ICFAI 32nd WiseViews Webinar Press Release


“Improving the infrastructure is must for India to be competitive to attract investments” observed Mr Nilesh Shah, Founder and CEO, Envision Capital at the 32nd Webinar conducted on November 26th, 2021 on the topic “Investing in India : New Investment opportunities and Game Changers”. The Webinar is a part of the ICFAI’s WiseViews Interactive Webinar Series conducted on every Friday at 7.30 pm.

Mr. Nilesh described about the huge investment opportunities that India can explore in the coming years. Mr. Nilesh stated that “India is currently a 3 trillion dollar economy and has the potential to grow into a 10 trillion dollar economy in the next 30 yrs from now. India has close to 1.4 billion population and most of them are under 30 yrs of age makes another interesting prospect. Considering the fact that the rise in literacy and technology awareness give way to lot of startups which creates opportunity to attract more investments across all the industries”, he added.

Mr. Nilesh, further stated that 3 ‘D’s are extremely important to India’s growth. First is the Demographics, second is the Digitization and third is the De-carbonization. With the exciting and attractive demographics India will witness the rise in customer oriented business. Out of India’s total population over 500 million travel by train and the invent of new players in the aviation industry and the central government is planning to set-up of 80-90 airports in next few years, attracts more and more people travelling by flights in the future. With more and more people travelling, it will give a boost to hospitality industry as well.

“The adaptation of digitization plays a key role in India’s growth. India has proved that it is a great adapter of technology and the younger population is ready for the new changes in the technology industry”, said Mr. Nilesh. More investment opportunities are going to come in the food, agriculture and the insurance industry. Mr. Nilesh observed that investment opportunities emerge in the pharma industry too. He said that companies like “PharmEasy” coming up with IPO’s is an example of the investment opportunities in the pharma industry. With the new changes in the environment and people looking up to greener avenues, the De-carbonization will create more investment opportunities as well, said Mr. Nilesh.

Answering to a query in the Q & A session, Mr. Nilesh advocated that government should come up with stringent regulations to keep a check on the crypto currency.

The webinar was moderated by Prof. R Prasad, Director – Academic Wing, ICFAI Group and Prof. Sudhakar Rao, Director – Branding, ICFAI Group.

About 250 participants including entrepreneurs, Research Scholars, working professionals from various parts of the country registered for this webinar which was also live streamed on facebook.