May Ruth D’souza


May Ruth D’souza

The demand for excellent leadership in ICSE schools across India is greater than ever in the dynamic world of education, where each day offers fresh problems and exciting opportunities. It’s like having the ideal captain guiding the ship into new waters, making sure that both students and instructors have a comfortable journey. Imagine a school where fresh ideas are welcomed, each student’s potential is recognized, and academic success and overall development coexist. That is the power of having an inspiring leader in charge.

The vibrant Founder Principal of Insight Academy, May Ruth D’souza, comes to mind when we think about visionary leaders. May Ruth is a shining example of the kind of leadership that distinguishes ICSE schools thanks to her unwavering dedication to education and talent for overcoming obstacles. Insight Academy has been transformed into a beacon of learning and growth because of her commitment to academic achievement and profound awareness of the demands of contemporary learners. Let’s examine more closely how her dynamic leadership style and cutting-edge strategy are causing a stir in the field of education.

From the Scratch

Ms. D’Souza, a native of the coastal town of Mangalore in Karnataka, was brought up in an environment where education held paramount importance. Raised in a family that valued learning, her mother instilled in her the belief that girls should receive a robust education and cultivate emotional fortitude to thrive in this world. This upbringing profoundly influenced Ms. D’Souza’s choice of profession. She aspired to pursue a career that would afford her a harmonious balance between work and personal life, making teaching the perfect vocation. “I have taken it upon myself not only to fulfill her aspirations but also to advocate this awareness to everyone I encounter,” Ms. D’Souza passionately declares, reflecting on her mother’s profound influence on her educational and career choices.

Witnessing firsthand the positive influence teachers could have, Ms. D’Souza felt compelled to contribute to society by passing on the gifts of wisdom and knowledge to future generations. In her pursuit of this passion for teaching, Ms. D’Souza sought like-minded individuals who shared her zeal for acquiring and disseminating knowledge. Fortune favored her, granting her wish, and thus, Insight Academy was established. Taking on the role of Founder Principal, she dedicates herself daily to reaching out to each child who enters her care, ensuring the provision of quality education for all.

Knowing May Ruth D’souza

At the age of 20, after completing her MA and B.Ed., Ms. D’Souza embarked on her teaching career, marking the initiation of her academic journey. For a span of three years, she served as a dedicated teacher in the same Mangalore school where she received her own education. Following her marriage, she ventured abroad and contributed to the Indian embassy school in Dammam for a commendable seven-year period. Upon her return to India, she continued her dedicated pursuit in the field of education.

Although initially applying for a teaching role, fate steered her towards assuming the esteemed position of Principal in a well-regarded South Bangalore school, where she dedicated 15 years of service. It was her deep-seated passion for assisting children facing challenges that ultimately spurred the establishment of Insight Academy 15 years ago.

Ms. D’Souza holds a steadfast belief that genuine passion begets acceptance and understanding. While acknowledging that it is the duty of every teacher to impart knowledge, she emphasizes the importance of specialized training and, more significantly, a compassionate touch and empathetic heart when working with children with special needs. She relates to these children with learning difficulties on a profound level.

Her conviction lies in the notion that every child possesses the potential to learn, grow, and face life’s challenges. The only requisite change, she asserts, lies in adapting teaching methods to suit each unique child. This philosophy, she believes, serves as her special training, grounded in a deep understanding of the individual needs of each student.

Insight Academy in a Nutshell

The noble idea of “Quality Education for All,” inspired by a group of visionary educators determined to affect positive change in society, gave birth to Insight Academy on August 15, 2007.

Within the serene walls of Insight Academy, this idea became a reality. The school offers an ideal environment for learning, apart from the commotion of daily life, nestled among the peaceful surroundings of ISRO Layout and the lush mango trees of South Bangalore.

The committed faculty receives thorough training in pedagogical approaches and research-proven teaching techniques with the goal of improving student learning results.

Led by a team of seasoned experts, education at Insight Academy transcends conventional boundaries. It encompasses more than just the fundamental “3 R’s” – reading, writing, and arithmetic. Instead, it focuses on the holistic development of a student’s character, encompassing body, mind, and spirit.

By utilizing the knowledge of qualified educators, Insight Academy aims to guide the evolution of education by revealing the key nation-building talents and mindsets. The institute continues to believe that education extends beyond the walls of conventional classrooms. Instead, it spreads out in many directions, encouraging learning in a kindly, child-centered environment, free from the restrictions of strict curricula or exam pressure.

As the Principal

As the Principal of Insight Academy, Ms. D’Souza leads a truly unique institution that not only empowers gifted children to reach for the stars but also paves the way for those with average or below-average abilities to achieve their best. She places great emphasis on staff training to identify and understand the individual needs of each child. Personally dedicated to assisting in finding solutions for these needs, Ms. D’Souza ensures a tailored approach to every child’s education.

The school’s commitment to providing alternative teaching methods for children with special needs is evident in its nearly 1:1 student-to-teacher ratio. In addition to the main teacher, shadow teachers and assistant teachers are present to offer support. Every staff member at Insight Academy is dedicated to accepting children as they are, addressing their challenges, identifying their strengths, and providing diverse platforms for skill development within the school environment. Ms. D’Souza greatly values teachers who demonstrate creativity in their approach to ensure each child excels in their academic journey.

Recognizing the importance of additional support, Insight Academy offers after-school coaching to ensure no child is left behind. This assistance continues until the day of the exam, aiming to boost confidence and facilitate a transformation from disengaged and average learners to motivated and interested students. The school achieves this through a rich array of extracurricular activities including dance, music, and sports, designed to highlight each child’s unique talents. A confident and motivated child, Ms. D’Souza believes, is more adaptable and better prepared to face the challenges of society. The success of alternative teaching methods at Insight Academy has proven to be a highly effective approach, where every child is embraced as they are and supported in joyous attempts to surpass their milestones.

Reaching Out

Since the day I embarked on my journey in the field of education my passion, my interests and hobbies are all revolved around my students. I attend various workshops and read books on how to reach out to each child. But the best teachers are the children themselves. Each child is like a butterfly. Each has it own beauty and each has its own requirement of need, seeking assistance to fly to various levels in their academic journey through life. This understanding through life experiences, where every child is like a book waiting to be read, understood, accepted and assisted. My personal interest and hobby is reach this book of each child and find ways and means of assisting the child to reach to the best of its potential.