Karnataka cancels SSLC and PUC supplementary exams, introduces 3-yearly exam system


The Karnataka government has announced the cancellation of the SSLC and PUC Supplementary Examinations, starting from the academic year 2023–2024. Under the new exam schedule, students will now take three annual tests.

The decision to cancel the supplementary exams was taken to reduce the stress associated with exams. The previous system allowed students to take a supplementary exam if they failed in the main exam. However, the new system will allow students to retain their best scores from all three assessments. This will give them more opportunities to excel academically.

The three annual tests will be administered by the Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board (KSEAB). The board will set the standards for the new system and ensure that the content and level of difficulty are consistent across all tests.

Students will also have the option to select the subject with the highest score among the marks they receive in these three attempts. This will give them more control over their academic performance.

In addition, students who enrol in their next academic course after the first month has passed will be required to take a bridge course. These bridge courses will be offered either at the Pre-University College (PUC) level or at degree-granting colleges. The purpose of these courses is to help students make a smooth transition to higher education.

The cancellation of the SSLC and PUC Supplementary Examinations is a significant reform in Karnataka’s educational system. It is hoped that this will reduce the stress associated with exams and give students more opportunities to succeed.