International University of the Year – 2019

According to a foreign survey in 2016, the number of Indian students studying in the US had a recorded rise of 25%. Despite having the least friendly immigration policies in the world, Indian students who aspire to study at top colleges abroad are working effortlessly to gain admissions at their dream universities. Apart from foreign education aspirants, executives and professionals are also opting for an international program either to further their qualifications or to enhance their job-related skills. The Indian government is very helpful in providing scholarships and loans to such aspirants to help them study in various countries abroad, and in-turn benefit the betterment of the society and the country.

With the immense rise in students from India moving abroad for their higher studies, the competition between international colleges or universities is immense too.Moreover, their main motive nowadays is to attract international students, rather than better the quality of the learning and teaching given at the college or the university. The main parameters a student has to look in a university/college abroad is the academic opportunity for holistic learning, diverse networking, and global exposure.

An international education has to prepare you to succeed as an individual by allowing more scope for self-discovery and personal growth. The university or the college has to help you develop a new-found appreciation for your own traditions and culture and be driven by the urge to help yourself flourish academically and ethically.

After having done some detailed research and analysis on some of the international colleges or universities across the globe, we at Academic Insights have compiled an edition to highlight different colleges and universities world-wide and also we have a special title to be given, which is called – “The International College of the Year”.

This edition will help education aspirants reach out to the best universities abroad, to pursue their passion in the right field and under the able guidance and care of a well-established university or a college.