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Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies – Changing the Future

Every institute has a story to tell, and the curiosity to hear the story reaches its peak when we know that the beginning of the tale dates back to 2 decades ago, when the renowned Kirloskar Group laid the founding stones of Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies. Strategically placed in a scenic backdrop of the banks of the river Tungabhadra, and in close proximity to major industrial towns, under the abled leadership of illustrious and renowned industrialist – Mr. Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar, KIAMS started on its journey of educating at the round. 

Guaranteeing a higher career path for all its students and helping them be better equipped in this ever-demanding world, KIAMS envisions giving back to society, capable management professionals cum all-rounders. Offering a fully residential campus, which hosts a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, along with 4-year “Industry Integrated BBA and B. Com in Business Analytics” programs, KIAMS is equipped to serve with confidence, well in-sync with all the guidelines and norms laid down by NEP 2020. 

All thanks to KIAMS being an integral part of the K-Group, KIAMS has an Industry Coordinator Committee (ICC), which consists of members drawn from different companies as well as academics. The ICC guides changes that are necessary to make the curriculum industry-oriented. Besides inviting practicing managers to share experiences with students, the ICC also ensures regular events like seminars, workshops, and panel discussions, keeping students abreast of the latest developments and practices in the industry. Also, considering the importance of business intelligence in today’s world, every course, pedagogy, and curriculum at the management institute is curated in such a way that it caters to the right minds of today and helps them intensively grow as tech-friendly management professionals. 

A world of learners by learners

Being one of the leading organizations offering substance-rich programs, an honest effort is put in by the management and the onboard staff to offer a quality growth opportunity to every one of its students, irrespective of the backgrounds they come from. Taking it up a notch, competency plays an important role at KIAMS, wherein, every student’s competency level is measured, and accordingly, the learning methodology and the level of personal attention needed is managed. Also, acting as gurus instead of just teachers, well-trained and experienced professionals operate as the faculty members of KIAMS adapt collaborative teaching methodologies, coupled with Game Theory and many other today’s technologies and methods. 

Continuing on the path of redefining educational excellence, KIAMS continued with its regular operations even during the lockdown periods, as the management institute was already well-equipped with the latest ICT tools needed for a complete blended learning setup. Also, with KIAMS signing deals of trust, knowledge transfer, and long bonds with many top universities across the globe, such as Claremont France University, Skyline University, UCMAS, and Davinci University, the long list of associations keep adding at KIAMS, year after year. 

Talking to us about how KIAMS is a complete management institute of today, Dr. Biplab Kumar Biswal, the Director of the institute took us on a virtual tour of the institute, and gave us clear insights into the operations of the institute, facilitating easy learning curves for all. Thus, when asked about how equipped are the faculty members to face change, anytime and anywhere, he stated – “Our faculty members actively keep doing courses, along with attending FDP programs, case writing workshops, and have a strong analytics knowledge and expertise, which is a must today”. Moreover, when we asked him about the placements during the ongoing pandemic, he replied – “Perhaps during the pandemic, we did better”. Continuing on this very point, he elaborated saying – “After having moved to the virtual platform, post pandemic we have completed 2-placement seasons, and the average salary of our students have moved from 6 LPA to 8 LPA, where 40% of our students get hired by the Big 4”.

Also, choosing only the best of students to be a part of the institute, and not going beyond the 120 mark, personalized training and upskilling happen effortlessly at KIAMS. The already well-equipped infrastructure with all the necessary new-age tech, classrooms were converted into mini-studios, allowing all the students to access the cloud facility present, such that, no individual misses out on learning or outside the classroom activities. 

Aiming to enhance the quality of graduates with the help of managerial skills that aid them in embracing the role of ‘Business Leaders’ in various fields, every step taken at KIAMS is in the pursuit of giving back to society. Initiatives like the ‘Student Enhancement Plan’, where the whole institute works towards strengthening the fundamentals needed for a manager to flourish in his/her corporate workplace is a living proof that a complete student-centric atmosphere exists on the campus of KIAMS. Lastly, via the various study loan options and scholarship opportunities for all, and theIndustry 4.0 la set up in association with the C4i4 lab which is one of the four centres set up under the Samarth Udyog Initiative by the Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India, KIAMS has become an hotspot of industrial projects/internships, where students are going beyond their comfort zones, and actively participating in disruptive innovation and also holding awareness workshops for industry professionals and faculty members. Also, SUMAN – (Sustainable Universal Manufacturing Augmented Node) – Center of excellence for disruptive innovation is engaged in promoting Industry 4.0 lab and Incubation centre along with providing training and consulting in areas of technology disruption, Digital transformation and is working on getting International collaborations, focused towards staying ahead of its peers – as a go-to premier management institute. 

Dr. Biplab Kumar Biswal, Director

A man of knowledge and great vigour, Dr Biplab has many degrees and a PhD honour credited to his name. With over 23 years of experience in both academics and corporate, he has held top positions in many top-brands, throughout his professional career. Believing thoroughly in the fact that management is a dynamic field, and requires individuals to stay up to date with the current trends and demands, he boosts everyone on campus towards a success filled life, filled with achievements and laurels, pushing each and everyone to outperform on a daily basis.

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