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Today’s alluring corporate world demands individuals who are skilled in various technologies, applications, and processes. Thereby, employees are a literal key to the treasure, wherein the employers utilize the talent of their employees, in turn, gaining insights to their business, based on data and statistics in the process of driving their businesses effortlessly. However, the only course which addresses all these points, and brings out the best analytical mindset – MBA, is a literal boon in disguise for students who are looking forward to a dreamy, yet challenging career ahead of them. Imparting students with the right amount of management knowledge, filled with lessons in analytical thinking, MBA is a course for students who are well prepared for today, in and in the process of preparing for tomorrow.

Furthermore, with the students of today looking for institutions which help them intersect their personal skill development, with communication, analytical thinking and creativity, top b-schools of the country are prepping towards welcoming the new-gen of managers and leaders. One such institution which works rigorously instilling a strong sense of thinking bigger and achieving bigger, Mittal School of Business (MSoB), a vital part of Lovely Professional University works strenuously in the pursuit of creating business leaders of tomorrow.

Real World for Real Education

Looking towards changing lives of all its students, and in the pursuit of finding lucrative career options for them, lives are transformed at MSoB. Keeping academic rigour, practical orientation, and outcome-based learning intact, LPU strives in every aspect, in turn building a strong industry-academia relationship, across all the disciplines of education offered at the LPU.

Built ideally in an accessible location on the Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Road in the state of Punjab, the location gives way for effortless commute for everyone on campus. Working with a strong goal of developing global professionals and entrepreneurs in their students, LPU preaches innovative spirit in all, in turn, promoting tolerance and desire to make a difference.

MSoB works relentlessly day in and day out, creating a strong academic-industry interface. Accredited with ACBSP, the b-school of LPU, has the most flexible course curricula, compared to other b-schools and management institutions across India. Allowing students to pick from varied specialization programs, students get to equip themselves with sound knowledge of the basics and work towards building a sharp skillset.

Targeting to not just be the best among their Indian Peers, but perhaps have a worldwide renowned persona, LPU lays its footsteps, continuously emphasizing and strengthening the analytics advantage on campus, via the wide array of courses offered. Moreover, working regularly on enhancing actions, leading to a better understanding of the market demands and trends, all the programs hosted at MsoB, promote industry-oriented learning, thereby, equipping all the students with the best and the latest.

Achieving excellence together

Having access to excellent infrastructure facilities, students are groomed through an industry-endorsed curriculum and also get industry exposure with leading organizations in the field”, stated – Mr Ashok Mittal, the Chancellor of LPU, during a brief conversation we had with him, talking about the whole working ethos present at LPU. Also, during the conversation, we posed as budding new-age MBA aspirants, looking for a career in business management. We also tried our best to get answers for the most asked questions by today’s students, and in one such instance, we asked him about the value of creativity and innovation at LPU. Quiet calm in his response, he stated – “Creativity is nurtured, and innovation is taught inside and outside the classrooms at LPU.

One of the biggest highlights of LPU, which the whole management boasts about, is the experienced and trained individuals in the form of faculty. The faculty at MSoB at LPU promote strong mentor-mentee, guiding students on all fronts be it personal or professional. Along with the exceptional training the teachers impart, there are guest speakers and lecturers invited regularly, who share their industry-specific management knowledge, converting students into employable individuals, who are trained towards becoming aware of the life they are about to lead. From entrepreneurship to placements in top corporates, the management finds its responsibilities and works endlessly in that very direction, fulfilling promises of all its students.

Known for its exemplary and immediate adaptability in accordance to the crisis times. Even during the pandemic of COVID-19, LPU put out a strong message to everyone involved to stand together to fight this situation. The ICT-enabled infrastructure helped the university and b-school impart smooth learning even during the lockdown, keeping student’s health and safety at the forefront, not compromising on the quality of learning.

Lastly, with LPU and MsoB focusing on the overall development of all its students, it always makes sure that equal emphasis is given to academics, research, innovation, sports, self-discipline, values and ethics, thus, always being the innovator of unique programs across all streams of MBA and beyond. Also, working rigorously in creating socially responsible citizens of tomorrow, students of LPU leave the campus as employable and abled professionals, who are society friendly and who have immense love towards nature and Mother Earth.

Mr Ashok Mittal, Chancellor

Ashok MittalMr Ashok Mittal, Chancellor – A renowned administrator and exponent of industry-relevant higher education, Mr Ashok Mittal heads India’s largest private university as the chancellor. A humble and a foresighted entrepreneur, Mr Mittal envisions towards transforming the way the education is delivered in India and LPU. A staunch educational reformer, he believes in the concept of – “Transforming Education, Transforming India”, and thus, works every day in this regard, bettering 1000s of lives of students, motivating them towards a successful and a happy future, filled with learning and growth.