International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS)


Expectations from B-schools have evolved dramatically over the years. Gone are the days of traditional lectures and stuffy classrooms. Today, students crave an engaging and dynamic learning environment that prepares them to navigate the complexities of the corporate world with confidence and finesse. As the business landscape continues to evolve, B-schools must rise to the occasion, blending innovation, practicality, and a touch of excitement to shape the business leaders of tomorrow.

Amidst this ever-changing landscape, the International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) stands tall as a beacon of excellence and distinction. Nestled in the heart of academic innovation, IIBS has redefined the meaning of business education, delivering an unparalleled experience that sets it apart from the crowd. As an ultimate and leading business environment, International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) operates under its parent body, Smt. B. Sarojini Devi Educational and Charitable Trust, which governs the institution at the apex level.

A Zenith Of Academic Distinction

With a mission to achieve excellence in academic and research and a vision to mold the students into responsible citizens, to serve the changing needs of society, IIBS has sustained its competitive edge consistently securing its top-ranking position. The wide range of opportunities offered by this supportive and collaborative learning environment through internships, research projects and networking events; trains its students on real-world insights and equips them for the business world. Equipped with modern state of the art infrastructure and a rigorously trained industry-experienced faculty team, IIBS ensures academic excellence and quality in its programs that includes MBA, B.Com, BBA, BCA, BA which follows an outcome-based learning pedagogy. Apart from offering Undergraduate Programs, the institute has also introduced a programme i.e. Arts (B.A) with UPSC – 3200 hours from the Academic year 2021-2022.

IIBS pioneers in creating great human beings with values and ethics and redefines their talents to make them successful entrepreneurs who set out to create a new order reshaping the social and economic landscapes. The academic support at IIBS offers all-round access to its well-equipped library, counseling services, experiential  programs, career development seminars and workshops to facilitate its students in attaining their scholastic ambitions. The institutes’ alumni network predominantly employed in the corporate sector plays a significant role in supporting students’ professional development and serves as a valuable resource for students to seek guidance, gain industry insights and establish connections for career advancement. Also, workshops and other developmental programs employ the implementation of modern teaching techniques by the faculty team such as case study analysis, group projects, simulations and experiential learning methods that encourage students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. And with IIBS centering on continuous evaluation of its programs through student feedback, industry feedback, syllabus reviews and program assessments enables the institute to stay abreast with the latest industry trends and ensures that the curriculum remains current, industry-relevant and academically rigorous.

As a testament to IIBS’s commitment to providing high-quality management education, the institution has garnered many laurels and accolades to its name. Rated as one of the Top 10 B-Schools in Bangalore by Silicon India Magazine, IIBS goes on to secure its ranking among the Top Private B-Schools in India 2021 by Career Connect Magazine. In 2019, the institute received the Best UnderGraduate & Post Graduate College in Management Education award from Education Connect. Its sustained efforts towards excellence in delivering world-class education came to fruition with acknowledgment from several reputable professional bodies such as the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) under BCU, ISO Certification and IIC and has also been rated as an A++ institution by Business India Magazine.

Unlocking Wide Spectrums

With a multitude of experienced academicians and industry experts who bring diverse qualifications and expertise to the table, IIBS facilitates the institute with the means to offer industry-responsive education of the highest standard in alignment with the current trends and practices. The exceptional faculty team whose expertise extends to various sectors such as Banking, Finance, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Marketing and Ph.D. degrees from reputed universities bring in significant research experience and extensive industry experience, along with their cutting-edge knowledge and comprehensive pedagogical skills. The proficient team has also contributed value to their domain knowledge with the publication of articles and research papers in reputed journals.

IIBS believes that bridging the gap between academia and industry enables students to gain valuable insights which in turn enhances their employability. And so, the institution emphasizes real-world exposure and practical experience that allows application of theoretical knowledge in real work environments teeming with industry-relevant challenges. To serve this purpose, the institutes’ MBA programs increasingly emphasize collaborations with industries and encourage students to undertake internships to gain practical exposure with hands-on experience that helps understand workplace dynamics and build professional networks. IIBS further offers student and faculty exchange programs and encourages research and innovation among its faculty and students. Through establishment of research centers, innovation cells and entrepreneurship development cells, the institute supports its students in exploring innovative ideas and nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit and with collaborations with international institutions, students experience different educational environments, cultures and perspectives, broadening their horizons and fostering a global outlook. Faculty members also benefit from the exchange of teaching methodologies, research collaboration and professional networking.

Following a well-designed training programme that ensures a 360 degree grooming of the students and industry readiness, IIBS preserves and nurtures the young minds’ business acumen, contributing to the total change in them as individuals. In addition to academics, the college has Energy and Environment Policies to protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within the campus. The institute with its one unique contribution to transform lives, adheres to the core tenets of diversity, equity and inclusion and emerges as a platform that thrives with new opportunities and potential rewards. Evolving and responding promptly to unforeseen changes in global business, IIBS redefines the MBA education making it more contemporary and value-added.