KIIT School of Fashion Technology


KIIT School of Fashion Technology

Once upon a time, a magical shift was happening in the vivid country of India, where colors danced and traditions entwined: the rise of Fashion Design and Technology courses! A tornado of inventiveness rocked the country as fashionistas and tech aficionados came together, ushering in a new era of stylish innovation. One organization, KIIT School of Fashion Technology, stood out as a brilliant star in the midst of this alluring wave. With its enchanted curriculum, integration of art and technology, and faculty of fashion wizards, KIIT’s fashion kingdom rose to the top as a symbol of excellence, enchantment to aspiring fashion designers and enchantment to the fashion world!

Founded by the esteemed educationist and social activist Prof. Achyuta Samanta, KIIT School of Fashion Technology has emerged as a highly sought-after institution for professional education in India. This prestigious university has earned its place among the top 16 universities in the country, according to the NIRF India Rankings 2023, catering to approximately 35,000 students from diverse backgrounds, including 1,800 international students representing 65 countries.

In response to the growing demand for a premier fashion school in eastern India, KIIT established the School of Fashion Technology (KSOFT) in the academic session of 2009-10. KSOFT aims to nurture exceptional professionals who can leave an indelible mark in the thriving fashion retail and manufacturing sectors. The school offers comprehensive courses that blend theoretical knowledge with rigorous practical training, field visits, market research documentation, industry internships, and portfolio development opportunities.

Dedicated to excellence, KIIT School of Fashion Technology (KSOFT) provides top-tier education, nurtures creative exposure, cultivates conceptualization skills, imparts technical expertise, and creates a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere. This commitment to delivering exceptional education is a testament to KSOFT’s role in shaping outstanding graduates in the fields of fashion and textile design. With an unwavering dedication to producing exceptional talents, KIIT School of Fashion Technology shines as a beacon of promise and opportunity in the realm of fashion education.

Leading this charge was Professor Himanshu Sekhar Khatua, the founding CEO and later Director General until 2022, who seamlessly transitioned into the role of Director at SRFTI. His relentless dedication played a pivotal role in propelling the School of Fashion Technology to national prominence. Guided by his adept leadership, the faculty, comprising both industry veterans and academic experts, enthusiastically devotes itself to nurturing the inherent creative aptitudes of each student. This collective effort fosters a culture of artistic distinction and professionalism, encapsulating KSOFT’s commitment to excellence.

A World of Colors

The institute presents two prominent academic programs: Bachelor of Fashion Design and Bachelor of Textile Design, both spanning a duration of 4 years. The Bachelor of Fashion Design program delves into the art of crafting personalized apparel and lifestyle accessories, offering promising career paths in the glamorous industry. Upon successful completion, students can embark on diverse professions, including fashion designing, freelance consulting, fashion styling, merchandising, trend forecasting, and entrepreneurship.

In contrast, the Bachelor of Textile Design program opens up vast opportunities within the textile industry, both in government and private sectors. Graduates can explore careers as fabric managers, fashion consultants, merchandisers, entrepreneurs, and technical garment designers. Moreover, Textile Designers can lend their expertise to various domains, designing clothing, accessories, fabrics for furniture, and even contributing to printed paper-based materials in prominent paper-based companies.

KSOFT takes great care to align its curriculum with the dynamic and ever-changing trends of the world outside. Each year, an annual Board of Studies meeting is held to meticulously review and update the curriculum and course content. This esteemed board comprises industry experts and professionals who offer valuable recommendations based on the latest industry trends and requirements. Additionally, to foster a direct connection with the ever-evolving industry, KSOFT provides internship programs, enabling students to stay abreast of the latest updates, products, services, client demands, and market trends. Ms. Gipsita Nayak, Deputy Director, enthusiastically shared this aspect of the institute’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Redefining Institutional Excellence

At KSOFT, an integral part of the globally acclaimed multidisciplinary KIIT University, our students benefit from exposure to world-class facilities and professional practices. It’s worth noting that our sister institute, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), offers a nurturing home to 30,000 tribal students, supporting their educational journey from kindergarten to postgraduate studies, completely free of cost. As part of their education at KISS, vocational training holds immense importance, and our students actively collaborate with the tribal students of KISS to design and create innovative and sustainable handicraft products, as shared by Ms. Gipsita Nayak.

To further foster creative and innovative skill development, KSOFT organizes numerous practical-based workshops every year. Our institute takes great pride in its specialized laboratories, including the Computer-Aided Design Lab, Dyeing & Printing Lab, Embroidery Lab, Garment Construction Lab, Pattern Making Lab, Textile Weaving Lab, and Textile Testing Lab, providing invaluable hands-on experience to our students. With these abundant resources and collaborative opportunities, KSOFT is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded professionals, fully prepared for the global stage.

Also, by combining several components to foster a creative and inventive atmosphere for its pupils, KSOFT promotes diversity of thought, in turn encouraging research and experimentation, and fostering a supportive and open-minded environment, while stimulating curiosity.

KSOFT organizes activities like “Kritantuja” on National Handloom Day, which includes a special exhibition showing the textile and fashion items made by its students. This occasion features a handicraft and loom product development competition that draws participation from several design schools. Additionally, the institute hosts the Annual Graduate Fashion Show, or “Kirti Kalpana,” where its students’ original and unique design collections are displayed. As jury members for this event, renowned industry experts are invited, and the students are regularly encouraged to participate in numerous fashion events across the nation, which actively promotes their work.

The institution also actively promotes students to venture beyond academic pursuits and unveil their diverse latent abilities on both national and international stages. Notably, Ms. Revati Mohanty, a fifth-semester student, achieved remarkable recognition, clinching the titles of Miss Global Asia Pacific 2023 and Tiara Miss India 2021 for her role as an Environmental Ambassador, in addition to Tiara’s Best National Costumes 2021. Similarly, Ms. Trishna Ray, hailing from the second semester, secured honors as Miss Teen Diva 2022 and Miss Teen Universe India 2023. These instances highlight the School’s commitment to showcasing students’ multifaceted talents beyond the classroom setting.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship

The School of Fashion Technology benefits from a setting that encourages entrepreneurship and startup professions among its students thanks to the assistance of KIIT University. The KIIT-Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI) is open to students and provides useful tools and financial options for anyone interested in starting their own businesses. The KIIT-TBI offers support for business project planning, including the creation and filing of reports.

Surprisingly, many KSOFT Institute graduates have proceeded into prosperous entrepreneurial jobs, particularly within women’s design and niche product selling. These resourceful students have seen considerable progress and accomplishment in their individual endeavors.

Ms. Gipsita Nayak – Deputy Director

Ms. Nayak, a distinguished graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, has made significant contributions to the world of fashion and design. In September 2017, she achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first Odiya designer to showcase Odisha Handlooms in western formals at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week. Her innovative approach received widespread appreciation from fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Prior to her groundbreaking showcase, Ms. Nayak held the position of Senior Executive Director of Show Production at Plitzs Fashion Marketing in New York. Her role involved overseeing and coordinating fashion shows, collaborating with talented professionals from diverse backgrounds.

As a Dale Carnegie New York certified leadership coach, Ms. Nayak’s impeccable leadership & management credentials, along with her unique vision for blending cultural elements with contemporary fashion, have earned her recognition and respect within the industry. Additionally, Ms. Nayak boasts an impressive background as a prominent backstage stylist for the New York Fashion Week, working with renowned brands and Hollywood celebrities.