Magic Spell Preschool


The need for high-quality preschools has increased in Bangalore, a busy city where the commercial and IT sectors are booming. Seeking the finest start for their kids in a city renowned for its quick development and creativity has made finding excellent early education crucial. The importance of choosing the correct preschool has been highlighted by growing living standards and an expanding population. The preschool should provide outstanding facilities, as well as creative learning opportunities and knowledgeable teachers.

Amidst this landscape, Magic Spell Preschool emerges as an institute of excellence. Recognized as one of Bangalore’s 10 Best Preschools Parents Look for in 2024, Magic Spell stands apart from its competitors with its unique approach to early childhood education. At Magic Spell, the emphasis goes beyond conventional teaching methods, with a focus on holistic development and nurturing a love for learning from the outset. The preschool’s meticulously designed phonics curriculum and engaging learning environment set it apart, ensuring that children not only excel academically but also develop essential skills for lifelong success.

Magic Spell Preschool in a Nutshell

At Magic Spell Preschool, children embark on a journey of exploration, delving into a diverse array of academic, social, physical, and emotional lessons. With a focus on critical speech, language development, behavioral therapy, and the refinement of fine and gross motor skills, every aspect of a child’s growth is carefully nurtured.

Founded by Sunita Grace, an esteemed figure and the visionary founder and Curriculum Director of Magic Spell Preschool. Sunita carries academic credentials including an MA, MPhil in Phonetics, and an M.Ed, bringing in a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her profound understanding of phonetics has shaped the curriculum at Magic Spell Preschool, renowned for its efficacy in fostering early reading and writing skills in children.

The curriculum, which emphasizes developmentally appropriate and child-centered approaches, encompasses a broad spectrum of learning areas including Math, Science, language, social skills, play-based learning, and self-help skills, with a particular focus on phonics education.

Educator Excellence

Magic Spell Preschool offers Nursery Teacher’s Training and Montessori teacher’s training accredited by AIECCE, New Delhi. In addition to external training, teachers undergo comprehensive in-house training at the school. This training equips them with modern teaching techniques, including lesson planning and the integration of creative teaching aids and audio-visual resources.

Furthermore, teachers are guided to serve as role models in instilling morals, habits, and character traits in young learners. Emphasis is placed on honing communication skills to ensure that teachers excel in their roles as nurturing educators within the preschool environment.

Reinventing the Curriculum

Central to the preschool’s approach is its world-class phonics curriculum, setting it apart from others in the field. While phonics instruction is common in preschools, Magic Spell’s program stands out for its advanced levels of instruction. With a tried and tested curriculum, Magic Spell ensures that its students, even at the UKG level, can fluently read newspapers, magazines, and storybooks.

Also, Magic Spell offers a unique learning approach through its specialized learning cubes. The Science Cube introduces children to topics such as the solar system and human anatomy, while the Language Cube focuses on public speaking skills and functional grammar. Meanwhile, the Mathematics Cube introduces toddlers to the abacus, laying a strong foundation for numerical literacy.

A Hub of Open Communication and Collaborative Partnerships

At Magic Spell Preschool, there are no exclusive rooms designated for the principal, fostering an environment of open communication. Parents are encouraged to drop in at any time without the need for appointments to discuss their concerns or queries.

Regular parent-teacher meetings are a cornerstone of the school’s approach, held every three months to facilitate ongoing communication about the children’s progress. Additionally, monthly meetings specifically focus on monitoring the development of children with special needs. To keep parents informed and engaged, comprehensive progress reports are provided regularly.

Recognizing the importance of strong partnerships between families and educators, Magic Spell Preschool actively fosters a welcoming atmosphere where families feel valued as integral partners in their child’s education journey. Both families and educators are encouraged to invest time and effort into supporting children both at home and in the school environment.

Transforming Journeys

Enrolling their daughter Lara at Magic Spell Preschool proved to be a pivotal decision for Lazour and Raichel, shaping her early education journey. From the initial encounter they were impressed by the comprehensive insights into the teaching methods and curriculum. As Lara graduated from kindergarten, she emerged as a confident and bright student, a testament to the dedication and motivation provided by teachers. The nurturing environment cultivated by the entire Magic Spell family played a significant role in Lara’s development. Lara’s proficiency in mathematics, phonics, and reading, alongside her growth in problem-solving and critical thinking, reflected the effectiveness of the well-rounded academic curriculum and hands-on experiments. Lazour and Raichel express profound gratitude to Magic Spell for laying a robust foundation for Lara’s future success.