Kukadi Valley Public School


2022 has provided a window of opportunities to go through transformational changes in the schooling system. It has also reinforced the truth that the role of a ‘teacher’ is crucial for the system to succeed. Embracing technology, schools have been using strategies to help children become independent learners, with teachers graduating to the role of facilitators rather than instruction givers. Thereby, operating on the lines of driving innovation-filled teaching/learning to new heights, Kukadi Valley Public School has gradually become that school, which combines classroom-based and experiential learning to provide a continuum of educational experiences that help define a learning path for students.

Established in 2006, Kukadi Valley Public School lies in the lap of Nature with the sole purpose of nurturing tomorrow’s future, located in the vicinity of the scenic – Kukadi Dam. Living up to Swamiji’s ideals and in the pursuit of enriching student’s moral values, the Swami Vivekananda Bahiddeshiya Samajik Sanstha founded the Kukadi Valley Public School & Jr. College, Yedgaon. Hosting classes from Kindergarten to Class XII, the school conducts NEET-JEE classes every year for class XII as foundation classes for VIII to X students. Using technology as the key feature so that children will learn things whole-heartedly, the School strives hard to get the proper impetus in building students’ lives.

Striving hard towards nurturing a child’s physical, mental as well as emotional character, quality education is disseminated to each and every student at the school, keeping all the differences aside. With well-qualified professionals leading the faculty at the school, the teaching is student-oriented, ensuring both the students from the remote rural areas get an equal understanding of the curriculum and various subjects taught at the school. Hands-on learning is the latest form of education in which children learn by doing. Students in Kukadi Valley Public School (KVPS) always engage with the subject matter to create something or solve a problem. Due to hands-on learning. Our students love learning and perform better academically.

A Place for All-Round Development

Despite the global pandemic of COVID-19 wreaking chaos, our School arranged online classes everyday, and the learning process was ceaseless”, shares – Priya Menon, the Principal of the School. Continuing on her above point and elaborating on how the pandemic phase was handled the Principal added – “Students were given various periodic tests, assignments as well as class tests, and teachers had applied various methods in the classes such as questionnaire, discussion as well as explanatory lessons, and everyone worked hard to get proper education for the students during the pandemic”.

Apart from being a place for excellent academics, KVPS is also a place for the overall holistic development of students. The school organizes sports day each annual year giving a platform for students to showcase their extra-curricular brilliance. Also being a home to qualified PE Teachers, the school houses facilities for various sports activities like Volleyball, Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Shot-Put, and many of such indoor and outdoor activities. Due to the immense efforts put in by the management towards promoting sports, the children at KVPS have brought great laurels to the school by winning State-level and National-level competitions in various categories of sports.

KVPS is proud of its onboard faculty members, who are epicenters of knowledge. Working together like the Army, the School is a hub of Unity among teachers, thus, handling every herculean task becomes easy. Also totally emancipated from political disparities, teachers take efforts in solving each and every child’s problems. They conduct micro-teaching where they can give a lot of focus on weak children as well as emphasize grammar classes. As a result of the hard work put in, the School has been endowed with various awards and recognition and has proven itself as the number one school in the  Junnar Tehsil as well as Pune District.

Learning at KVPS is filled with fun and excitement. To keep the students and the teachers alike happy and content with the whole schooling experience KVPS has to offer, the school arranges at least 2 excursions every year. All the academic-related ailments are dealt with on high-priority, keeping both the pillars of the foundation which is KVPS, the parents and the teachers aligned and in good condition. Open houses are an invitation and opportunity for collaborations between the parents and the teachers for keeping a track of the development and progress of their wards.

Towards a Better Tomorrow

KVPS is totally well equipped when it comes to NEP 2020. Because of the emphasis laid on the usage of mother tongue Marathi up to class 9 as the medium of instruction, all the students are learning 3 languages: English, Hindi as well as Marathi. KVPS is also following different stages given by NEP 2020, such as ages 3 to 8 (Foundational stage) for Sr KG, Jr KG, Class 1, Class 2 (play based activity), along with Preparatory Stage Courses for Ages 8 to 11 and the classes 3 to 5 (Focus on language development and numeracy skills. Activity based learning is promoted on a large scale at KVPS. Additionally, the NEP 2020 has encouraged all the teachers at KVPS to use a bilingual approach, and adapt conceptual teaching/learning towards understanding as well as integration of essential subjects or skills.

The main foresight of the school is to progress not only as a hub of learning but also a place of all-rounded activities, and to lay equal focus on nurturing all the students equally. Lastly, summarizing the whole writeup Priya Menon, the Principal shared – “Our school will surely strategize clear measurable outcomes by which we will measure the success of every child, and we are going  to give more focus on hands-on learning, in turn, becoming a completely flexible learning venue”.