IES College of Architecture – Mumbai, Maharashtra


The Indian Education Society’s College of Architecture was established in 1995 with the aim of moulding architecture students into high caliber professionals.

Presently, the IES’s College of Architecture offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree, under the five years program of the University of Mumbai and four part time courses in Masters of Architecture under the YashwantraoChavan Maharashtra Open University (M.Arch Construction Management/Environmental Architecture/General Architecture/Urban and Regional Planning)

The Bachelors of Architecture course is scheduled as a 5-year program with a semester pattern as prescribed by the Mumbai University. Through the years, the college has always produced toppers at both institutional and University level and has always remained active on an extra-curricular level by participating at various Architectural Competitions and other events.

he aim of the institution has been to provide a learning environment that inspires Students and Teachers of Architectural Education and to attain knowledge and skills in an effective manner. Towards this, the IES Management is committed to set up Quality Management Systems that supports and accommodates the unique learning needs of everyone. It also wants to facilitate positive human relationships and strives for excellence.

The IES college of Architecture strongly believes in the fundamentals of collaboration of academicians and professionals. An attempt to bring about a balance is made by the professionals by bringing their experience to the classroom along with the academicians who help impart a more thoughtful and critical understanding.

The institute aims to bring in knowledge for the students that help them excel as architectural professionals imbibed with the ethos of a professional, social and personal competence and hence serve the society with their acquired skills.

Architects are directly connected to the people, culture and diversity. This fundament is instilled in their learning so as to further contribute towards the society.

As a part of the professional responsibility, they are also inculcated a sense to appreciate, encourage and practice sustainable and eco friendly growth and development.