Monica Kalluri


India is a country with a rich history of education and a growing population of young people hungry for knowledge and opportunity. As the nation’s economy and society continue to evolve, so too do the demands placed on its educational institutions and leaders. In recent years, a new generation of educational leaders has emerged, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to transforming the way Indians learn, work, and thrive. One such visionary leader is Monica Kalluri, the Vice-President of City Group of Institutions, who shares a common goal with other visionaries of creating a more equitable, inclusive and dynamic education system for all. 

As the Vice President of a group of institutions, Ms. Kalluri understands that managing change and organizational transformation demands a strategic and comprehensive approach. To initiate change, Monica believes that it is crucial to have a clear vision and a strong mission that outlines the goals and objectives, and motivates everyone accordingly to align with the overall mission and strategic plan of the organization. Monica emphasizes the importance of clearly communicating this vision to all stakeholders and encouraging open communication and collaboration.

Monica ensures that all staff members across the group of institutions have the necessary resources, training, and support to effectively implement the change initiative and also encourages taking regular feedback and providing a forum for questions and concerns. She celebrates successes and learns from failures along the way to maintain momentum and morale. Overall, Monica is responsible for managing change and organizational transformation at City Group of Institutions, through her collaborative, and strategic approach towards governance. 

Breaking Barriers

Being completely aware of the significant changes in the field of education brought about by technology and innovation, Ms. Kalluri emphasizes that personalized learning has become a popular approach in education, as it allows students to learn at their own pace and based on their interests. Ms. Kalluri highlights the importance of technology such as adaptive learning platforms, gamification, and learning analytics in providing a personalized learning experience. She also acknowledges the significant role of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in automating administrative tasks, providing personalized learning experiences, and improving student outcomes through predictive analytics. 

A firm believer of project-based learning, she motivates building critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills by applying knowledge and skills to real-world problems. Furthermore, she recognizes that social and emotional learning (SEL) has become increasingly important in education, as it focuses on developing students’ social and emotional competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, and implements relevant programs across all the institutions. 

She also understands the importance of having a strong support system in both personal and professional life, and that family and loved ones play a critical role in achieving ambitious career goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Ms. Kalluri believes that neglecting relationships with those closest to us can have adverse effects on mental and emotional well-being. And, as an accomplished individual herself, she values the insights and constructive feedback that her family members and loved ones provide. Ms. Kalluri emphasizes that a healthy balance between personal and professional goals is crucial for achieving long-term success and fulfillment in life. As a result, she encourages her colleagues, students, and the community to prioritize their relationships with loved ones and cultivate a supportive environment that can help them achieve their dreams.

Overcoming the Pandemic

As the Vice-President, Ms. Kalluri had an important role to play in navigating all the institutions under her leadership to overcome the challenges that came along with the pandemic. The first and most important step which was taken was clear communication with students and their families about the changes in the policies and procedures. Trying to take an empathetic route towards acknowledging the difficulties of the students, the Group of Institutions worked towards providing necessary support and resources to cater to their mental health. 

As the pandemic progressed, Ms. Kalluri directed her team’s attention towards mental health and emotional well-being, recognizing the impact of the situation on students and their families. She ensured that all the institutions provided counseling services, mental health resources, and support groups to help students cope with the challenges they faced. Throughout the lockdown and post-lockdown period, Ms. Kalluri and her team provided unwavering support, empathy, and flexibility to help students adapt to the changing educational landscape during the pandemic.

Furthermore, City Group of Institutions remained flexible in its policies and procedures, exploring alternative approaches to teaching and assessment such as remote learning and online exams. And, Ms. Kalluri and her team focused on providing access to technology for remote learning, offering training and support to help students navigate digital platforms. 

Knowing Monica Kalluri

Monica Kalluri has always been passionate about providing education for society in India. After completing her overseas education, where she observed the difference in the education system, she felt the need to bring about a change in the education sector in India. She took charge as Vice President of the City Groups of Institutions and also started the City Business School, a B-school for students that offered international programs for PG & UG levels in association with top universities across the world. Alongside her work in education, Monica is also active in the media and entertainment industry, having produced album songs with top known singers. She has started Monica Kalluri Arts, which deals with various other areas such as Women’s Education and Entrepreneurship, Climate Change, and Support. Monica holds several educational qualifications, including an MBA in Strategic Management from London South Bank University, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Brunel University, Uxbridge, London, and has completed Corporate Governance & CSR from Harvard University, USA.

