In today’s time, a preschool is expected to provide a safe and nurturing environment where young children can learn and develop important social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. Preschools are expected to offer age-appropriate curriculum and activities that promote creativity, curiosity, and a love of learning. They are also expected to prioritize the health and well-being of children and staff by implementing appropriate health and safety measures. Thereby, fulfilling all the above prerequisites, and progressing on a journey to empower children with all abilities to create a more vibrant and energized world leading them to be happy life-long learners, Kara4Kids stands out as a premium preschool brand. 

Kara4Kids is dedicated to establishing a nurturing and imaginative setting for every child to prepare them for academic readiness and success in the future. The school encourages a cooperative and inquisitive play-centered method to cultivate children’s abilities, enabling them to construct their own understanding and get them ready for the world outside. 

The curriculum is focused on a learning process that emphasizes the importance of cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor development. Kara4Kids believes in integrating these domains to encourage knowledge, attitude, and appreciation, and to help children develop skills and values through play-based learning and collaboration. “We believe that inspiration is a two-fold process, where both adults and children play a role in stimulating and motivating thinking and establishing a cooperative philosophy”, shares Prachi Mehrotra, the Executive Director. Continuing on her above statement, she adds – “As an independent organization, Kara’s curriculum has been designed to prepare our children for entrance into various boards within India and the world”.

An Environment of Inclusivity

At Kara4Kids, the management believes that children learn best when they are in an organic and nurturing environment. As a result, all their classrooms have large windows that allow natural light and fresh air to flood the rooms, and the furniture is designed to be child-friendly. The walls are adorned with children’s work, and the outdoor areas are embellished with natural flora and fauna, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. The play areas are designed to provide each child with a developmentally appropriate playing experience, with both cozy indoor and outdoor spaces. Kara4Kids offers state-of-the-art facilities, including a 4,500 square feet play area, rock climbing, jungle gym, indoor track for tricycles, bikes, and cars, and an international sand pit. At Kara4Kids emotional safety is just as important as the physical environment, which is why the emotional environment is safe, nurturing, and focuses on building relationships. The staff provides tender love and care, creating a supportive atmosphere where children can thrive.

Having branches across Bangalore, for several years, the premium preschools run by Kara4Kids have been nurturing and shaping the hearts and minds of young children. Kara4Kids also offers Infant & toddler care, after school care, emergency daycare, in turn, creating an environment that stimulates learning and reflection. Moreover, Kara believes in creating a porous environment that brings together special-needs and mainstream children to live, learn, and play together. “We believe in providing a natural, inclusive, and holistic environment where all children, including those requiring differential education and learning support, can learn and grow”, shared – Prachi Mehrotra. Also, the Preschool offers a Mother-Toddler, understanding that the first time is a special moment for both mommies and their little ones. That’s why Kara aims to make it memorable with their fun and engaging activities.

Overcoming the Pandemic Phase

During the pandemic, Kara adapted to the situation in Bangalore by going online first and supporting through their online digital platform and in-house app, which allowed sharing of assignments and pictures of children doing activities at home. However, they were cautious about exposing small children to too much digital technology and aimed for balance. When restrictions in Bangalore eased but schools were still not allowed to open, Kara created a social bubble of learning by sending a team of educators and support staff to societies or parents’ homes to provide preschool education in safe premises. This was well-received by parents who wanted their children to be engaged for a particular time. Kara currently has a hybrid plan in place to provide emergency childcare services for mothers who work from home but need to go to the office for certain times a week. Parents can use the daycare services on an ad hoc basis and pay per day, and Kara provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks made from scratch, including organic ketchup.

Even prior to the pandemic, at Kara parents were always actively involved in the whole student development process. From letting parents to monitor their child’s learning curve, parents get to see what their children are doing in school. And then, there are parent-teacher meetings that happen on a regular basis where teachers update parents on their child’s progress and parents can give feedback as well. Kara also has a parent engagement program where parents are invited to come and share their experiences and skills with the children. For example, a parent who is a doctor may come in and talk about health and hygiene, or a parent who is an artist may come in and do an art activity with the children. So, it’s a very collaborative process where parents are actively involved in their child’s learning and development.

Lastly, It’s great to hear that health and hygiene is given utmost importance at Kara, especially because Kara caters to young children starting from 6 months old. It’s reassuring to know that there is an onboard nurse at every center to ensure the safety of infants and toddlers, along with daycare teachers. It’s also impressive that Kara is ISO certified for health and safety and has the British Council certificate for COVID. With CCTV camera footage everywhere, Kara is redefining safety across all the necessary measures to provide a safe and secure environment for the children at Kara. 

Prachi Mehrotra – Executive Director

Women entrepreneurs are making a significant impact across various industries worldwide, driven by their hard work and exceptional talents. In the field of early education, Prachi Mehrotra, the Executive Director at Kara4Kids and the Director at NestaVera Group of Companies, is a visionary leader who is transforming the industry. Prachi’s educational journey began at a boarding school in Mussoorie before she moved to the UK to pursue a degree in Management studies at the University of Nottingham. She returned to India to complete her MBA in Finance & Marketing, where she gained valuable experience, exposure, and learning opportunities that taught her the art of adapting to different scenarios related to education, demographics, and cultures. In her role as an Executive Director, Prachi is committed to developing a culture of trust and transparency in the workplace, which fosters an efficient, effective, productive, and valuable organization.