Maharashtra’s Marathi Language University will start operations from the 2024-25 academic year


The Marathi Language University in Maharashtra is set to commence operations during the academic year 2024-25. Situated in Ridhapur village, Amravati district, the university will operate under the jurisdiction of Maharashtra’s Higher and Technical Education Department.

According to details provided by the Higher and Technical Education Department of Maharashtra, the primary objective of establishing this university is to safeguard the state’s official language, Marathi, and actively promote its usage. Emphasizing the need for the institution to extend beyond being merely a language center, the department issued an official statement highlighting the importance of offering courses that can lead to employment opportunities. Consequently, a committee of experts was assembled to design an industry-oriented curriculum.

The state formed a six-member committee tasked with outlining the university’s structure, curriculum, and key details, including whether it would function as a standalone institution or also serve as an affiliating body. Chaired by Sadanand More, a distinguished litterateur and the chairman of Maharashtra Rajya Sahitya and Sanskriti Mandal, the committee has now submitted its final recommendations. The university is anticipated to commence operations in the upcoming academic year.