themselves and also  being PhD holders, helps intensively to build an atmosphere which strives on R & D, where the faculty members are continuously motivated to get certifications and publish papers regularly.

“Our campus, which is a source of inspiration for the entire group – is a spacious well-equipped campus of learning with an ambiance that reflects quality, commitment, dedication, and honor”, shares – Mr. Vinaychandra Mahendrakar, talking about the impressive campus the students of IBMR (Hubballi) have at their ready disposal. Furthermore, apart from being an unconventional hub of growth and learning, the b-school helps students get internships and placements in top tier companies and organizations. This trend even continued during the pandemic, as the management of the b-school felt that the pandemic came in as a blessing, as it helped IBMR reinvent and innovate towards new beginnings. Also, making a point specifically about how the world in general has to be ready for change, anytime and anywhere, Mr. Vinaychandra Mahendrakar shares – “Change is inevitable, and thus we do have to change according to the changing times”. Adding to this, he stated – “In today’s world youth have to be trained in different skills in a unique way, yet stay true to their original identities, and multidisciplinary learning helps in this very regard”.

All in all, through the whole conversation with the founder, it is evident by now that IBMR (Hubballi) is an epitome of learning that endorses both worlds. Also, through its various certification courses & skills training, IBMR has slowly become a hotspot of out of the classroom activities and knowledge, where each student after individual profile mapping process will be trained on company-specific skills, enhancing their chances of better employment. Company Visits are made compulsory to all the students, helping them get more information about company operations and guiding them in their educational, as well as, professional careers. Progressing each day on the motto of Empowering Generations, IBMR with its modern and up-to-date amenities and infrastructure with ultra-modern facilities, in both physical and ICT means, the caring touch of the IBMR team adds further value over & above the physical infrastructure, while the impressive loans and scholarship opportunities the b-school provides acts as the icing on the cake.