Karnataka govt will close schools again if situation arises


The Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister B C Nagesh has mentioned that amid the rising number of Covid-19 cases among the students of various schools and colleges, the government will not backtrack from stopping the examinations and shutting schools if the situation arises. However, he added that the experts believed that there was no problem in holding regular offline classes.

He added that the government is and was closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation. The government will make alternative arrangements with a view to avoiding any problems.

The Minister asked people not to panic as it will impact the academic activities of children. “There is no need for people to panic because this year we started regular schools after a year of lockdown. If schools are shut again, then it will be difficult to bring back children to classes,” Nagesh said.

However, the minister has assured parents that the education department will take stringent measures in case it is felt that the Covid-19 situation is going to impact children’s health. The statement came amid rising coronavirus cases emerging among students. A large number of students and staff of a medical college in Hubballi-Dharwad tested positive for Covid-19.