Jaya Mishra


Driving on the Passion of Dedicated Excellence

Many academicians in the higher education sector have claimed that it is still a male-dominated sector at the top, despite having a women-friendly image. Though there are a large number of women in the education sector as a whole, they represent an extremely low share in terms of leadership roles. Despite these disappointing stats, women such as Jaya Mishra, who take immense responsibility to guide and direct today’s students towards achieving their academic goals and objectives, come as a welcome hope as women education leaders who possess a supportive attitude and fight for equal rights and opportunities.

An individual who has fought against all the odds to achieve what she always wanted to, Jaya Mishra is proud that her hard work, sincerity, dedication and karma, along with the immense support from all her near and dear ones has been the driving force of her life. Also, with a clear vision of providing all-round education to students, so that they go ahead with their lives as capable professionals the society needs, Jaya Mishra operates as the President of Shri Gangajali Education Society (SGES). SGES being that entity which through its proficiency and excellence in higher education for over 22 years, hosts leaders from across industries, academia and business, Ms. Mishra adds a star to the already existing lineup. She is also actively involved in promoting research work and patenting by bridging the gap between engineering, medical, pharmacy and management as she is heading all such institutions, under the SGES banner.

Staying in-sync with the changing market trends and demands, Ms. Mishra is a strong believer of risk-taking. Adding to this very point, she stated – “We encourage our students to develop a passion for learning and push them to be ready to take risks in life no matter how difficult the situation may be”. Continuing further, she added – “Remember, the future belongs to risk takers, not comfort seekers, and most importantly our life improves only if we take chances, and as it is said – ‘If opportunities don’t knock, build a door’”.

Towards educational enrichment
An out of the box thinker, Ms. Mishra motivates everyone she knows, to view their respective lives with a lens of future possibilities. Always ensuring this in every endeavor carried out at SGES, all its students are pushed towards accepting challenges that would empower them further to achieve unparalleled goals. Being always present as a go-to guide for all, she provides a sense of direction and guides decision making, whenever required. Moreover, with an aim of providing a healthy environment in the tech campus, she is the reason a cordial relationship exists between the students and the administration, where in, a proper vent was established under her leadership, where students can come up and discuss their issues freely.

Year after year, making sure the bars and standards are raised at SGES, Ms. Jaya Mishra participates wholeheartedly in consultation sessions with other university groups, planning well in-advance the future development of the universities. Apart from this, SGES is establishing a centralized system for advancement, and development for the students, and the institute has also introduced teaching and learning initiatives through Innovative Infrastructure and Technology. Time to time feedback is taken from all stakeholders, and Ms. Mishra is elated to announce that a Business Incubation Unit in association with MSME and E-cell has been set up on the campus, to promote entrepreneurial activities. Additionally, she also strives hard to create good connections with companies for better placement opportunities, and apart from student’s enhancement, she works rigorously to provide opportunities of growth to existing faculty members by introducing faculty friendly policies.

Having learnt well-beyond how to cope with the current pandemic crisis, Ms. Mishra describes that the span between 2020 and 2021 have indeed been challenging on both personal as well as professional fronts. Taking this as the “new normal”, she in association with the other management members of SGES have worked on various platforms to overcome this pandemic situation and give opportunities to the young generation. The institute also promoted e-learning initiatives and helped in creating an e-learning environment through proper set ups. Mental illness too was given equal importance at SGES, and Ms. Mishra arranged counseling sessions for students, which were really helpful, as the students were able to get over their psychological pressures, anxiety, boredom and other health related issues.

All in all, serving mankind as a renowned leader of a noble profession, she exclaims that it has been quite a journey so far, seeing 1000s of young women graduating every year and carving a niche for themselves and becoming independent. She also shares that experiences have strongly made her believe in destiny and karma, and at times the road of life takes an unexpected turn and you have no choice but to follow it to end up in a place you are supposed to be.

Adding a humble note to all our readers, and those young women who dream of making it big in their respective careers, Ms. Jaya Mishra, sums up by stating – My message to every woman who is still in the stage where she’s figuring things out is that…dream with ambition. Be fearless. Set a precedent in your life of who you’re going to have in your circle whether it’s your friends or the people you work with, make sure you are surrounded with people that are inspiring to you that work hard and have the same standard of goals as you. Spend your time, energy, and every fiber of your being into the work that you’re passionate about and you will be unstoppable. Do remember that difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.