IcfaiTech (Faculty of Science & Technology) – In Pursuit of a Motivated Knowledge-Workforce


After getting independence from the British, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru conceived the vision of present-day engineers, thereby, focusing on engineering education for the ultimate economic development of the country. With planners and educationists onboard with him, together they planned and established engineering institutions across the length and breadth of the country. The first three decades of the post-independence era saw the emergence of engineering polytechnics, regional colleges, national institutes, and universities, which helped our country become a hub for top experts in the field of engineering, especially in computers, software, and the internet. But however, until now emphasis had always been laid on producing theoretically taught engineers with a focus on theory and research aspects, sidelining more emphasis on practical training and educating them as global engineers.

Now with the engineering landscape changing drastically, more and more engineering colleges and institutes are adapting to the new trend of boosting strong dynamic personalities on campus, who have a stronghold in both theory and practical aspects of engineering. One such premier tech-hotspot where a totally inclusive environment of learning exists, training students with requisite professional, as well as life skills, inter-woven with the right amount of knowledge – IcfaiTech (Faculty of Science & Technology) has molded itself into becoming a place, which contributes engineering leaders to society, year after year.

IcfaiTech is a vital constituent of The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, a Deemed University, which consists of a 92-acre lush green sylvan campus with a built-up area of over 16 lakh sq. ft., all working towards imparting quality education and training in the fields of Science & Technology. Also, being a place that endorses interdisciplinary and contemporary education, a unique curriculum is designed on the campus, in turn, helping students get all-rounded holistic knowledge and development via student-centric activities. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Redefining teaching & learning

Committed to helping students become independent thinkers and learners, along with regular courses, the students are given training in various aspects related to technology, societal issues, and entrepreneurship. Maintaining a regular routine filled with workshops, internships, and project work, IcfaiTech makes effective use of the impressive industry-academia connections it has and strives to serve society, one student at a time. IcfaiTech also offers a unique faculty supervised internship program for 7 ½ months, where, the internship is integrated into the curriculum to enable students to work on real time projects offered by the Industry. Furthermore, considering the current scenario of the pandemic lurking on our doorsteps, the tech institute has adapted to the online norm with ease, in turn, facilitating a smooth teaching/learning process, irrespective of the medium of teaching used. Believing in a thoroughly blended teaching-approach, the teachers onboard who themselves are well-learned and qualified with M.Tech & Ph.Ds to their credits, empowering students with both practical and textbook knowledge.

Moreover, with everything learnt inside the classroom, being carefully assessed via exams and practical experiments and projects, each course/lesson is designed in such a way that the students are propelled to think out of the box and prove their real vigor. Students are also asked to create, evaluate, and assess the knowledge they gained from the textbooks, in turn, promoting self-learning and growth on a large scale.

Considering the current pandemic phase, the faculty at the institute have stepped into newer roles of being mentors, motivators, and advisors. Apart from imparting technical knowledge and expertise, teachers at IcfaiTech, worked towards becoming role models for the students, guiding them on all fronts, be it personal or professional. Encouraging mentors/faculty members to continue their path of excelling as trained engineering personnel, the institute actively encourages its faculty to participate in inter-school online conferences and workshops, which help them gather and share knowledge. Adapting to the LMS setup effortlessly, teachers and students worked together with a clear intention of continuing the path of undisturbed learning, helping each other grow in this very process.

 IcfaiTech advantage

Focused on adding a significant value to the learner in terms of knowledge, practical skills, and positive attitudes, each and every course at IcfaiTech is by experts, catered to create experts”, stated – Dr. Mallidi Srinivasa Reddy, Professor, and Director of the institute. During a brief conversation we had with him, where he took time out of his busy schedule, he took us on a verbal tour of IcfaiTech and gave us an inside view of the whole working ethos present on the campus. Adding to his earlier statement, and generalizing on what lines IcfaiTech strives on, Dr. Reddy, quoted – “We provide high-quality, cutting-edge, and career-oriented education programs, across all major fields of engineering”.

Hosting a wide array of courses, be it B.Tech in conventional streams such as Civil or B.Tech in Mechatronics to exemplary Ph.D. programs in both engineering and sciences, IcfaiTech accommodates the major fields of education – science & engineering efficiently. Moreover, the curriculum of these courses is regularly updated based on feedback from employers and corporate professionals to include emerging practices of the industry and the field.

IcfaiTech is committed to helping graduating students to get best career opportunities through campus placements. A committed team of placement officers work round the year in organizing campus placement drives, who lay utmost importance on enhancing the competence of the students and preparing them for placements. Regular training programs for soft skills, technical skills and expert talks are organized to improve the employability of students. Industry-Placement meets, and Personality Development workshops are organized regularly, where all the students are provided necessary guidance so that they become empowered to take informed decisions regarding their respective careers.

Lastly, the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) on campus offers a parking space for start-ups and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), showing us how much importance is given to student upliftment at IcfaiTech. Giving them thorough tech-learning in terms of making students readily employable, IcfaiTech has undoubtedly become a real-time problem-solving hotspot for both startups and MSMEs. Not only motivating students to outperform as corporate geniuses, but every student at IcfaiTech is also pushed towards starting their respective entrepreneurial journeys, inculcating a love towards Mother Earth, and realizing their societal duties, and working towards fulfilling them. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Dr. M. Srinivasa Reddy – Director

A renowned personality in the engineering educational space, Dr. M Srinivasa Reddy is a man of great qualifications. After finishing his B.Tech, he continued with his educational journey and ended up getting a doctorate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He has 31+ years of impressive experience to his credit, holding top positions in both industry and academics. And, now as the current Professor and Director at IcfaiTech, he guides every individual present on campus, helping the engineering institute emerge as one of the leading institutions of India.