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Kanakia International School

India is rapidly witnessing the emergence of an ‘IB league’, even in the absence of Ivy League institutions. The rise of international schools can be attributed to the belief that they foster creativity and independent thinking, which are deemed vital traits for success in an interconnected world. Notably, the demographic makeup of “international” students has undergone a transformation. Initially, such schools primarily enrolled children from expatriate families, affluent backgrounds, and multinational executives. However, there has been a notable shift as even middle-class families are now opting to send their children to these institutions. In addition, while numerous IB schools have emerged throughout the country, only a select few truly meet the expectations set. Among them, Kanakia International School has established itself as a distinguished brand that stands out from its competitors.

Kanakia International School, affiliated with RBK Educational Institutions, commenced its journey in 2007 with a sincere objective of delivering top-notch education to young students. “Catering to learners from Pre-K to K12, our school is tailored to accommodate individual abilities and focuses on nurturing essential academic and personal skills”, shared – Ms. Shuchi Shukla, the Principal of Kanakia International School. “As an IB Continuum World School, we provide an extensive range of educational opportunities, ensuring access to a world-class education”, she added to her above statement.

Unique Features of Kanakia International School’s Academic Programme

Kanakia International School stands out with its exceptional academic programme, offering a range of unique features that set it apart from other schools in the vicinity. As the only IB World School in the area, it offers all three IB programmes, including PYP, MYP, and DP. Notably, it provides Year 4 and 5 MYP students the choice between IGCSE examination or MYP e-assessment, a distinctive option not commonly found elsewhere.

The school boasts a well-resourced and maintained facility, featuring a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi-enabled campus spread across 3.56 acres. Additionally, it offers extensive sports arenas, a rare feature in a bustling city like Mumbai.

With a predominantly Indian student and teacher population, Kanakia International School embraces diversity, welcoming students from various regions of the country with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. While the majority are Indian citizens, there are also students and staff from countries such as Germany, Kenya, UK, USA, and the Middle East, enriching the school’s multicultural environment.

The school’s moderate fees make the IB programme more accessible to the community, ensuring a wider reach. Moreover, an extensive scholarship programme is available for existing MYP Year 5 students and meritorious students joining the IBDP at the school.

Kanakia International School offers holistic education, catering to students from Playgroup to Grade 12. It places great emphasis on specialized training in sports, games, and co-curricular activities, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

To facilitate effective communication, the school provides an array of e-communication and reporting systems, including E-Campus, a mobile app, Managebac, E-Hub, PYP Class Live Streaming, and live events on websites for parents, ensuring seamless parent-school interaction.

Engaging Learning Initiatives

Kanakia International School is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment, evident through its mission since its inception. With a team of experienced IB RBKIA staff representing diverse nationalities, the school ensures a rich and global perspective. Teachers undergo continuous professional development, participating in in-school, online, and face-to-face workshops both locally and internationally, further enhancing their expertise in IB programmes.

The school places great importance on career counseling, offering intensive guidance to students. Additionally, it has implemented a comprehensive Action/Service as Action/Creativity Activity Service program, encouraging students to actively engage in community service and creative pursuits. Remarkably, Kanakia International School participated in the Climate Action Project and received recognition as one of the top 2% of schools winning excellence awards.

To support student development, a Student Mentoring Programme has been initiated, providing valuable guidance and support. The school also offers an Internship and Experiential Opportunities Programme exclusively for Grade 9 to DP2 students, allowing them to gain real-world experience.

Emphasizing close supervision and personalized attention, the school assigns two Home Room Teachers per class across all grade levels. This ensures a nurturing environment and tailored support for students’ individual needs. With small cohorts in each class, the school prioritizes personalized attention, further enhancing the learning experience.

Kanakia International School adopts an all-inclusive approach to focus on the development of Approaches to Learning (ATL) at the student, educator, and system levels. This holistic approach underscores the importance of developing essential skills that transcend academic subjects.

In collaboration with Eduboard Consulting Private Ltd., the school’s career counselor conducts career counseling sessions, providing comprehensive support to students in exploring their future paths.

Empowering Experiences

Kanakia International School offers a wide array of enriching programs aimed at empowering students with holistic education. These include participation in the IAYP (International Award for Young People) Programme, a robust STREAM curriculum fostering design thinking and robotics classes, and immersive experiences exploring topics beyond the curriculum such as Vanishing Cultures, Social Entrepreneurship, and Indian History. The school also provides a diverse range of activity clubs, sports training, after-school programs, and reading initiatives like Raz Kids. Further enhancing multiculturalism and multilingualism, Mother Tongue clubs and memberships in esteemed institutions such as The National Children’s Library, The National Children’s Digital Library, and the British Council library provide digital resources for contextual learning. Collaborations with Callido Learning and participation in the Global Schools Programme further amplify communication, thinking, research skills, and engagement in local and global projects. Moreover, Kanakia International School goes beyond academics by introducing innovative programs like Master Talks, Glocal Project, Horticulture, Internship programs, and university placements, providing students with real-world interactions and invaluable experiences.

Redefining Industry-Academia Connections

The institution works in conjunction with CIALFO and Eduabroad Educational Consultancy to offer thorough career counseling services. In order to guarantee that students have access to top-notch design education, the school also collaborates with Nuvu Design Studios from Oxford, USA for its Stream Programme. Another dependable partner, Fable Street, contributes knowledge to the Dramatics Program. In addition, the school has partnered with Classcipe Auckland, a New Zealand-based Edtech business that specializes in online teacher training and carefully chosen teaching tools.

Creating Socially-Responsible Individuals

Service and Action play a vital role as a culmination of each unit taught in class, emphasizing intercultural understanding, multilingualism, and global awareness — the three pillars of International Mindedness. As part of the UN Global Schools Programme, the school actively engages in collaborative projects with students worldwide to promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and foster cross-cultural understanding. Additionally, the school implements anti-bullying campaigns, facilitates Social Emotional Learning discussions, and conducts various activities to promote a compassionate and inclusive school community.

Going Down the Line

When we asked the Principal – Ms. Shuchi Shukla to elaborate on the plans of the school going down the line, she shared – “The future goals of the school are to continue to provide the best infrastructure and resources that support the holistic development of students and help them to develop into global citizens who excel in academics”. “Along with developing a lifelong love for learning and also developing into compassionate human beings who do their best to look for solutions for the complex issues that the world faces”, she concluded.

Ms. Shuchi Shukla – Principal

The principal of Kanakia International School, Ms. Shuchi Shukla, is a passionate and committed teacher with a remarkable 26 years of experience in the industry. She actively gives her expertise to schools and educational institutions all over the world as a respected member of the IB Educator Network, seizing the chance to have a significant influence on education in the world.