KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru – Educating towards Empowerment


India has been a country with a glorious past in various disciplines of knowledge which includes Pharmaceutical Sciences. The concept of Pharmacy evolved and was practised in ancient India. Ayurveda (Science of Life) and Siddha originated in India, and since then sources of drugs were herbs and animals. The year 1899 saw the dawn of modern Pharmaceutical Education. It was in this year that the modern pharmacy institutions commenced functioning for the training of pharmacists.

As the subject was comparatively new and still evolving, and due to the framework of pharmacy education followed, pharmacy colleges produced outdated and unskilled pharmacy professionals, and unfortunately, this trend continued until the late 2000s. Coming as a ray of hope to budding pharmacy aspirants, and in turn creating a second wave of institution building and of excellence in the field of pharmacy education, KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru was established in the year 1976.

Being an institute, whose development was based on the knowledge-oriented paradigm, and with an aim to create ethical, morally responsible and technically competent Pharmacists, KLE Society’s able leadership lead to KLE College of Pharmacy becoming the first private institution in Bengaluru, offering a professional course in pharmacy. The courses started with, Diploma in Pharmacy followed by B. Pharm (1992), M. Pharm (2003), Ph. D Programmes (2005), and eventually Pharm. D (2014).

Disseminating Professional Knowledge through Commitment
A major constituent of KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research (KAHER) Belagavi since the year 2009-2010, KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru is a haven for exceptional pharmacy learning. Having a spacious well-equipped building with all the latest amenities at the offering, the students at the college savour every amenity made available to them. The curriculum is followed at the institute is Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and AICTE approved. In addition, the UG program is accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation), AICTE, New Delhi and Re-Accredited by NAAC “A” grade by UGC, up to January 2021. Moreover, all the constituent Pharmacy colleges of KLE University have attained a NIRF Ranking with 100.

The requirement of a pharmacy graduate of today is to have empathy and love towards one’s life, and this aspect of respecting and serving humanity is thoroughly imbibed in the curriculum followed at the institute. Students are carefully moulded into compassionate citizens with high ethical and moral values, with the help of the training given by the esteemed faculty at KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru. The faculty members consist of a group of well-trained, experienced, humane individuals, who have equal experience in academics and on-field. A high-quality educational experience is imparted to the students studying at the institute, preparing the next generation of skilled and ethical professionals, ready to take up their positions in this diverse world market.

All the necessary Information and Communication Technologies are made available at KLE, enabling the students to stay ever-ready to meet the technology-driven global needs and the ever-changing dynamic market trends. The faculty members play a significant part in student and the institute building at KLE, inculcating various innovative practices to improve student learning. “The faculty at the institute base their teaching on interactive-learning methods, projects, experimental learning, models and so on, boosting practical knowledge among the students to bring about innovations in teaching and learning”, stated Dr Raman Dang, the principal at the institute, talking in detail about how teachers at KLE help in building pharmacists of tomorrow.

Marching towards Excellence
Progressing each day towards providing students with an atmosphere to nourish his/her internal skills and qualities, equal opportunity of free-thinking is provided to every student at the institute. In a society where most of our students are lacking an initial pull, teachers, and the management at KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru acts as springboards to propel students into the sky of learning and excellence.

Pharmacists being the 3rd largest healthcare professional group in the world, pharmacy education and practice have a significant impact on the health improvements of a nation. Moreover, considering the current pandemic crisis the world is facing, the students at KLE are trained to combat such scenarios with effectiveness and empathy. And thus, “all the course curriculum at KLE is drafted by experts, in turn, facilitating learning of highest quality, creating pharmacy experts of tomorrow”, concluded the principal, talking about the teaching-learning routine followed at KLE.

KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru has also turned out to be a centre of research and collaboration over a period. With a well-equipped central research facility, all the practical learning/teaching needs of the faculty and the students are well-attended. The institute houses a state-of-the-art pilot plant, BSRC, and a sophisticated Analytical laboratory with the best of pharma equipment available to mankind. Keeping in mind the literary side of learning, a digital library is available to all, catering to the requirements of students for learning beyond textbooks.

Rising above the normal in the field of pharmacy resulted in KLE College being recognized by reputed universities and pharma industries to have active collaborations, considering the expertise of the faculty and the exceptional facilities available. So far, the college has signed 9 international and 24 national MOUs with various national and international institutions and organizations, thus living up to their motto of ‘In the spirit of cooperation, we encourage the sharing of knowledge, best practice, research and news.’

Dr Raman Dang, Principal
A self-driven, a goal-oriented, and an immense team-person, Dr Raman Dang is a man of great knowledge and experience. An excellent academic, Dr Raman has numerous awards and recognitions credited to his name, from winning Gold Medal for Topping in Karnataka State for the Award of Diploma of Pharmacy to winning an Eminent teacher award during 21st APTI Annual National Convention, no achievement seems impossible to him. Having a solid 27-years of teaching, administrative, and research experience, Dr Raman Dang heads the KLE College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru as the principal, guiding every student towards the path of excellence and success. All in all, Dr Dang is Truly a man of the Profession, heading National Teachers Association APTI as the Secretary, he contributes on all fronts effectively.