Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School


In today’s rapidly changing world, schools are expected to provide more than just basic education to students. In addition to academic knowledge, schools are also responsible for developing students’ social and emotional skills, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate a complex and interconnected society. Moreover, schools are increasingly being called upon to address critical issues such as diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability. To meet these growing demands, schools such as Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School (KPCVSSS) are coming up, embracing innovative teaching methods and technologies, cultivating a culture of lifelong learning.

Located in the heart of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School is a highly regarded institution that was founded in 1972 by Vallabahcharya Vidya Sabha. As a prestigious CBSE School of Excellence, it provides comprehensive, value-based education of the highest quality. The institution boasts an impressive infrastructure, featuring modern digital classrooms and sophisticated laboratories. Over the past five decades, the school has produced well-rounded individuals who are a source of pride for both the institution and the nation. The students have excelled in both academic and non-academic pursuits, and have brought numerous accolades to the school, including in the field of sports. With the support and cooperation of the management, director, and principal, the school is committed to achieving even greater heights in the future.

A Place to Grow, a Place to Learn

The school is committed to providing a nurturing and conducive environment for holistic learning, which is reflected in its spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, fully-equipped labs, well-stocked library, modern smart boards, and comfortable furniture. It also offers a convenient and comfortable ‘get well’ room and top-notch sports facilities to encourage students to lead a healthy lifestyle. The aim of the school is to produce well-rounded individuals who can become leaders of tomorrow. To achieve this goal, the school management provides immense support and cooperation to help each student bring pride and glory to the school and themselves.

Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School employs a range of innovative and effective teaching methods that cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of students. These methods include project-based learning, cooperative learning, learning through games, and problem-based learning. The latter involves starting with a question and acquiring knowledge, which leads to even more questions in a growing cycle of complexity. The school also places a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, as well as competency-based learning and the integration of arts into the curriculum. To enhance learning, teachers use a range of tools and resources, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, and real-life situations. Experiential learning and personal development are also key components of the school’s teaching approach, helping to ensure that students are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Kola Perumal also offers a range of programs, including the ‘Leader in Me’ initiative. This is a comprehensive process that aims to enhance the personal growth, emotional well-being, and overall development of students from grades 1 to 5 and 9. As a result of this effort put in, the School has recently been acknowledged as one of the ‘Leadership schools’ on December 4th, 2022, by Franklin Covey International Education and Live Life Education Pvt. Ltd. during the ‘Leader in Me Connect 2022’ event held at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Chennai.

Teachers play a crucial role in guiding and supporting students throughout their academic journey. As mentors, they encourage students to make wise choices, facilitate their transition from school to career, and serve as consultants, counselors, and cheerleaders. They also help students step outside of their comfort zones and provide a safe and supportive environment for them to learn and grow. Teachers listen to their students’ needs, aspirations, and goals and work closely with them to help them achieve their objectives. By fostering positive relationships with their students and serving as role models, teachers inspire and motivate them to reach their full potential. 

Tomorrow-focused Hub of Inclusivity

Laying equal emphasis on practical knowledge, in turn imparting confidence in students, at KPCVSSS, it is made sure that through practical learning students learn teamwork, cooperation, and become caring and empathetic individuals. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in a diverse range of activities at the school, including community service, skill development programs, and art-integrated education. The school’s curriculum also incorporates design thinking, artificial intelligence, and the Awakened Citizenship Program (ACP), a unique initiative that helps students realize their full potential and intrinsic greatness. The ACP equips students with the necessary tools to tackle real-life problems and make informed decisions. The Heritage Club familiarizes students with the rich cultural heritage of India through quizzes, debates, and guest lectures, while the Shri Vallabh Cultural Academy promotes Indian art and culture and offers classes in vocal music, dance, guitar, violin, veena, mridangam, tabla, flute, yoga, and keyboard. These activities help impress upon young minds the significance of India’s heritage, values, virtues, art, and culture.

In order to foster skill development among students in grades 6 to 8, the school has implemented a program called ‘Skillful Saturday’. These days are designated as ‘bagless’ and provide students with instruction in 24 diverse skills that contribute to their overall development. Some of the skills covered on Skillful Saturdays include Basic Stitches Group I, Basic Stitches Group II, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Fire-Free Cooking, Movie Making, Kollam Designing, Clay Work, Folder Making, Movies, Lettering, and Music.

Considering the pandemic phase at KPCVSSS education has shifted from offline to online, with virtual classrooms becoming the new normal. The students were introduced to online learning through platforms such as Zoom and G-suite, which are used for daily virtual classes, exams, webinars, assessment of listening and reading skills, internal competitions, and PTA meetings. Google Forms is used for feedback purposes, assessments, project submissions, and worksheets. CBSE has introduced the Diksha App for sharing content material, and OLabs are used for practical purposes for standard XII to prepare for practical exams. The school has also introduced the Fliplearn module to enrich concepts in an attractive manner for all classes, and the My Pat online assessment tool, enabled by artificial intelligence, to sharpen skills in assertion, reasoning, and case-based study questions to prepare students confidently for competitive exams.

It is essential for all students to gain exposure to the world of work, particularly with respect to future work opportunities, well before they complete their education. Thus, collaborating with industry and the community to ensure that children and young people are better prepared for their future work and personal lives. The exposure given at Kola Perumal enables students to build employability skills and develop capabilities such as problem-solving, collaboration, and resilience, which are highly valued, preparing them to outperform be it on personal or professional fronts.