IIT-Kanpur Introduces Four New Postgraduate Programs Without Requiring GATE Scores.


The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-Kanpur), has introduced four new online postgraduate courses tailored for working professionals. These programs include Business Leadership in the Digital Age, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Renewable Energy and E-Mobility, as well as Climate Finance and Sustainability. Notably, admission to these courses will not be contingent on GATE scores. Interested candidates can submit their applications at emasters.iitk.ac.in until September 24, 2023, with classes scheduled to commence in January 2024.

Additionally, applications are open for several other newly launched programs, encompassing Business Analytics and Data Science, Financial Technology and Management, Business Finance, Financial Analysis, Public Policy, Next-Generation Wireless Technologies, Cybersecurity, and Management, Economics, as well as Regulation of the Power Sector.

The course on Climate Finance and Sustainability at IIT-Kanpur aims to furnish a comprehensive comprehension of the vital interplay between financial tactics and sustainability initiatives.

The course is geared towards equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricate realm of sustainable business and climate finance effectively.

Renewable Energy and E-Mobility Program

The Renewable Energy and E-Mobility program seeks to empower professionals with proficiency in renewable energy. This program is structured to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable energy systems and electric mobility technologies.

Participants will receive instruction on the principles of renewable energy and their application in real-world scenarios.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This course is designed to impart expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to students.

Students will learn about the practical applications of AI and ML through a variety of projects and case studies. This exercise will enhance analytical and problem-solving skills, preparing graduates to tackle challenges in the workplace.