Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous – A Place of Transformation


The emerging economy of our country currently demands a set of leaders and innovators who can successfully put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the real world. Standing strong on the philosophy of making education accessible to all, the need of the hour are such hubs that can welcome students wholeheartedly and provide them with an integrated learning environment where learning happens through doing. Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous is one such renowned B-school, which through its endeavors is enabling students to be ready for the corporate world by equipping them with skills to respond smartly to real business scenarios. This has led the institution to where it now stands – an institute of advantage.

Operating as a go-to abode of growth and development of many young minds, JNC can be counted among India’s most reputed colleges. Located in one of the most happening areas of Bengaluru, the MBA programme at JNC is a combination of holistic learning tailormade to meet the requirements of the industry. “Encouraging and inculcating team-based management philosophies and strong social consciousness in our students to nurture successful members of the business world is our goal”, shares Dr Sr Lalitha Thomas, the principal of the college. A highlight of the institution is the Social Immersion programme at JNC – students have to complete the mandatory 30 hours of outreach work during the course of their study. The main objective of the programme is to enable students to identify issues of social concern in society and to work toward its resolution or alleviation.

JNC is home to students from various backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Maintaining a balance of academic rigor, skills, adaptability and hands-on experience, the MBA programme offers dual specialization – students can choose between Human Resource, Marketing and Finance. During the programme, students are taught the following: nuances of business, to go beyond the classroom, to participate in various activities that simulate and develop real world skills by taking them out of their comfort zones. JNC’s autonomous status bestows it with the freedom to calculate what exactly is needed and to cater the curriculum and pedagogy accordingly. The students have the flexibility to choose from various electives taught by faculty who become mentors cum gurus to them. The institution’s industry focused academics has enhanced its brand value.

Shaping all-rounded managers
“By creating unmatched opportunities for seamless development of the students and letting them become practical leaders, our emphasis is on an ecosystem perfectly synchronized with 21st-century teaching-learning needs”, added the principal while explaining how up-to-date infrastructure and committed teaching staff have strengthened the all-rounded success rate. JNC prioritises the admission of students from different parts of the country to maintain diversity on campus to encourage flexibility, cooperation and compassion in students. Adding to her above statement, Dr. Sr. Lalitha Thomas stated – “We are in sync with the practices and philosophies of foreign universities, and accordingly frame our syllabus”. The MBA programme has an X-Culture platform , an online virtual learning program to learn international business practices. At present, 59 MBA students of JNC can be counted amongst the 6000 learners from across the globe. Additionally, international trips enhance course work thereby enriching the students’ learning experience.

Always striving to stay ahead of its peers, entrepreneurship is an area of thrust at JNC. Understanding the need to provide a launch pad for young innovative minds to test their ideas, JNC works closely with students providing them with incubation cells, where they can finetune and develop their ideas. “We feel proud to mention that a handful of JNC alumni have launched and are successfully running their start-ups “, shares Dr. Sr. Lalitha Thomas.

The impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure – wifi-enabled classrooms and the latest ICT-facilities, enabled continued learning despite the global pandemic. The use of latest accounting softwares such as Tally & Python, E-learning software such as Zoom, Gmeet, Teams and the hard work and dedication of the faculty and the management ensured uninterrupted learning even in face of repeated lockdowns. At present, JNC with the consent of parents and students follow a hybrid model of teaching-learning. Committed to promoting inclusive education for women, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous extends financial assistance to deserving and needy students in the form of loans, scholarships, and fee waivers. Focused on the guidelines issued by NEP 2020, JNC has become a place for multidisciplinary learning.

Dr Sr Lalitha Thomas – Principal
A pillar of positivity and strength for the students and staff of the institution, Sr. Lalitha is an able leader, and inspires those around her to better themselves. Under her guidance the college continues to ensure the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young women from across the country and other parts of the world. Before taking over as the Principal in 2021, she was the Director of the postgraduate courses. Under her visionary leadership, the number of postgraduate courses increased to 6: MA English (since 1991), MCA, MBA, MCom (Financial Analysis), MSc (Organic Chemistry) and M.Voc (Banking and Finance. Known for her simplicity and storytelling skills, Dr. Sr. Lalitha Thomas has always preferred to take the humanitarian approach. She works tirelessly for the upliftment of women and to bring the best of opportunities for the students. Someone who believes in leading by example, Dr. Sr. Lalitha has pioneered many projects for many fringe groups of our society.