JEE Main 2022 From June 20


The national level engineering entrance exam – JEE Main – is scheduled to begin from June 20. With less than 30 days left for the exam, here is a look at the most critical topics which students need to prepare to ensure a high score in the exam.

Students by now, need to prepare a realistic timetable as per the time available and remove all distractions from their day to day life to and make a habit of studying every day at the same time. While studying, students need to make notes while. this will lessen the time during revision.

With limited time available, students need to keep revising what they are studying, side by side. By now, students need to start with practice tests and analysis their mistake after every test.

Important Chapters include –

— Mechanics

— Fluids

— Heat & Thermodynamics

— Waves and Sound

— Capacitors & Electrostatics

— Magnetics

— Electromagnetic Induction

— Optics

— Modern Physics.

Students need to make sure that their concepts are clear in each topic. Solving problems will help you develop concept clarity and improve your confidence level in this subject.

In Physics, solve a problem, then re-create the problem, re-solve it, change it again, re-solve it again. You will start to notice patterns and you start asking more complicated questions and will be able to answer those. You repeat until you have a conceptual, quantitative and an intuitive understanding of what’s going on. The more you practice Physics and analyse your mistakes, the better for you.