Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School – Transforming Lives


Living in a time where today’s Parents are better informed regarding the school curriculum than parents of the previous generations. Parents want their child’s education and personality development to be rewarding. With the most amount of options available for the parents to select from, schools and education societies give it their best in providing world-class education, resulting in a neck-to-neck competition of sorts, making it difficult for parents to choose the best school for their ward. There are the state, central and international boards of education that are equally challenging and universal adept, hence parents are engaged in a rigorous search for a school offering a syllabus, which encourages practical application of theoretical knowledge, and a syllabus that helps children understand concepts with better clarity. Going ahead with an endeavor of building a school that gives students the best schooling experience facilitated with all the amenities a top-notch school could offer, Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School (KPCVS) came into existence.

Situated in the heart of the city of Chennai, Tamilnadu, KPCVS operates under the reputed Vallabhacharya Vidya Sabha. Striving towards becoming a school of excellence, which imparts the most holistic, value-based, quality education, KPCVS is an ISO-certified institution, which consists of an enviable infrastructure with the latest world-class amenities. Also, promoting an all-rounded learning arc for all students on campus, both scholastic and non-scholastic fields are given equal importance, helping each individual bring laurel to the school and himself/herself, with the immense support and cooperation from the school management.

Serving as the real backbones of the school, the onboard teachers act as mentors to the students, thereby, resulting in strong mentor-mentee relationships on campus. Also, encouraging students to make wise decisions, teachers guide students on all walks of life, helping them transition from school to their respective careers effortlessly. Moreover, considering the current times of the pandemic and high uncertainty revolving around us, the teachers work as consultants, counselors, and cheerleaders, being active listeners and motivating students to be comfortable even outside their zones of comfort.

A complete learning experience

Believing in the fact that every child is unique and different, just like the uniqueness in the fingerprints of every person, KPCVS is a complete hub of inclusivity, with a student-centered atmosphere, felt across the corners of the school. Imparting an educational journey filled with equal opportunities for all, the students at KPCVS learn in ways most comfortable to them, making them build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. The school also puts in its best towards maintaining growth throughout their schooling years, enabling them to be a better version of themselves, and as individuals excelling in the fields of academics and other co-curricular/extra-curricular activities.

Staying well in sync with industry/market demands, and emphasizing practical learning and knowledge, confidence is instilled in every student, building trust and making students become independent thinkers and doers. By promoting experiential learning, self-learning is encouraged, making students get familiar with tools and equipment required in their journey towards overall growth. Clearly moving away from Chalk and Talk method, and bringing a positive change to the classroom, student participation, and involvement is the main goal of the school, in pursuit of providing a perfect ambiance for wholesome learning.

Furthermore, adapting to the new norm and taking the whole pandemic crisis in a stride, blended learning has been implemented for classes I-V, utilizing learning via resources such as video modules, worksheets, assignments, small projects, and online tests. Also, with the help of the EBIX online tool, this alternative for online teaching is less taxing and more enjoyable for the students. Additionally, the school has adopted Hybrid learning for classes X & XII, following a model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home. “This is a comprehensive approach to combining the best parts of face-to-face and online learning to create an idle learning environment”, stated – Shri. L. Neelakanta Pillai, the Director of the school.

Creating dynamic individuals

Having the best of world-class amenities and infrastructure at every student’s disposal, students are encouraged to take part in community activities, skill development programs, awakened citizenship programs, art integrated education, design thinking, and artificial intelligence. Also, with a Leader in Me program, personal development, emotional health, and well-being of students are monitored and boosted on a large scale. “Shri Vallabh Cultural Academy promotes and nurtures Indian art and culture and also provides more opportunities to develop their innate talents”, added Shri. L. Neelakanta Pillai, talking about the importance of co-curricular activities at KPCVS, and how school strives to make their students expert all-rounders. Via the conversation we also learned that – The Shri Vallabh Cultural Academy of the school conducts classes for the following disciplines – Vocal, Dance, Guitar, Violin, Veena, Mridangam, Tabla, Flute, Yoga and the Key Board, inciting strong love for Indian traditions and staying well-connected with the culture.

Finally, striving relentlessly towards becoming a school, which takes all its stakeholders along with it, towards growth and development, initiatives such as the PTA Executive council, parent advisory council (PAC), SMC Council, are a big step towards active participation. Also, with regular PTA Meetings and Through Parent Involvement Cell, teachers and parents share the responsibility to teach the students and work together to achieve educational goals, converting today’s students into confident leaders of tomorrow.