Continuing the Brand Value

Having honed her skills in various disciplines of administration, Monica Kalluri recognized the transformative power of collaboration and synergy. Harnessing her insight and charisma, she took over as the Vice-President of City Group of Institutions. 

Higher education in India is a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector, with a growing demand for quality education and skilled professionals. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of students pursuing higher education in India. However, the sector faces several challenges, including limited access to quality education, inadequate infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled faculty. Despite these challenges, the City Group of Institutions (CGI) stands out as a leading group of higher education in India. With a commitment to providing quality education and creating skilled professionals, CGI across its 3 major establishments has made a name for itself as a go to education brand.

The City Group of Institutions has established strong policies and procedures that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion across all aspects of campus life. From hiring practices to admissions policies, curriculum development, and student services, the group of institutions are dedicated to promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment. All institutions under the City Group actively promote cultural awareness and celebrate diversity through organizing various cultural events and activities. Additionally, the group supports affinity groups and multicultural organizations, providing resources and support for underrepresented students.

  • City College – Jayanagar

Established in 2001 by Dr. K.R. Paramahamsa, a respected educationist and accomplished entrepreneur with more than 35 years of experience, the College is affiliated with Bangalore University. It holds recognition from the Government of Karnataka and approval from AICTE, affirming its adherence to quality standards and educational regulations. The College is located in Jayanagar, the heart of Bengaluru city, and is proud of having expanded over the last two decades with sophisticated infrastructure, experienced faculty and strategic tie-ups

City College is dedicated to providing a high-quality education in the fields of Arts, Science, and Commerce. With a team of experienced faculty and a focus on practical learning, City College prepares students to excel in their chosen fields and meet the demands of the global marketplace”, shares – Monica Kalluri. 

Empowering Students for Success

For those seeking an opportunity to boost their career possibilities on an international scale, look no further than the institution’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These esteemed courses are offered in partnership with renowned universities and have gained the institution a reputation as a leading authority in technical education and international management.

CCJ, an educational organization, is self funded, and boasts of modern amenities and an infrastructure that is advanced. Students can access a range of top-notch study materials, including e-books, online resources, and journals, thanks to the Wi-Fi facility provided across the campus. These cutting-edge educational tools play a significant role in enabling students to become proficient experts. With superior infrastructure facilities, an industry-oriented curriculum, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, CCJ offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various disciplines, enabling students to excel in their chosen fields.

CCJ’s teaching methods encompass a blend of theory and practice, empowering students to pursue their individual goals in life. The institution follows a holistic approach to foster overall development and trains students to set new benchmarks in the ever-evolving and dynamic business landscape. The knowledge acquired at CCJ equips students to find effective solutions to diverse challenges.

  • City Engineering College

City Engineering College, Bangalore is an educational institution affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The college is located in a central area of Bangalore and has grown significantly in the past 19 years, providing higher quality education in the field of Engineering. The college boasts sophisticated infrastructure and a landmark building that provides a perfect environment for creativity and learning.

The college has established a reputation for academic excellence, friendly atmosphere, and community spirit. It offers a wide range of programs, attracting a large number of students. The institution is home to talented and experienced teachers who inspire and motivate students to achieve their best.

City Engineering College was established in 2001, and is ISO certified and NAAC accredited, ensuring high standards of education. The college has 32+ MOU collaborations, which provide students with excellent opportunities for industry exposure and practical learning.  City Engineering College has a 100% placement support system that assists students in securing employment in top companies. Also, the college has a strong alumni network of over 20,000 graduates, who serve as a valuable resource for current students. The college accepts PGCET: T937, CET-E109, COMED-K-E037 for admission across its B.E programs in the branches of Civil Engineering, CSE, ECE, ISE, Mechanical and AI & ML, along with M.Tech program in CSE.

  • City Business School

City Business School, a B-School of international repute, is owned and managed by the City Group, a premier education provider with 35 years of experience in the field of higher education. CBS offers international undergraduate and postgraduate programs in association with some of the best universities to enhance students’ career prospects in the world. The school has established itself as one of the top-notch institutions for international management and technical education within a short span of time. Located in close proximity to the heart of Bangalore City, CBS offers great connectivity to its students.

With a primary objective of imparting quality education, we at CBS instill a solid educational foundation in its students and fosters mutual respect for individuals and their unique ideas”, Monica Kalluri adds. The school has created a thriving academic environment where students can learn to effectively contribute to society. CBS focuses on innovative curriculum, pedagogy, and research-oriented teaching adopted by its top-notch faculty. This equips the students to be future-ready and easily fit into the industry with updated skills.