Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology – Delivering Engineering Excellence


Engineers of today have involved themselves in working relentlessly to find solutions to “big problems” of the world, such as climate change, agriculture, health, education, and so on. As a result, the importance of innovation in engineering education has increased drastically and has helped create jobs for our graduates, in the form of some of the best opportunities they can get. Moreover, day by day engineering education is fundamentally re-inventing itself, training students to take on big challenges one step at a time. Encouraging the concept of thinking out of the box and inculcating the importance of innovation, many colleges, and engineering institutions are increasingly changing the lives of many young individuals, keeping in mind the current scenario the world is facing. Also knowing that engineering education in the last 30 years has fuelled India’s success story in the IT industry, students are slowly being converted into trained/employable engineers and professionals of tomorrow. One such admired center of academic excellence in the field of engineering & technology, promoting the all-rounded professional development of students – Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology has been imparting effortless tech-education, staying well-in sync with the growing technological needs of the country.

An AICTE approved institute operating under GGSIP University, MSIT is a dream come true for budding engineers and science fanatics. Ideally located in the institutional area of Janakpuri – New Delhi, the campus of over 8-acres is carefully built with eco-friendly surroundings, with a built-up area of 9660 square meters. Being one of its kind, MSIT stands-out when compared to other neighboring institutes in New Delhi and India, by running in 2 shifts – morning and evening, providing quality engineering learning in CSE, IT, ECE & EEE streams.

Facilitating the growth of the students via the latest technologies and tools, well qualified and experienced folk functioning as the esteemed faculty of the institute, churn out the best of talents, both – inside and outside the classrooms. Furthermore, adapting to the current norms, MSIT has shifted its campus online, and students are being trained and taught via various online programs, tests, tutorials, projects, and seminars. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Exploring new possibilities

Teaching methodologies followed at MSIT keep abreast of the ever-changing technologies, achieving high standards of educational-excellence”, quoted – Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Singh, the director of the institute. Helping us and the engineering aspirants of Delhi and other parts of India, understand how dedicated MSIT is towards their students, the director & Prof. Ashok Oberoi, the Director Placements, SMES, took us on a virtual tour of the institute, talking in-depth about all the aspects of running a successful educational institute. Adding to the earlier quote made by his fellow colleague, Prof. Ashok stated – “The learning experience on our campus is synergetic & interactive, covering the latest in each subject area”.

Operating through and through on a pedagogy, which redefines engineering fundamentals & explaining the evolving definitions and concepts, a sincere effort is made every day at MSIT, working towards becoming one of the most premiere tech-institute, the world demands. Eminent academicians & professionals make MSIT their home, via regular visits and guide specific courses, helping students prepare for a better future, well ahead of their due dates. Making students well-versed technically, by pushing them to take part in various types of tech-events, internships, and projects from well-known companies, MSIT is right on its track giving the best platform to gain upgraded and latest engineering knowledge. Moreover, as living proof, the institute has established several student groups for their overall development like IEEE, IOSD, Prakriti, NSS, ECell, TechSoc, Mutants, Veda, and DSC. Students do not just excel as exemplary engineers, but annual tech-cum-cultural fests like Avensis and Genesis are organized every year, taking all-rounded development to greater heights.

Built around the most education-oriented neighborhood of New-Delhi, MSIT’s infrastructure is a true example of dedication and hard work. Consisting of well-lit lecture halls, fully furnished labs, seminar halls, staff rooms, a large size playground, and so on, there’s something for everyone at the engineering institute. Considering the importance of practical knowledge over theoretical, the students are offered real software projects relating to the current industry requirements to facilitate a smooth transition from academics to the industrial environment. Also, the Electronics & Comm. Engg. Department has eight modern laboratories covering all the important subjects, furthermore, a VLSI Design Lab and a Satellite & Mobile Com lab have been also added to the list recently.

Boosting intellectual vigor

Developing new paradigms in imparting quality tech-education, and imbibing national values, all the students at MSIT are trained towards preparing to meet national and global challenges. Emphasizing the importance of R n D in engineering education, an R & D cell is set up at the institute for various types of Research Activities for which institute is associated with various technical organizations like the National Physical Laboratory, AICTE, and GGSIPU. Furthermore, having received approximately 11 lakhs from AICTE under the MODROB scheme for enhancing the research infrastructure, another research project grant of approximately five lakhs has been issued by DST. Also, nine patents have been published by the faculty of MSIT for the final grant, and consequently, all the faculty members guide students towards growing as research/innovation experts.

All in all, the strong support received from the Surajmal Memorial Education Society has helped MSIT aim and strive towards maintaining academic excellence as a social responsibility for overall development of the individuals. Lastly, promoting an exclusive environment of inclusivity, the facilities of scholarship for the students studying in the institute are available to support them financially and enable them to study without any financial constraints. The Merit-cum-Means Scholarship is being provided by the Delhi Govt., GGSIP University, and by the Surajmal Memorial Education Society as well. Following on the lines of Maharaja Surajmal, who had the same reverence for all the religions, and believed that humanity is the only religion of man, MSIT endeavors towards visualizing “India as one nation” and devoting their lives to forging national integration. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Singh – Director

Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh is a Physics Professor and has more than two decades of teaching experience in several engineering institutes across North India. Currently, he is Director of Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology (MSIT), Janakpuri, New Delhi. He also controls operations of the second shift. He has also served as the Head of Department as well as teacher representative in the governing body of Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology. Earlier, he was teaching as a Professor at the Department of Applied Science and Humanities, Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon, Haryana. Dr. Singh completed his Ph.D. from Aligarh Muslim University in the year 1999. During his doctoral research work, he specifically focused on Uranium concentration in rock, soil and fly ash samples. He also investigated radon levels in low and high background areas. He has published more than 20 research papers and several articles in national & International Journals and conferences. He has dedicatedly co-authored two books published by McGraw Hill & also edited quite a few other books on various other subjects.