India has 8th highest active cases of Coronavirus in the world


COVID-19 cases rise unabated across the globe with over 4 million people infected by the deadly contagion. More than 2.8 lakh people have died due to Covid-19 across the globe while more than 1.5 million patients have recovered from the disease globally.

The United States, Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Iran and Russia are some of the top affected countries in the world besides the original Covid-19 epicentre China. India accounts for 13th highest cases of Covid-19 infections globally.

However, when it comes to the active number of Coronavirus cases, India stands at the 8th spot on the global tally, figures updated by global data tracking website Worldometer shows. Peru closely follows India at the 9th spot with respect to the number of active Covid-19 cases. As per Worldometer, the country has 68,822 total cases of Coronavirus of which 44,455 are active.

Active Covid-19 cases are the number of total coronavirus cases after deducting the recovered/discharged patients and number of fatalities.

Germany, Iran, and Canada are the countries that have more coronavirus total cases than India but fewer active cases. Germany has reported 172,576 total cases of which, 19,298 are active cases and over 7,600 have died, the Worldometer site shows.

In Iran, the total number of cases is at 109,286, of which 15,17915,179 are active. Nearly 70,000 have contracted the Covid-19 in Canada of which 31,994 are classified as active cases.