Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies – Imparting the Practical Value of Knowledge


Post the dawn of the pandemic on our lives, the world learnt to adapt to the new trend and in turn, got used to processing and converting data of any sort into knowledge and insights. Consequently, due to the outbreak, the demand for trained and abled individuals is at an all-time high, resulting in students looking for growth beyond normal. Thereby, looking out for courses and colleges, which challenge them in every aspect of their development. Industries such as financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, oil, gas and so on, currently offer employment scopes like never before. Coincidentally most of the bulk job requirements target the stream of management, showing the world that, the requirement of generalists is always much more than that of specialists, disregarding the circumstance or the scenario around.

One such institute which strives on similar lines, catering to the right students, letting them acquire knowledge and expertise via their various courses and curriculum offered, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies, thus prepares students for the generation of business intelligence. Set up in the year 1991 by the Kirloskar Group, the campus is placed in a scenic backdrop of the banks of the river Tungabhadra. Situated ideally in Harihara – Karnataka, close to major industrial towns, the illustrious and renowned industrialist Mr Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar laid the founding stones of the institute.

Advancement towards Achievement
A vital part of the Kirloskar Group, KIAMS is a haven in the making for all budding management aspirants. Hosting just one 2-year full-time PGDM Program, and since 30 years of inception, containing the student strength to just 120, KIAMS tries its best to offer a quality learning experience to all its students, irrespective of the backgrounds they come from. Focusing on quality, not quantity, the college boasts of an excellent reputation in terms of campus placements. Furthermore, its association with Kirloskar Group, allows students to benefit majorly by getting privileges to be the first ones to apply for the 1000s of job requirements, which the Kirloskar Group of Companies has to offer.

Every student’s competence levels are mapped and accordingly, the learning methodology is altered. In addition, an effective mentor-mentee relationship exists on campus, facilitating students to get the best out of their gurus in terms of professional and personal development. Being home to a residential setup, the mentor-mentee relationship on campus goes beyond the conventional classroom timings, and thus, learning happens without any time limitations. This also results in students finding their role-models in their very own teachers, working together to keep up the brand-value of the Kirloskar Group intact.

“Empaneled with top corporates of India, our students find the transition phase from being students to tomorrow’s leaders quite easy”, stated Dr Biplab Kumar Biswal, the Director of KIAMS during a brief conversation we had with him, talking about the working ethos present on campus.

Shaping Lives
Marking its position as one of the leading management institutes of the country, industry-specific training is nurtured at KIAMS. Approaching teaching with a very multicultural and multi-disciplinary approach, the primary objective of the institute is to build futures. Also, thanks to the impressive industry-academia connect existing on campus, students are treated with guest lectures and classes from top-employees of top corporates, in turn, giving them the real-world view of corporate life, ahead of them. Talking to us about the exceptional methods of teaching imparted at KIAMS, Dr Biplab stated – “We train students according to their abilities to adapt”. He added to his earlier statement, by saying – “We believe in the concept of apples for apples, and oranges for oranges”, where he gave a clear picture of how students at KIAMS are trained according to their respective expertise, in the pursuit of becoming abled managers.

Taking crisis situations like the current pandemic in a stride, KIAMS was already well-equipped with all the necessary ICT-enabled apparatus, where classrooms were converted into mini-studios. Endorsing a complete hybrid-model of teaching/learning, KIAMS may be perhaps the only teaching-facility where regular classes went on even during the pandemic, while the whole country is still struggling to get back to normalcy. For students who are unable to attend classes, KIAMS has made the cloud facility available to all, so that no student misses out on learning.

Focusing beyond the conventional boundaries of the classroom, the institute motivates all its students to have a well-rounded educational and personal growth. From giving them classes in business etiquettes to knowledge component writing classes, students are the centre of attention literally every minute they spend during their 2-year stay on the KIAMS campus. Lastly, being a hub of unparalleled growth, students turn into abled leaders, with the right amount of societal values, and the clear ability to respect Mother Earth and all its creations.

Dr Biplab Kumar Biswal, Director
A man of knowledge and great vigour, Dr Biplab has many degrees and a PhD honour credited to his name. With over 23 years of experience in both academics and corporate, he has held top positions in many top-brands, throughout his professional career. Believing thoroughly in the fact that management is a dynamic field, and requires individuals to stay up to date with the current trends and demands, he boosts everyone on campus towards a success filled life, filled with achievements and laurels, pushing each and every one to outperform on a daily basis.