Lincoln University California


As we all know, the US has more than 5,300 leading institutions along with 2,000+ other institutions awarding bachelor’s degrees across multiple streams and course structures. While there are several educational institutions in the US promising effective educational curves for all its students, only a few hubs such as Lincoln University (LU), California are progressing in the direction of providing an educational setting where they can foster quality education, year after year.

Lincoln University is a private, non-profit educational institution located in Oakland California. It was founded by Dr. Benjamin Lickey in 1919 in San Francisco. Keeping with its century old history, Lincoln University remains dedicated to its mission of providing traditional university education, where it closely follows the demands of the modern economy, while remaining uniquely affordable. 

By selecting Lincoln University, students are choosing an education that will make possible a life full of opportunities and will give the students skills to gain greater control over their own destinies”, shared Dr. Mikhail Brodsky, the President, in an open message to all the future students of Lincoln University. Talking about the courses offered at Lincoln he added – “Each program within the university is designed to ensure that all of the acquired knowledge and skills will be valuable to its graduates, providing a solid practical foundation for the student’s future”. 

Lincoln Advantages

  • Proud of its onboard faculty members, LU California houses only experienced personnel who possess wealth of industry, scholarly and education. 
  • The small class environment and a friendly ethos of LU is savored by all the students, and is facilitated by friendly staff and faculty members.
  • One of the most transparent and affordable private higher education institutions in the Bay Area, LU allows easy transfer of qualifying credits from previously attended institutions.
  • Letting students enroll in classes of their choice, LU’s flexible course progressions allows students to alter their study requirements, as and when they need. 
  • The majority of Lincoln University students find their first employment within 3 months of their graduation. 

Towards Academic Success

Accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), the Business Studies Unit at Lincoln University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). Furthermore, Lincoln University is authorized under Federal law to enroll non immigrant students, and has full rights to provide limited cost-of-attendance financial aid scholarships for students with the greatest financial need. Also, at LU, the primary task is to teach students not only concepts but also the process of discovery, analysis, and successful application. And, all the programs encompass theories blended with real-life applications, striving on their philosophy that preaches – partnership, accountability, compassion, excellence, effectiveness, inclusiveness.

Courses Offered

Low student-faculty ratio, and an access to a large pool of qualified tutors, allow students to receive the support they need to achieve academic excellence. And, this is the reason LU can offer varied courses under one umbrella and yet succeed to deliver only the best. The courses offered by LU are B.A in Business Administration, MBA, M.S in International Business, B.Sc in Diagnostic Imaging, Doctor of Business Administration, M.S in Finance Management and 2 non-credit courses in the fields of Intensive Academic English Preparation and an Executive MBA course. 

Facilities Galore

Housing Complex of Lincoln UniversityProud of its state-of-the-art infrastructure, all of the latest amenities and facilities needed by a student of today’s time are made available. Lincoln University also offers housing to their student population. Students will share the dwelling in a dormitory -style living situation. Currently, LU is offering this housing in the Alameda area. This is approximately a 10-15 minute bus-ride to Lincoln University.  Apartments come fully furnished, and include utilities, high speed Internet, and access to the amenities within Summer House Apartments such as the swimming pool and fitness center. Lincoln University is an institution with many international students and thus, it values multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance. Therefore LU is trying to mix students of various backgrounds, but preserve the traditional separation of gender.

Student Support Services & Beyond

At LU, students get individual help in career exploration, advise and critique on resumes, cover letters, and assistance in determining job objectives. Extra-curricular events are designed to provide students with an opportunity to expand their horizons outside the classroom, socialize with fellow students, and establish a long-lasting network of contacts that will be adding value to students’ lives long after graduation.

Furthermore, apart from just Academic events that LU believes emphasizes the development of students’ knowledge and expertise, the University organizes lectures on various specialized and general interest topics to support the academic curriculum and give students an opportunity to expand their horizons. Additionally, Social events help to expand the students’ network of contacts and allow them to experience the rich culture of the San Francisco Bay Area. From the annual trip to Lake Tahoe and graduation cruise around the Bay, to Lincoln Olympics and tours of San Francisco, social events bring students and faculty together offering a friendly environment to exchange ideas and perspectives, thus, enabling an ethos where everyone can breathe, learn and grow freely, irrespective of race, ethnicity or cultural background. 

Sports at Lincoln

Basketball team of Lincoln University
Newly founded Athletic Department offers students an opportunity to pursue athletic goals and participate in inter-college sport activities. Lincoln University provides an outlet for future athletes to compete and earn a college education. 

Also, Lincoln University’s 2022 Football Schedule is unique. The Oaklanders will square off against a variety of teams from different divisions. From NAIA, to Division II, to games against Division I opponents under the bright lights with the country watching, the Oaklanders are taking on all comers.