KSLU asks law students promoted earlier to appear for previous semester exams.


Karnataka State Law University, KSLU has informed in an official notice that the intermediate semester students who were earlier promoted to the next semester without exams would now have to appear for the previous semester exams. The students were earlier promoted due to a pandemic outbreak.

As per the notice, “the promotion of students to next semester is only for sake of admissions,” it said in an official statement. The exams would be scheduled after the reopening of the colleges.
The students in the intermediate semesters were previously promoted to the next year.

The end semester exams were held only for the final year students due to the pandemic. This led to a “misunderstanding and confusion among the intermediate semester law students that there would be no exam,” as per the official notice.

As per Bar Council’s earlier notice, “all students, except Final year students, will be promoted on the basis of performance of previous year’s marks and marks obtained in the internal examination of the current year.

However, it is clarified that after reopening of the colleges/Universities, the Universities shall conduct the end semester examination with respect to the year from which they have been promoted, within a reasonable period of time, though, such promoted students shall continue to study in the year to which they have been promoted, and in case, they are unable to pass/clear any such paper of such end semester exam of the year from which they have been promoted, they shall have to clear the same before they are granted the degree.”