K.R. Mangalam Global School Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi


K.R. Mangalam Global School Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a well-known global system of international education offering four challenging educational programmes that develop creativity and critical thinking. This programme has well-defined standards which enables its students to engage and network with people around the globe. K.R. Mangalam Global School has been a stepping stone since 2020 as an IB Continuum school offering all the four authorized programmes.

K.R. Mangalam Global School rewires the young budding minds to understand and accept diverse individuals and their perceptions. Their mission is to develop confidence and inculcate their students with a compassion beyond one’s immediate surroundings through its programs. It aims to make a lasting positive difference that uplifts the whole community. This vision-led school with its first-class education equips globally responsible citizens with strong values. “Our philosophy is explicitly and clearly articulated to align with IB’s mission and values to reflect our deepened commitment to it” shares ecstatically – SUMAN SHARMA, Founder Principal.

Dynamics of Academics

K.R. Mangalam Global School is committed to upholding the value of academic integrity and condemns any malpractice. It aims to inspire their students to create original pieces and also respect the work of others. They encourage students to reflect on their learning process and guide them in all aspects helping them complete their tasks in an academically honest manner.

“Our Academic Honesty policy is designed to foster individual proficiency in making knowledge, understanding and thinking transparent for all students” stated Suman Sharma.

The Academic Team

K.R. Mangalam Global School’s phenomenal faculty embrace their roles instilling their students with skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. Each programme i.e., PYP, MYP, DP and CP is overseen specifically by coordinators who have specialised in their area of interest. They generate passion and help students identify their hidden talents encouraging them to be their individual self coupled with social responsibility.

Globally Connected

The school welcomes students from various states across the country and from the international community. It has solidified its establishment by identifying the diversity in language, culture and proceeds to offer students a platform for equal learning and effective communication by choosing English as their medium  of instruction in all mainstreams.

The teachers at K.R. Mangalam Global School encourage the new learners of the language by simplifying it using adaptive technology, audio books, print media, visual aids, graphical representations and demonstrations for  understanding. It also has an English as second language (ESL) Department where the students are assessed and tested each term and a report is made on their linguistic competence to understand their academic and social progress before being released from the ESL Programme to continue with the regular English Language Programme.

Special Education Programme

“At our institution, we have a team of licensed occupational therapists and special educators who provide individual services to differently abled children” shared the school principal. Special education programme is provided with the necessary support and resources to ensure that all students reach their full potential. The Counselors and Occupational Therapists meticulously prepare and implement individualized education plans (IEPs) that ensure that each child receives the assistance needed, both academically and emotionally. It also helps improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills which encourages their participation in school activities to achieve academic success.

Assessment – Learning Process and Extracurriculars

The academic year at K.R. Mangalam Global School is typically divided into two semesters during which the assessment cycles are continuous that help teachers figure out a student’s individual progress to prepare a proper study plan for their further development. Through our conversation with Suman Sharma, Founder Principal, we also got to know that their system provides learners, parents and educators with meaningful, valid feedback that helps learners identify the different needs required to recognize growth and achievement. Their five essential IB elements of assessment are knowledge, concepts, skills, learner profile and action. In continuation to our conversation, she adds “Some of these are done collaboratively where students act as active participants in the learning process, demonstrating their understanding through reflection with inclusion of peers and self-assessment where


The school develops collaborative and teamwork skills by allowing their learners to explore themselves outside classrooms in activities that interest them. Their enrichment programs give students the opportunity to develop their vital future skills and some of them were shared by the school principal.

At K.R. Mangalam Global School, a comprehensive range of programs is offered to ensure students receive a well-rounded education. The Sports Education Program encompasses a variety of sports such as football, basketball, lawn tennis, swimming, squash, shooting, golf, archery, taekwondo, table tennis, badminton, and gymnastics. In addition to sports, the Design and Visual Arts program introduces students to drawing, crafts, painting, sculpture, printmaking, 3D printing, design thinking, and digital literacy. The school also emphasizes on Performing Arts, which includes speech, drama, music, and dance. Furthermore, K.R. Mangalam Global School places great importance on community service as a core aspect of their student enrichment initiative. Students from Nursery to Grade XII engage in a variety of voluntary work  under the guidance of their mentors.

Suman Sharma – Founder Principal

Suman Sharma is an experienced founder of K.R. Mangalam Global School with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. She specializes in Coaching, Educational Consulting, Curriculum Designing and Mapping, Educational Technology, Strategic planning and Business Strategy. She also has hands-on experience as an IB & CBSE Educator.