India the least deadly country in the COVID Race


India has again recorded nearly 15,000 cases of  COVID-19 in a day, taking its total to 441,924. The country’s death toll has crossed the 14,000 mark. As against the global average of 6.04, India has one Covid-19 death per 100,000 population which is one of the lowest in the world, the Union.

According to government data, however, the situation in India is not as alarming as some of the other countries, given a limited spread on a per-capita basis. There are 30.04 cases in India per 100,000 population, just a little more than the global average of 114.67, the health ministry has said, referring to the WHO Situation Report 153, dated June 21.

Worldwide, at least 9,216,150 people have been confirmed to have the coronavirus infection, 4,961,937 have recovered, and 474,960 people have died, according to Worldometer data. Country-wise, the United States continues to be the worst-hit, with 2,388,153 cases and 122,610 deaths. It is followed by Brazil (1,111,348 cases, 50,659 deaths), Russia (592,280 cases, 8,206 deaths), and India (440,685 cases, 14,015 deaths).