Chitkara University Institute of Engineering & Technology – Creating Future-ready Engineers


Technology is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles, and perfecting engineering, as well as final assembly. But, engineering in terms of an Indian Student is all about mugging up, being the topper, and getting placed. People contemplate about issues, and they claim that ‘The Indian Education System’ is the reason for this, which unequivocally is wrong. The quality of engineering studies offered to the students has to be a significant concern. Even though engineering consists of fascinating subjects, the teaching, and the interest levels put in by the teachers and the management convert it into a dull and boring stream. Putting an end to the dilemma of being a place that endorses regular engineering teaching and learning, but preaching the real idea of engineering, in turn, letting students understand that engineering isn’t something you pick up, but something which defines a way of life – Institute of Engineering & Technology (Chitkara University) has become a hub for new courses, new ideas, and new professions.

Founded in the year 2002, the institute of engineering and technology got its status as a full-fledged private state university in 2010. Being an integral part of Chitkara University, engineering learning is imbibed in all its students by promoting research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Gaining from strength to strength the institute has been rated as one of the best engineering colleges in Punjab, all thanks to the perfect blend of academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and proactive industry tie-ups.

Catered by engineering experts and catered towards minds who are technically bent, technical solutions are taught on the campus, thus, ensuring a bright future and an extremely satisfying career. Prioritizing ‘hands-on’ learning and letting the students dive into research and practice from Day-One, the faculty are active in internationally-recognized scientific research across a wide range of subjects, and thereby, inculcate a strong sense of technical-vigor in the students. Along with being expert mentors on campus, the faculty members also take part in numerous Engineering Research Projects, funded by industry, charities, government departments, and research councils. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

A Tradition of Engineering Excellence

Interlinking the key stakeholders of the institute, in an everlasting loop of success, the students, the parents, the faculty, alumni, industry, and society, all give in their best to make Chitkara continue in its path of excellence. Letting every individual who is a part of the journey at Chitkara – Institute of Engineering & Technology explore their inner potentials, and progress along the lines of the institute, the practices, and the procedures followed on campus are perhaps one of the best across the nation.

Consisting of courses curated for tingling young tech-minds, the institute is home to endless courses – be it in conventional streams or new age topics such as Applied Sciences, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. “Building the whole curriculum and pedagogy towards creating engineers cum leaders of tomorrow, at Chitkara we aim to provide every student with an opportunity to gain an international experience”, stated – Dr. Madhu Chitkara, the Pro-Chancellor of the university, talking to us about how the institute has tried its best to give the students more of a global/culturally sensitive perspective to engineering. She added to her earlier statement, continuing on the topic of how the institute of technology and management enriches educational experiences – “We will handhold you to understand the academic rigor and the expectations around studying an International curriculum, including the nuances of staying in a different country”.

Acting as a launchpad to many engineering aspirants, the institute keeps research as a prime point of focus, preaching practical engineering learning across all its programs. Being one of the few academic campuses in India to have 300+ patents, the innovational excellence felt across the campus of the institute gives a sudden boost to the students to outdo themselves, in every endeavor of their respective lives. Also, fulfilling the sole purpose of being a complete engineering institute, CUIET promotes entrepreneurship and excels at providing excellent placements with ease. Outshining as a prime hotspot of inclusive and safe learning. Moreover, as proof of that – the institute is also ranked as one the cleanest universities of India, according to the ‘Swachhta Ranking’, given by the Govt. of India.

Building networks of learning and growth

Recognized by the Government of Punjab, Chitkara University Institute of Engineering & Technology is a multi-disciplinary student-centric campus of excellence. Located ideally among a serene surrounding, the institute is about 30km from Chandigarh, on the Chandigarh-Patiala National Highway. Maintaining close links with leading blue-chip companies and professional associations, the institute delivers academic programs, through the alliances made. It is ensured that all the courses and the academic practices followed on campus are relevant, practical, and deliver the skills in demand allowing all the future engineers to enter the corporate/industry life with confidence and ease.

Having an impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure at the disposal, students savor every amenity made available to them. From dance, drama to research, every activity carried out at the institute is done with ease. Having collaborations with some of the world-class companies, the faculty at the institute are motivated to attend various faculty development programs. Furthermore, pushing towards creating unique yet dynamic individuals, soft-skill training, workshops, industrial visits, technical competitions, live projects, and guest lectures are made mandatory. Notably, the institute boasts of research laboratories in the area of VLSI design, AR/VR, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Water Sciences, Liquid Crystals and industry-sponsored laboratories like Microsoft Innovation Centre, Nvidia CUDA Teaching Centre, NXP Semiconductors Signal Lab, and Dassault Design Centre, etc.

All in all, being a haven for inclusive tech-learning, CUIET has proven itself to be flexible, by take crisis situations like the COVID-19 pandemic in a stride and overcoming its diverse effects effortlessly. Lastly, having come a long way in the never-ending path at excelling as an exemplary place of holistic development, being a part of Chitkara strongly makes you believe that you are part of the right kind of future, well guided in the path to become professionals of tomorrow, understanding the importance of studying today. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor

A co-founder of the Chitkara Educational Trust, an eminent academician, and an innovative entrepreneur, Dr. Madhu Chitkara, has articulated and designed the road map for the trust and actively participated in its growth. With a passion for academics and great business acumen, she has had a diversified career and variegated experience in the field of education spanning almost four decades. Knowledgeable, focused, and a strategic leader, Dr. Madhu Chitkara has adeptly managed numerous academic ventures and remains a true leader who ‘leads by example’ – is warm, sincere, and always willing to walk the extra mile to deliver on her promises. Her support for several humanitarian causes, in association with various NGOs, is indeed a tribute to her philanthropic nature, zest for life, and desire to transform other’s lives for the better, pushes her forward towards her dream of bringing a positive change to society, one step at a time.