Kukadi Valley Public School & Jr.College


Knowledge is inherent in every man’s soul”, quoted Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji himself lived a life of simplicity and worked towards reforming the Indian society and the education system in our country. Through his teachings, we learned that the teacher invokes the spirit of inquiry in the pupil, who is supposed to find out things for himself under the bias-free guidance of the teachers. He also made us realize that, for the proper growth of the child, the environment at home and the school play a major role. The parents, as well as the teachers, should work together to inspire the child by the way they live their lives. Living up to Swamiji’s ideals and in the pursuit of enriching student’s moral values, the Swami Vivekananda Bahiddeshiya Samajik Sanstha’s Kukadi Valley  Public School & Jr. College, Yedgaon is founded by Mr.Sunil Thorve Sir.

The school strives hard towards nurturing a child’s physical, mental as well as emotional character. Good quality education is disseminated to each and every student at the school, keeping all the differences aside. With well-qualified professionals leading the faculty at the school, the teaching is student-oriented, ensuring both the students from the remote rural areas get an equal understanding of the curriculum and various subjects taught at the school.

Moulding Students into Responsible Citizens

Honing active minds among children and sub-adults, Kukadi Valley Public School & Jr. College was established on 27 June 2006 in Yedgaon, Pune. Growing from holding classes only in Jr. KG up till conducting classes of grade 12, Kukadi Valley Public School has come a long way. The school has developed and grown manifold at a very rapid pace. One of the biggest achievements of the school is becoming the examination center of the AISSE exam for class 10 and AISSCE for Class 12.

Audio Visual Learning is favored at the school, promoting inclusions of digital smart classes for each and every classroom. KVPS is CBSE affiliated and necessary reference materials curated by experts are provided to all the students for various subjects taught at the school, in order to make their learning easy. A formative assessment system is followed at the school, in the form of half-yearly assessments, quarterly assessments, and annual examinations.

The students at KVPS are pushed towards building a strong inner character, in turn, strengthening their mind, body, and soul. The school aims towards expanding the intellect of the students so that they can stand on their own feet, and can become strong individuals working towards building a strong, and powerful nation.

A Place for All-Round Development

Apart from being a place for excellent academics, KVPS is also a place for the overall holistic development of students. The school organizes sports day each annual year giving a platform for students to showcase their extra-curricular brilliance. Home to qualified PE Teachers, the school houses facilities for various sports activities like Volleyball, Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Shot-Put, and many of such indoor and outdoor activities. Due to the immense efforts put in by the management towards promoting sports, the children at KVPS have brought great laurels to the school by winning State-level and National-level competitions in various categories of sports.

Abacus classes are held at the school regularly, enabling Mathematical enhancement of the sharp minds studying at the school. The school also has a library, which is flooded with all kinds of books. And, at the time of the library period, students read various books including comic books, autobiographies, fiction novels. The school also is home to well-equipped Science lab and Computer Labs, which act as a practical enhancement to the positive learning curve of children studying at Kukadi Valley.

Giving wings to talented youngsters of tomorrow, the school conducts music periods, where they are given training in Harmonium or Tabla by trained experts. Dance periods are encouraged to unleash the inner Jacksons and Govindas of the next-gen. The concerned art teachers are a boon to the students, teaching them the right form of art and the right way of showcasing their hidden talents. Value education contest is held at KVPS with interest, where students are trained towards coping with various morals and values, via the right guidance of the holy Hindu scripture, The Bhagavad Gita.

Learning at KVPS is filled with fun and excitement. To keep the students and the teachers alike happy and content with the whole schooling experience KVPS has to offer, the school arranges at least 2 excursions every year. All the academic-related ailments are dealt with on high-priority, keeping both the pillars of the foundation which is KVPS, the parents and the teachers aligned and in good condition. Open houses are an invitation and opportunity for collaborations between the parents and the teachers for keeping a track of the development and progress of their wards.

 Future at KVPS

Going down the road, KVPS aims at becoming a school that is a place that produces responsible citizens of a better tomorrow, with great moral values and good character imbibed in them. The alumni of the school pursuing education in well-reputed colleges across India and some of them holding high posts in top companies across the world is perhaps a moment of pride and achievement for KVPS. Following the footsteps of the great reformer and leader, Swami Vivekananda, the school, and the management strive towards living up to his ways of life and adapting the reforms he dreamt of, in the education system of the school, under the able leadership of a very enthusiastic and industrious leader Mrs. P. Menon.