Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management – Educating Beyond Expectations


Considering the current times of the pandemic, the need of the hour are individuals who operate as all-rounded generalists, rather than just being specialists. Moreover, with increased demand for specialized skills in every segment and domain that can generate ample career opportunities and serve the purpose of standing out, students of today have started looking out for options, which deviate from conventional streams, and still give them a dream career. One such field which hasn’t quite been explored yet in the educational household of India and deserves its due share of importance – is the streams of Aviation & Logistics. Even though Aviation & Logistics are very different yet similar subjects, the way they are working together to serve the society – today, due to the ongoing crisis situation has raised many eyebrows and students are looking forward to joining institutes which offer courses in these streams. Thereby, throwing limelight on one such institute which has been striving towards benefiting its students, by giving them thorough knowledge and insights into the best practices in Logistics, Aviation, Banking, Design Industry & so on – at Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management (ILAM), students get converted into competitive industry professionals of tomorrow.

Laying equal emphasis on both inside and outside the classroom endeavors, ILAM has become an epitome of skill enhancement across all key sectors of the economy, today. Setting its standards bar beyond colleges who just provide professional degrees, true industry exposure is achieved via the various courses offered at the institute. Along with offering recognized industry oriented UG/ PG degrees in New Age Industries ie MBA & BBA programs in Aviation & Logistics Management, ILAM boasts of an impressive industry connect, in turn, also facilitating short term certification opportunities, which are embedded inside every program.

Right on its track of becoming a leading institution in Careers of Tomorrow in India with more than 8 campuses, 13 centers of excellence with a global alumnus of more than 18,000+ students, ILAM with its pan-India presence and association with leading institutions in India, focuses on futuristic industries that are specifically designed to make students job-ready. Also, a hub which functions as a 360-degree education service provider, ILAM strives towards becoming a carrier of a unique mission of bringing in the best of International practices in the field of Aviation and Logistics Management into India, giving students a gist of real academic excellence.

A hotspot of enhancing competitiveness

Ideally located around lush green surroundings, providing the most ideal environment to work, study, research and grow, a complete student-centered atmosphere exists across all the corners of ILAM, unperturbed. “Also, with all the classrooms fitted with a centralized ACs, the infrastructure is very sophisticated and advanced, enabling a smooth learning platform, irrespective of the medium of teaching/learning used”, stated Mr. Kanishk Dugal, the CEO of ILAM, during a brief opportunity we got to interact with him, getting to know the complete working ethos present on the ILAM campus. Additionally, acting as budding aviation and logistics aspirants, we tried our best to address all the relevant questions of today’s time, trying to get answers, in turn, helping students choose from the best. Adding to his above statement, and talking about how unique the whole curriculum is at ILAM, Mr. Kanishk stated – “ILAM has an educational approach that provides a mix of practical & theory oriented guidance, where the curriculum is curated by industry experts and board of directors with inputs of industry associations in Aviation & Logistics”.

Not limiting learning to just books and letting students take a deep dive into the world of practical training cum learning, all the students are exposed to advanced training facilities meant for aviation students which are equipped with globally used aircrafts. Furthermore, having ample support of showcasing actual aircraft security features for water drill, emergency exit, water survival, ramp safety etc, the teaching standards is what makes ILAM one of its kind, in the whole India, making attribution of learning a compulsory aspect on the campus. Also, hosting a well-designed pedagogy, where students get the certification of completion of training which are embedded in each semester, without which students aren’t promoted to the subsequent semesters, sends out a strong sense of healthy competitiveness among every student on the ILAM campus.

As a living proof to the sheer excellence and commitment the institute and the management puts in striving relentlessly day in and day out towards outperforming is perhaps the ease at which the paradigm shift took place at ILAM, where the online interaction was made into a total trend changer. Converting boring classrooms into interactive sessions and staying successful in keeping the students & faculties intact in terms of timely delivery of online teaching, discussions and project submissions, at ILAM all the stakeholders, be it – the students or the teachers are a ready part of the institutes progress, gaining in terms of exposure and connections. Also, the softwares utilized on campus enabled the management in maintaining the time logs of faculties and students attendance along with the facility of lecture recordings, this converting the whole COVID-scenario as a real win-win story for every individual at ILAM.

Towards improved educational brilliance

Living up to its brand value and serving the sole purpose of being an all-rounded educator, ILAM is a well-known place for its impressive industry-academia connections. Collaborating with pioneering institutions such as ICRI, and many national and international training organizations for specific industry exposures, students are trained for their job roles way before their respective course completions. Also, as we all know the dynamism in job roles today demands the skill based training for new age careers, thereby, ILAM being India’s first and largest institution in providing specialized training certification programs, sends out its students to various elite institutions such as Airport Authority of India, International Civil Aviation Organization, Fly Wings Simulator Training Centre, and so, with a clear aim of providing excellence in training and skill development. Simultaneously for the logistics students, practical training includes visits to shipyards and airports, cargo training, visits to storage facilities of leading e-commerce facilities of India, helping students get equipped with the specialized domain knowledge, providing them training in areas to be served in the aviation industry, such as – fleet management, ground handling, cargo, safety & security, customer service, medical tourism, crew scheduling and many more.

All in all, consisting of top-notch faculty members guiding the whole parade of ILAM, who themselves are renowned academicians and professionals of national and international repute, students not only get practical exposure, but also, get 360 degree development – all round the year. Lastly, ensuring that students involve themselves in team -building, skill development, critical thinking, problem solving activities, the campus at ILAM offers a great learning environment to its students, making every student cherish each second spent at ILAM, carrying forward rich intellectual experiences, converting them into fruitful journeys and endeavors, focusing towards overall societal upliftment.

Mr. Kanishk Dugal – Chief Operating Officer

A personality with more than 16 years of experience, Mr. Kanishk operates as a lead educator in India, currently heading the ICRI – a specialized institution for new age careers ie Logistics, Aviation, Healthcare, and Clinical Research. Always aiming towards the initiative of bringing innovation in education, he has successfully executed India’s first “University-Industry Partnership Model” in higher education that ensures the development of job-ready professionals through various degree, certification & value-added industry-oriented training programs. Also, as the current CEO of ILAM his dream is to make Indian youth job-ready and equip them with the right skill sets in new age industries, ready to face the ever-changing world outside with ease and confidence.