Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Creating a New Breed of Physical Education Experts


Among all the developing fields of educational study as well as professions, Physical Education has always been left out, in turn often getting neglected in terms of the importance being given to including it as a vital part of the education system. In short, Physical Education is that field where knowledge and study of all body activities and psychomotor activities are imparted, putting a heavy focus on recognizing physical education as a solution to falling global health.

Moreover, with the dawn of pandemic on all our lives, people have limited themselves to unhealthy ways of living, which clearly needs to be addressed and catered to. Often the least famous among other fields of education, the field of Physical Education has always suffered due to less-qualified faculty members and their outdated ways of teaching. Considering the current need for trained and abled sports experts, the dedication and hard work being put in towards creating Physical Education Professionals of tomorrow, the methodologies being followed must be changed, thereby, renovating the way of teaching/learning being carried out.

One such exemplary place of physical education, which works relentlessly towards giving back to society, clearly aiming towards providing an excellent environment for the upliftment of Physical Education – Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, comes as a ray of hope, even during these uncertain times of the pandemic. Named after the valiant, patriotic and illustrious heroine of the First War of Independence – Rani Lakshmibai, the college strives on her principles in pursuit of preparing highly competent and skilled leaders in the field of physical education and sports. Started in the year 1985, under the auspices of the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports (Ministry of HRD, GOI), LNCPE has come a long way since then. From laying the foundation of brilliant physical teaching/learning to making Research & Innovation a topmost priority, LNCPE knows the importance of sports and fitness, and is out there, to exponentially expand this field each passing day.

Preaching technical, professional & academic prowess

A model institute for strong student-teacher bonds, teachers play a vital role in the development of students at LNCPE. Having achieved many milestones, all thanks to the band of teachers, quality teaching and research are preached, by adapting to the new age & innovative approaches to teaching/learning. Acting as the academic wing of Sports Authority of India since 1987, LNCPE carries a strong responsibility on its shoulders, new institutional approaches are encouraged through and through, in turn, broadening skillsets and experiences of everyone present on campus.

Built on a picturesque 50-acre campus, facilitated with the best playfields, training halls, swimming pool, hostels and administrative building, even during the COVID-lockdown, online training programs helped everyone stay motivated and well in sync with the market and industry demands and trends.

In addition to be a Physical Education teacher training college in India, LNCPE also houses the National Center of Excellence, Trivandrum. The college also has a Khelo India Nodal Center inside the campus. “Our campus is a perfect blend of sports and Physical Education and this makes us Unique”, stated Dr G Kishore, the principal of LNCPE, talking to us about the whole experience which is LNCPE. Through a small opportunity of getting to talk to the principal, we tried our best to address all the relevant questions of today’s time and quite calm in his response, Dr Kishore answered them with ease. He added to his earlier statement by saying – “Our students, in addition to being taught by best of the faculties in the country, are provided with an opportunity to interact, observe and analyse the performance of sportsmen of national and international repute.”, where he gave us an inside view of the operation of LNCPE and how students are pushed towards becoming all-rounded individuals/professionals.

Furthermore, to achieve a vision of making a positive impact on the sports community, LNCPE promotes research, deeper into the critical issues affecting sport today and, in the future, placing scholarly research at the core of nearly everything we do. In addition to BPEd (2 Years), MPE, M.Phil (Physical Education), PhD (Physical Education) the PE-college also offers Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Fitness (1 Year Duration). Taking it up a notch, and as a constituent college of the Sports Authority of India, LNCPE also offers coaching diploma in (Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing).

A hub for real-life connections

Most of the faculty members being PhD holders themselves, various expertise such as on field research and teaching experience, is passed on to the students effortlessly. Carrying forward a strong sense of team spirit, faculty members play a pivotal role in the upbringing of students, which is a major strength factor of the college.

Operating on a complete student-centred approach of teaching/learning process, theoretical aspects and practical aspects are equally emphasized on, giving priority to the student autonomy in deciding subjects, research topics, area of specializations. The management and the faculty members work together with students, helping them set their life goals, and guide them accordingly.

Lastly, being affiliated to the University of Kerala, the college is governed directly by the SAI, and thus, has all its facilities, infrastructure & expert manpower, providing services to the interested and scholarly students and professional enthusiasts. Besides academic courses, the college has become a haven for unique training schemes in many disciplines. All in all, being a centre where Intervarsity, National and International Athletes come out, LNCPE is perhaps the most sought after place for Physical Education, and by the look of it, will continue to hold its title and reputation, working towards a better future, one student at a time.

Dr G Kishore, Principal

A native of Pandalam, Kerala, Dr Kishore did his Post-graduation, M.Phil and PhD in Physical Education in LNUPE, Gwalior.  Subsequently, he joined Sports Authority of India in 1986, and since then, he has served the Government of Kerala as Additional Director and Director of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Kerala and Secretary, Kerala Sports Council in different tenures on deputation from SAI. Dr Kishore also served as the Director (Pers.), SAI Head Office, NSEC, Calcutta and NSSC, Bangalore. Dr G. Kishore assumed charge as Principal, SAI, LNCPE, Trivandrum in 2010. Lastly, a recipient of several recognitions and awards, Dr Kishore has travelled to many countries in the world on international assignments, and thus, brings all his experience on to the table to LNCPE, motivating every individual present on the campus towards a success filled future ahead of them.